I just don’t have words for tonight... #mercyhillgso #MHCollegeLive #MHCollege @mercyhillgso #clifton

Praising God for an absolutely incredible night at our first #MHCollegeLive! #MHCollege students: Thank you for coming tonight...We can’t wait to worship with you this semester!

HOPE YOU GUYS ARE READY FOR THE MOST HYPE SERVICE EVER AT MERCY HILL!! 6:30 at Clifton Road!! @mercyhillgso #mhcollege #mhcollegelive

What a great night with old friends and new ones!!!! God is on the move at Mercy Hill Church, and I’m so in love with the way our community is always growing! I feel like I’m constantly getting to meet family members I didn’t even know I had! #mercyhillgso #mhcollege #mhcollegelive @mjcanon_

#NCAT Sleep in this Sunday and go to Mercy Hill Church with #MHCollege with a service just for college students at 6:30PM!
There will be Jesus, a free T-shirt and Prissy Polly's Barbecue! If you want to go and need a ride, fill out this RSVP:
https://goo.gl/forms/wIAwoC3oMsPggGO92 (link in Bio) DO IT NOW

This is it! Only 1️⃣ day until the official launch of #MHCollegeLive. #MHCollege students: If you haven't done so yet, now's the time to make a plan...Invite your friends and join us tomorrow night at 6:30 at our Clifton Road campus! mercyhillgso.com/mhcollege-live

"Why roll alone, when you can roll with #MHCOLLEGE at #NCAT? We want to be your church family. Join us! Find out more at Mercyhillgso.com/college/

You see this kid standing next to me? This is Darrin. I met Darrin on twitter a couple of months ago. I met Darrin in person about a week ago. And ever since then, he's been an encourager, a servant, and what I feel what a little brother would be to me. And he consistently dresses better than me, but that's not saying much. Best of all, he's committed to Christ and living for God. But he's about to take #NCAT by storm. I'd tell you to watch out for him, but you'll probably sense that something big is coming just before he steps in the room.

#MHCOLLEGE #Bros #SomethingBigIsComing #NCAT

2 days and counting, ya'll! We're so excited for all our #MHCollege students to worship together Sunday night for our first #MHCollegeLive. Students: tag friends below to spread the word, and don't forget that you'll get a free t-shirt just for coming! ⬇️ 👕 🙌🏽 mercyhillgso.com/mhcollege-live

#MHCollege students: We're so happy you're back in town, and we cannot wait to kick off an incredible year with you all. #MHCollegeLive is officially launching in THREE days, so spread the word, and get ready to worship with us on Sunday night! More info at mercyhillgso.com/mhcollege-live

You made it to #FDOC! Come relax at the cookout today at 6:30 PM.
RSVP here:https://goo.gl/forms/8m4bhxeWvs02tHuJ2


We’re so excited for the first MH College Live happening this Sunday at 6:30pm!! COLLEGE STUDENTS: Come grab your free t-shirt. Hope to see you there! 3815 Clifton Road, Greensboro #mhcollege

After 5 years, we are turning the page in #MHCollege history! This Sunday we will all be worshipping together at #MHCollegeLive for the first time. It's going to be a celebration of what God has done and what he will do. Part of that celebration will be a free t-shirt for everyone who comes...yes, a free shirt! College students: We know you want one, so bring ya friends, and join us this weekend at 6:30 PM! mercyhillgso.com/mhcollege-live

It's going down TONIGHT at 9:30 PM ! $100 CASH PRIZE. Don't miss out! Village 5 classroom.

"I’m so excited about Mercy Hill’s new college service because of the opportunity to grow even more in my faith, while surrounded by other college students! I can’t wait to be immersed into a college community with students from all over the Triad rather than just my campus. It’s going to be awesome to see and be a part of a network of college students who are excited about Jesus!" -Victoria Romero | Find out more at mercyhillgso.com/mhcollege-live . #MHCollege #MHCollegeLive

@maijahl And @santiara_monet were UNDEFEATED in the spades tournament! Don't miss the next one - there will be $100 cash prize this Saturday at 9:30 PM! #NCATFirst10Days #MHCollege

"It was during my time in college and at Mercy Hill that I became a follower of Jesus. This fall, thousands of freshmen are coming to college campuses across the Triad, and they need the hope of the gospel just like I did. I'm excited that MH College Live presents the opportunity for students to hear the gospel and feel like they belong." -Patrick Anderson | Find out more about #MHCollegeLive at mercyhillgso.com/mhcollege-live. #MHCollege 📷: @acastlephoto

We’d love to work with you, but if you are wanting to work with an up and comer freelance designer in the region who has a huge passion for design check out @puzzledpreston . We have had to opportunity to get to know Preston for a few years and it’s amazing to watch him grow as a designer. I mean check out this amazing portfolio that is top notch...we’ve never received a 3D printed custom portfolio case and are nothing but impressed. #technologyforthewin 👍

#MHCollegeLive is a space where college students can be pushed to love Jesus and become leaders! I know this because I’ve seen it happen in Chelsea’s life. She got baptized at Mercy Hill in 2016 and is now leading other students. I’ve had the pleasure of walking through discipleship with her and have seen her life changed. I’m pumped for there to be a lot more Chelseas!” -Greta Griswold | Read Greta & Chelsea's full story today on our blog at mercyhillgso.com/blog! #MHCollege | 📷: @celialaterphotos

"I’m excited for #MHCollegeLive because it will allow all the colleges to come together and be in community! I have learned that community is super important on campus. This service will not only allow us to come together but create a welcoming environment for those who are coming to check things out at Mercy Hill. I really think that uniting the campuses will allow us to create an awesome space to reach all of the campuses!" -Chelsea Davis | Find out more at mercyhillgso.com/mhcollege-live. #MHCollege

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