#Mggo Lur seng mnt mawon..
1.Xperia M4 Aqua Global
Body tipis ramping,camera 13/5mp & Audio 🔉 bening khas Sony.. Msh anti air 💦 siap diajak 🏊 renang 😁👍 @1,200k nego tip2.
2. Max Q gsm2 4G room Oppo
@550k nego tipis wa 087776351448 sp cpt dia dpt nuwun..?

Berbukalah dengan yg manis, kalaupun tidak manis yang penting setia #mggo saur bareng lovers #TV9 #harmoni nusantara #santun menyejukan

Segunda feira de bênção a você, Deus está contigo sempre 🙏 ♥
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We finally made it to Joshua Tree and there is dirt everywhere! Quick, get on the roof before our Converse get dirty! MGGO score: 20 pts for inappropriate outdoor shoes, 20 pts for the Mexican blanket, and 40 pts for the VW bus. Total score: 80 pts. Good work you two! Or should I say you three to compliment the photographer? Or should I say you four since the van's reflection shows two photographers?

Via @ project.vanlife

#vanlife #niceshoes #mggo #adventure #wanderlust #joshuatree #vwbus

At first she couldn't see much around his LandRover, but when she stepped up onto her hood just a couple feet higher, she suddenly had a view of everything, including the moon. I mean, that is the real reason for standing on the hood right? She didn't know anyone was going to take a picture. MGGO score: 40 pts for the Land Rover and 15 pts for standing on your vehicle. Total score: 55 pts. Not the best... Via @ campingmk

#mggo #adventure #wanderlust #landrover #ghostridethewhip

Besok malam... #mggo jamaah maiyah...

Istighosah kubro al ihlas #mas noe letto n yai muzammil #mggo maiyah an

Ya know, as much as I love the scenic beauty of Horshoe Bend, I have always thought it was missing something. And now I realize what it is. FEET! But not just any feet, feet wearing brand new pseudo hiking boots. MGGO score: 5pts for photographing your feet and 20 pts for the wanna be hiking boots. Total- 25 pts. You better get back out there and take more shots to raise you score. Just be sure not to get your boots dirty.

Via @ thehikingnation

#boots #adventure #wanderlust #mggo #niceshoes

Oh damn. This is enough gear porn to give Wes Anderson a boner. MGGO score: 20 pts for the Mexican Blanket, 25 pts for the hipster hat, 15 pts for the canoe, 20 pts for the vintage lanterns, 10 pts for the guitar and and 30 pts for sitting your tent downwind of the fire and 25 pts for the gear porn. Total score 145 pts! A new record! The force is strong with this one.

Via @campeveryday
#gearporn #mggo #adventure #wanderlust #yourtentsmellslikesmokeforevernow #banjo #wesanderson

Yes I sleep with half my bag out of the tent. Doesn't everyone? MGGO SCORE: 30 pts for placing your tent somewhere stupid/dangerous and 40 pts for a picture of you inside your tent looking out. Final score 70 points. Next time make sure your feet are outside of the sleeping bag for the photo, rookie.

Via @thehikingnation
#adventure #mggo #wanderlust #tentcamping #mountainsarecalling #nicesleepingbag #mointainporn

Aw buddy, I bet you want to be in the hammock with me. But this is a one person hammock, not a two person hammock. Sorry buddy. MGGO score: 40 pts for the pet and 25 points for hanging out in a hammock. And 20 pts for the Mexican blanket. Total: 85 points. Good job buddy, good boy.

Via @_camping_lifestyle_
#adventure #mggo wanderlust #hammock #campingwithdogs #dogisfamily


Que the Sarah McLachlan song: "Everyday poor animals are being abused and neglected. Left in backpacks while their owners take Instagram pictures of nature. Don't let this inhumane treatment go unanswered. Your contribution today of just five dollars can save a poor dog like this. Hurry, before it is too late... And the puppy poops all over the camel pack bladder." MGGO score: 20 pts for photographing the back of a head and 40 pts for hiking with a pet. Final score: 60 pts. Better make that donation quick!

Via @ campingwithdogs

#mggo #wanderlust #adventure #hikingwithdog #aspca #whosavedwho

Do you ever feel so inspired by Yosemite's majesty that you just feel compelled to make an illegal fire? MGGO score: 40 pts for doing something illegal... But that's it. C'mon man. You look cold, wrap yourself up in a Mexican blanket while holding a warm cup of coffee in a mug with a John Muir quote written on it. That is what the cool kids are doing.

Via @ tripsavana

#mggo #yosemite #adventure #wanderlust #nicefirebro #dontshowthis toaranger

Authentic hat. Authentic blanket. Authentic red Solo cup. Muy authentico. MGGO score: 5pts for skinny jeans, 20 pts for Mexican blanket, 25 pts for the hipster hat, 10 pts for the feet in the shot, and 40 pts for taking a photo inside your tent looking out. Final score: a perfect 100! As I said, muy authentico.

Via @ camping._.photos

#mggo #adventure #wanderlust #mexicanblanket #camping #authentico

So many questions: Why the large axe? That tree was certainly cut down with a chainsaw, not an axe. Did you hike in with the axe? Why not a lighter weight hatchet? Why is your pack so close to the fire? Why are there decorative lights along the perimeter of your camp? Why do you have a day pack, but have a fire going? Are you staying the night... Without a roll, tent and bag? Wait, are you in your backyard? MGGO points: 30 pts for the vintage back pack, 15 points for axe posing, 10 pts for getting your feet in the shot, and 25 pts for the gear porn. Final score: 80 points. Well done.

Via @ camping_with_us

#MGGO #adventure #wanderlust #niceaxe #camping #campinglights

Honey, I'm taking the picture now, please look away. Oh, and make sure the cookware is visible. Damn it honey, I said look away! MGGO score: skinny jeans 5 pts, vintage cookware 20 pts, your feet 10 pts, sitting in tent photographing out 40 pts, and photographing into the sun 20 pts. Final score: 95! Well done sir.

Via @ camping_._life

#mggo #wanderlust #adventure #camping #cookware #tent #dontlookatme

Malam gala gunung online, ulang tahun ke 20. #mggo #gunungonline #mggo2018 @gogooutdooradventure

Selamat dan sukses dr mas cesar.. Thanks #ada mas sabrang letto sama yai muzamill di istighosah kubro dan haflah pondok pesantren walisongo tgl 7 mei 2018 #mggo jamaah al ihlas dan jamaah maiyah #padanghowomusik

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