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Puppy snoozes. Charlie ❤
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Weighing heavy on my heart today. Letting my perfectionism go is so hard. I'm human and all humans make mistakes.

Humbled by this quote. ❤ Saturday thoughts.

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* posting this video to continue the theme but also to hopefully bring some joy into your lives *
Bear with me friends, this is going to be a long one, but it would mean a lot to me if you took the time to read this.
I found out yesterday that one of my childhood best friends had passed away. Although we weren't as close since we've grown into adults, some of my greatest childhood memories were spent with her. There's so much to say, but it would still never be enough. We were inseparable for several years and there is now a void in my heart were I once held a very special place for her. I can only pray she has found peace and is resting with her heavenly family.
If you are struggling, please talk to someone, anyone. Talk to a friend, family, doctor, the cashier at target, a social media influencer, call a hotline.. Just please reach out. You are not alone. We're all here for you, I'm here for you. DM me. I've been there, I've struggled and I'm not here to judge. #dontstoptalkingMH

Boop the snoot. Charlie ❤ Saturdays are for family but mainly puppies.

We all know that the world around us is not usually kind- and we begin to tell ourselves not so kind things with it.

There is no need to reinforce what the media tells us. Fighting the negative images that are presented us has to start within- it can be a soft whisper at first. Focus on those that are telling us beautiful, empowering things.
We are beautiful.
I hope you feel beautiful today- because you are.
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No filter, Te Ara Korowai is an amazing art space that caters for those who experience mental health blips. This is one of their current wips.. (works in progress) #nofilter #mhartspace #mhawareness #tearakorowai #paraparaumu #mentalhealthawareness

Recovery is a long road - it’s different for everyone but I don’t think it’s something that just comes over night. It’s not always easy and I find it hardest when people just don’t understand, or when my depression or anxiety has peaked. Mental health is a difficult one, it can creep up from no where and sometimes you doing even know why. I feel people forget that I can slip into being unwell again, & I do try not too but it’s not always as easy. This is one for everyone tonight, who like me are struggling a little but still here, no matter how big or small 👊🏽

Oh, you are eating healthy and on a diet you must eat nothing. No, I'm actually having a life style change and eat a ton of food. This is just breakfast!

Sweet potato 💛 broccoli slaw 💚 2 eggs❤
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🙌🙌🙌 10 days off to relax, catch up on much needed sleep, and most importantly get my mind in a good place 🙏 #outofoffice #timeforabreak #mindfulness #mindovermatter #mh #mhawareness #1in4 #holidayathome #holiday #timeoff #ooo

Flex Fridays for the win. I may be in South Dakota, but my workouts travel with me. Beach body on demand is so worth it. Are you ready to try it? You can for free!!! Ask me how 😊
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Evening ! Super long day today, (even packing in a nap!) helping a friend get about and stay with her through a nervy time. Days like today I remember the importance of also looking after yourself - I neglected myself for so so long and it didn't put me in a very good place, so now I'm trying a lot harder to remember me! Sometimes its the small things that can bring a little calm - mine being candles🕯 (bloody love 'em!) although they do spark a little unhealthy thinking style of catastrophizing but meh I get over it, plus mega cautious haha. But I love the light they give off and range of different scents - this little find is one of my fav's, New Look do little treasures like this so keep your eyes peeled in different shops. Rambling on as per, but this week (as payday is coming) im going to be organising myself abit better and should be able to have a steady stream of posts coming soon .. Please be patient - but not for too long 🙏🏼🙌🏽

Today, I was brave and weighed myself. I have been doing this new lifestyle for 10 days which includes fueling my body with the best food. Left pic me this morning. Right pic me 10 days ago. Easy to see a big difference, right? I can and was still devastated this AM.

I gained 2lbs and was *crushed*. I was crying and the old eating disorder came out. You must restrict, you must eat less, you are hideous. 😭

I contacted a mentor and coach (@amcguire87), and she said how do you feel? It instantly woke me up. I have so many nonscale victories. I have lost an inch in all areas!!!! One inch, people!!! 🤗 That's amazing! I am running faster than I have ever been able to push myself. I haven't had a soda in 10 days. I have gained strength and such a love of fueling my body. With all this, I truly can see and a difference in the way my body is.

Screw my eating disorder voice. I am amazing and have the strength. Thats what inspired me to get this tattoo. The S is the @neda symbol. Eating disorders are no joke.

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Super sweaty HIIT workout...DONE & DONE! I am ready to facilitate and help kiddos overcome their traumas! May they be receptive and respectful!! 😝
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I think it's so important that even in a postmodern world we continue to fight the stigma against mental illnesses particularly depression. Depression is a chemical imbalance which causes low mood and fatigue. It can also cause mood swings, behaviour changes, personality changes and can lead to suicidality and feelings of worthlessness. No one wakes up one day and decides that they want to have the life that you have with depression. Those of us with this illness have hopes and dreams that we wish to fulfill. It is not a choice. #mentalhealthawareness#depression#anxiety#fightthestigma#stopthestigma#mentalhealtheducation#bpd#notachoice#mentalillness#mhawareness#nostigma#mentalhealthquotes#iam1in4#1in4#mentalhealthcampaign#raisingawareness#mhblogging

I brought home the broken crayons from work and melted them to make new ones. #mentalhealth #copingskills #selfcare #lovemyjob #MSWstudent #colortheworld #mhawareness

Today I did a charity run in aid of Sport Relief and Mind.💪 Mental health charities are very important to me so I love being able to say I've supported one. I love fitness but hate running so this was an achievement for me! I also did it alone because my friends were busy, so a big mental achievement too.♥️ Topped it off with a pie with the netball girls which was really nice. I didn't know the macros for it so today I'm eating what I want.😍🍽️

I've been asked what I do and have gained more followers. I do not just run and do fitness stuff 😊

I am a psychiatric clinical pharmacist and went through many years of training for that title. I have a doctorate in pharmacy and 2 years of residency training in psychiatric medicine.

Fancily put, each day I apply the principles of evidenced-base pharmacotherapy and the knowledge of biopsychosocial, administrative, regulatory, and clinical sciences, and I serve as an interface helping to move translational research to clinical practice. What does that mean? 🤔 Aka I make sure all the medicines won't kill patients.
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