'Beach Blur' - part of my project exploring intentional camera movement

This one's titled Colour Wheel - from my latest photo project where I'm exploring the use of intentional camera movement. Feedback welcome

I've been busy working on a series of images with intentional camera movement. Excited to share some of them here in the coming days. Please let me know if you like them.

The Orton effect. Ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier.

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📷 عکس 📷

این شما و این فرزند ارشد عمو رندی اورتن جناب آقای مایکل خان ! مایکل وارد 16 سالگی شده و درست مثل پدرش خوشتیپ و خوش استایل هست. مایکل تصمیم داره به زودی جا پای پدرش بگذاره و بعید نیست تا 3 یا 4 سال دیگه توی قسمت مبتدی کمپانی WWE مایکل رو ببینیم و افعی جوان به شکار نسل جدید سوپر استارها بره !🔵

Trying to perfect my skills at #MichaelOrton ’s famous style. The watercolor effect is rendered by taking one focused shot, then stacking two progressively less focused shots on top of it. Taken on my #NikonD800 #Rittenhouse #Philadelphia

If you can say it with words, there is no need to visualize it.

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