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I'm proud to say @glamouruk has been an avid campaigner and awareness driver on mental health issues for many years now. I know from your emails we've made a difference in a lot of lives. The thing ALL our readers tell me is that the moment they decided to stop struggling alone and just tell someone they needed help was the moment that changed everything for the better. Check out our website for a huge amount of helpful, reassuring information on a range of different issues. I snapped this from a video on our Insta page. If you need help, tell someone. Today. #heyimnotok #mhaw17 #mentalhealthawarenessweek

so it is official, I have shaved my head. I've wanted to do this for a really long time so I decided that it would be a good idea to raise some money whilst doing so. My go fund me page is still up and will be until the 16th (Tuesday) so if you can please donate and all the proceeds will be going to youngminds. thank you everyone who has shown their support πŸ₯€
#mhaw17 #mentalhealthawareness #youngminds

I call this one 'brown and boujee'

Now on a more serious note, let's talk about mental health as it is mental health week. One in four people around the world have some sort of mental Heath illness that effects their quality of life. Now as someone who was diagnosed with depression by various doctors, I can tell you that living with a mental illness is one of the hardest things someone can do. It changes the way you live, the way you interact with people and loved ones, and it stops you from living life to your full potential.
There are statistics through the roof that show the increasing number of suicides within men just because we over look the fact that men have emotional and mental needs too. We forget that our parents are growing older as we are, and that life is getting to them too. Or how about the young boys and girls in school who are being bullied, self harming and are looking to commit suicide.
Mental health should never be taken lightly, it can either make us or break us.

The societies expectation of us having to be strong all the time is one of the reasons why most people bottle their inner emotions up. I'm all about self love and spirituality, but even I sometimes have to shout out 'oh just fuck it!' because I'm not happy all the time, and even I have issues inside which I am still healing from. Depression, anxiety, self harming and being suicidal has been such a huge part of my life that sometimes my mind takes me back there when I'm at my lowest. How easy would it be to just slip back into my old ways when I'm at my most vulnerable. Our thoughts are strong, they can either make us or break us, so every time my mind wonders, I use the strength inside to look at the bigger picture, look at my life which has many beautiful colours just like in this picture.

We forget to have real life conversations, we should be able to call up a friend and say 'I am not alright right now, I am not coping. I need help. Help me. Talk to me. What's going on internally right now is not something that I can deal with on my own!' ....(continued in comments).... #mhaw17 #mentalhealthawarenessweek #mentalhealthawarenessweek2017 #harnaamkaur

#MHAW17 β€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›

#Regram @grlpwrgang !!! Tomorrow I'm going to be joining an awesome group of ladies @buggiedout @mre.soeur @bryonygordon @michellekennedylon @pipingablack to talk about spinning plates whilst staying sane in aid of Mental Health Awareness Week #MHAW17. We'll be talking about how we cope with stress, how we're trying to teach the next gen that it's ok to talk about how they feel, how much of a positive effect exercise can have on your mood and loads more. We'll also be sharing our own stories. There are still some tickets left so please come along if you're free. Half of the ticket cost goes to @heads_together!!! Come!!. It's bloody GOOD too talk πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• This event is @moveyourframe in Kings Cross. #OverSharingISCaring #StrongerTogether πŸ’•

It's not been easy for Britain's most successful archer. He's had to overcome a traumatic accident and battle mental health issues.

#GetInspired #mentalhealthawarenessweek #mhaw17 #archery #disabilitysport

#tfw you're turning 23 tomorrow but your mental health has been terrible lately, so you take a meaningless insta-friendly selfie for validation. Don't be afraid of having an open conversation about your mental health. #mhaw17 #mentalhealthawarenessweek

Hats off to @iamjamesmcvey on @lbc earlier talking very openly and competently about mental health #mhaw17

EXCITING NEWS... Been an absolute pleasure to be a part of the #hereforyou @instagram video.
But it doesn't end there, check #Instagram page tomorrow as they are profiling me and @andysmanclubuk on their page with 222 million followers.
Talk about getting the #ITSOKAYTOTALK message out there.

