Today is my birthday. But please dont write me a greetings cuz i have a different request instead of them. Its very serious!
My #SoloTripUSA is dedicated to the project www.goodnessofpeople.com
The story began when i joined it as an volunteer in 2017. The founder of this organization asked me to help with a charyty concert in Chicago. To dedicate and collect funds for the project GoodnesdOfPeople. At that time, I was in the United States for the first time, and I said that I will come back here but like a storm😊
So it's not a simple journey for the Solo Challenge. It's different. And when you do something differently u usually catch the attention. I want to use this attention for this unique project for kids. "Goodnessofpeple" will be children and youth center-town (5.88 ha area) in Lithuania. Camp "Draugai" for children has been organized for 8 years. But the kids was from poor families. In other words we work with a children from asocial families, some of them didnt saw so much food. Like they had no opporunity to eat few times a day becouse of the poor money in family.
The idea is to take children of any family. Like poor, bad and good living conditions. They meet friends here, learn a lot of goodness, feel safe and loving. 💚❤️
It's nice that even the teenagers who are street chooligans do not want to say goodbye at the end of the camp, they crying and taking hugs with the people they meet.
But the problem is we have no regular place to organize the camos fir these kids. When u dont have that place we have to rent and apply to other rules, prices, requirements. For example "do not take more than 50 children, do not touch it and it, get rid of it before then and then, owners do not like us, or we have to pay a lot, we have to use water and electricity no more than... But its even not so easy to work with such children and with the finances of their families ! 😵😳
The purpose is non-commercial, full of empathy and love. So come to www.goodnessofpeople.com and donate🤗
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Disfruta el tiempo necesario para ver las demostraciones del #Cocodrilo de fama mundial en #MiccosukeeIndianVillage https://goo.gl/kryBTd

Handsome Spike! #miccnation

Introducing Armando! He’s our almost 10 ft, 300 lb, tough guy! He’s extremely strong and intelligent. He is the alpha male of the Village! He roars twice as loud as other alligators double his size and likes to think he is the boss. Thank you to one of our wrestlers, @reptileriff, for the beautiful photo! #miccnation

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PJ feeling Hump Day

A quick look into our new and improved Trading Post! The Trading Post is where the Miccosukee used to trade goods such as egret feathers, animal hide, and palmetto fiber dolls for things such as sewing machines, tools, and food. Visit the Village to see what’s inside! #miccosukeelife #miccnation

Holding a baby gator 🐊🐊🐊 #miccosukeelife #miccosukeeindianvillage #wildlife

This is Little Foot! You may have seen him before in our photos. He was named after the dinosaur in the movie “The Land Before Time”. He is a strong little guy and is not afraid of bullies! He was rescued after people began feeding him. Gators have amazing memories so even though we love and care for our gators, it is important to make sure you do not feed them in the wild so they can stay there! Even baby gators do not forget.

Больше интересных мест 👉🏻 #kkatymaps //По тегу также можно найти о нашей поездке к индейцам Семинолам//
Здесь конкретно туристическое место! Вход через магазин сувениров, в нем же оплачиваешь вход на территорию, взрослые 15$, дети 8$ (6-12 лет), до 5 лет бесплатно. Каждые полчаса проходят Аллигатор шоу и тур с гидом, который рассказывает о жизни индейцев, о том, что они производят и тд. Интересно!
Остановлюсь подробнее на аллигаторах) Полные видео смотрите в посте. Плюс сделала сохраненку из сторис. Индеец рассказывает о том, почему аллигаторы на него не нападают, как обезоружить аллигатора, показывает разные трюки) Можно сфотографироваться с малышом 🐊 бесплатно и с большим 🐊 за $20. Пасти всем связывают😅
Территория ухоженная, красивая, но очень маленькая.
Еще есть музей с фотографиями и историей.
Ну и по сути всё)))))
Через дорогу можно прокатиться на лодке по болотам, 20$ взр, 12$ дети от 6 лет. Тур 30 минут, везут по болотам, высаживают на 10 мин в настоящей индейской деревне (прямо на болотах! На сваях стоит). Я не поехала 😅🤰🏻
Еще рядом типа Индейский ресторан. На самом деле жуткий американский фастфуд. Для меня нашлась рыба гриль с овощами на пару, которую через чур залили маслом и лимоном, а овощи это горошек с морковкой 🤦🏻‍♀️, но и это ситуацию не спасло)))
По дороге полно мест с airboat (лодки для болот). Можно где-нибудь там прокатиться.
Всё. Все эмоции! 😅
Пс. Плюс в том, что узнаёшь много полезного и интересного, но не хватает «дикости» и свободы, которая царит у Семинолов. Найдите мой пост про них, там я в джинсовой юбке и черной футболке с крыльями ангела стою))


#Repost @zjmauricio ・・・
Everyday is an adventure with my guys!

Beautiful art pieces in the village. Come check them out and meet our talented artists! #miccosukeelife

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