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Call to Action**. Fund 10 Young Athletes - Join a group of 12 of us, my sponsor Rezlo and the Miami Children's Museum (MCM) on this campaign to fund 10 youth athletes with a full scholarship for MCM Winter Camp. We are one third of the way there! Use this link. https://www.sponsorise.me/en/project-it-s-for-the-kids

#runforthekids #rezlorunning #miamichildrensmuseum

O programa de hoje foi o Miami Children's Museum! Outra ótima dica de passeio com crianças aqui em Miami. O lugar é feito para eles e é diversão garantida. Filmei um vlog mostrando e assim que editar estará lá no youtube! Fiz alguns vlogs aqui, então se inscrevam no meu canal pra não perder nenhum❤️ (Daniele Chevalier no youtube). Agora, voltando à foto! Eu estou me derretendo com eles de mãos dadas com os priminhos. Eu peço para o Nicolas e para o Lucas cuidarem dos gordinhos e eles cuidam! Coisa mais fofa! #ferias #miami #miamichildrensmuseum #twins #gemeos

Got to drive a boat today, go grocery shopping, play w/trains and fire trucks, paint, craft, have a serious dance party, see fishies, probably more things I can't even remember all in 2 hours with my boy Ro and we friggen loved it. #bestmorningever #minimondays #miamikids #maxaero #miamichildrensmuseum 📸 @susanleechun

Outing with the princess a total success! #miamichildrensmuseum #sandbox #niece #cutesthumanalive #creatingmemories

I got to see my painting today at the #miamichildrensmuseum . It was the final project of my #artistinresidence back in 2011. It's always nice to see something i put my heart into being enjoyed by so many others. :'-) @coralgablesmuseum @miamichildrensmuseum #michimu #cityofmiami @cityofmiamifl

Bom dia gente linda! Isso aí é um exemplo do que os pequenos fazem no Museu da Criança de Miami. Salas temáticas com brincadeiras que exploram o dia a dia e conceitos da vida. Nesse vídeo é um sistema de encanamento com vento no lugar de água. Passamos uns 20 minutos brincando com os caminhos que as bolinhas podiam fazer. 😍😍 #miamichildrensmuseum @miamichildrensmuseum #maternidade #descobertas #dicasdemiami


Moms....Dads...Glammas and grandpa's...etc...family is important but family life can have it's stress at times...take it easy & relax together in your home.
Mobile Massage therapy is available for all family members from the young ones to teens to the grown folks... ●Take some of the day to day pressure and tension off of mommy/daddy with a therapeutic massage●help child/teen ease up from tension in the household...school...peers etc●And if it's hard for you to go out because you're a single parent or your child has extra healthcare or special needs...have no fear or anxiety...I will take great care of your family...creating a less stressed and more bonding environment. •••Consultation required for children with any healthcare or special need prior to a hands on session••• •••Parents/Caretakers who want to learn appropriate and effective techniques to improve child's quality of life through massage/touch....I provide private lessons

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#25F #blackhistorymonth @ #miamichildrensmuseum, via @miamichildrensmuseum ---> Celebrate Black Heritage Celebration Day with us and @ahcacmiami through dance, music and storytelling tomorrow! 🎉🎶📖 🎵🎭#blackhistorymonth #communitypartners #familyfun #learningthroughplay #culture #arts #michimu

Birthday mission accomplished! 🙌🏻 She passed out in style! 😂