Completely blown away to be able to amplify our message out to so many people world wide. We will never forget why we started this and why we continue each and everyday to do this.. the pain that was left from the death of Andy. Nothing has ever changed from the first day we started and it never will. It will just keep growing because #ITSOKAYTOTALK and we want the world 🌎 to know and now they will. Thank you @instagram πŸ‘ŒπŸΌβ€οΈ #mhaw17 #mentalhealthawareness


So much life has happened between these photos. There have been relapses, treatment programs, medication, and a couple hospitalizations. Honestly, the last time I felt as good as I do now probably was around when the picture on the left was taken. Time will pass regardless, might as well spend as much of it as possible actually living πŸ’–
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A couple weeks ago I gave away two dresses to a friend who could actually zip them up. They both fit me at a point when I was in recovery, but still much smaller than I am now. It has been over 3 years since I could comfortably wear them. I told myself they were expensive so I'd keep them just in case. Every few months I'd torture myself by wondering if maybe, just maybe, I could squeeze into them. They are no longer taking up coveted closet space. They are no longer an annoying reminder that bodies change. Pleasant bonus: my friend looks absolutely GORGEOUS in both of them πŸ’– Celebrate the victories.. no matter how "small".
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Thank you @lushnottingham for donating these gifts to our clients πŸ’• they are perfect πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒˆβ˜€οΈπŸŒ»β­οΈ #MHAW #MHAW17 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selfharmsupport #suicidesupport #harmless #thetomorrowproject #harmlessnottingham #harmtohope #focus #life #calm #lush #lushnotts #makeup #colours

#friday #feelings #feel #today #trust #the #process #therapy #wellbeing #wellness #healing #health #healthy #emotional #fitness #fit #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mhaw17 @davidrhamiltonphd #selflove take time to explore your feelings, know yourself, understand your wounds, triggers & heal them! Emotional & mental health asks you to step inside how you feel & think & work with yourself! Distractions numb all feelings! Feel your best self Friday!

Running views on my doorstep. 😍

Dedicated To My Mother & SisterπŸ’š
Because Growing Up in Life I Never Thought I Would Make It Past A Certain Age By Default. My Mom & Sister Both Passed Before There Time! Before They Could See Their Own Children Grow , Or Accomplish All That Those Extremely Smart & Gifted Ladies Could Have!! Today im Approaching 27 & Im Grateful To Just Wake Up !! None The Less Be Thriving On The Thought Of My Goals Flourishing & Success Overflowing ! Ive come along way from When I Wanted To Die Young Just Because They Did! Because I thought It Must Have Been This Easy Way Out, Because I Felt Alone & Didn't Understand The Mental Health Issues I Was Battling In My Head
We are born into the lives we were meant to Live
To Learn From
To Grow, To Evolve.
Passed Down Through Genetics,Through Generations, Through Dimensions, Time & Space. Comes Different Stigmas , Hardship & Even Traumas We've Wasted Years On Trying To Understand
Some People , Better Then Others Are Able Adapt, To Change, & To Fight Through The Evil & Darkness We Have Been Subjected To
As Hard As it Was For Me To Personally Except.
Everything Must Have Been Balanced To Be Able To Exist Inside Of It.
Including Overall Goodness.
For As Long As We Have Free Will, We Will Be Faced With Hatred & Hurt Worst Are The Ones Who Had No Choice & Never Understood. Who Couldn't Rise Above & Fight Through Generations Of Karmic Oppression. We Pray For Those The Most. God Forgives All , Its up To The Soul To Want it Bad Enough!! Tell Us Your Story TooπŸ’š DM or Email me @ Whitevintage@me.com

Totted up the numbers today. This feels so amazing. Remember that there are many amazing, GOOD people in this world. #fundraising #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #MHAW17 #MindUK #mentalhealth

A problem shared is a problem halved. You could have all the knowledge in the world about how to help people however being able to listen is the most crucial quality. #listener #mentalhealthawareness #imaginebradford #activist #allyearawareness #mhaw17 #stress #destress #positivity #support #imaginebradford #hereforyou #instagram #london #bradford #england

@abaforewa @kailaboulware
This is Deeper Than Us AllπŸ™Œ
A Higher Power Has Come & Blessed Us With Free Will & An Abundance Of Oppertunity!
In Honor Of Mental Health Awareness Month & Every Month !! We want to know your story!! To Be Featured in Our Mental Health Awareness Vlog Or Magazine Edit Being Put Together By @abaforewa & @kailaboulware Please Let Us Know!!! Email submissions to abaforewa@gmail.com or whitevintage@me.com Or DM To Schedule A Date !!
I am still in shock that these amazing Woman Have Contributed So Much To My Vision!! I Couldn't Thank you Both Enough!!! Stay Tuned Family #MHAW17

so nice to be given the opportunity to donate money through the #MakingADifferenceLocally scheme to a great cause in our local community, Harrison House, for the work they do for mental health #mhaw17

I've been feeling kind of tired and apathetic the past few days and as much as I'd love to post a detailed rant about the trials and tribulations of mental health in current society, I don't wanna. I'm going to eat my pizza and will the happy back into me.Β 24/31

Challenge the status quo.

Photography exhibition dedicated to challenging the interpretation of masculinity by CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) - a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

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