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#ihavethisthingwithcafeinteriors (and colours. and symmetry) ft. @sammysosarestaurant 😬

Do you ever discover/re-discover a particular filter in one of these apps and get borderline obsessed with it? I mean.. doesn't matter if it's a portrait or a food shot, that filter is the only thing you're gonna use for the next 4386 uploads!?
My current situation is with @vsco's A6.
Also, #ihavethisthingwithcafeinteriors

It is only acceptable for @jamjardiner to have tilted ceilings. Any other cafe would trigger my OCD 🤓
#jamjardiner #myhappyplace

Beauty is not always in the details.
An old song that brings back fond memories - you're not sure of what or who exactly, but it reminds you of a different era of your life and just makes you happy.
A tipsy night with friends, talking, laughing and dancing - you might not even be conscious enough to go back home on your own but you know that you had a good time and it was all worth it.
An afternoon spent at your grandparents' place - you were too small back then to recall what your grandmother cooked (specially) for you, but it sure as hell comforts you even now.
A coffee date with that someone special - you don't remember which coffee you ordered or what you chatted about, but although it's been years since you both stopped talking, your heart fills up with love each time you think about that evening.
Sometimes, just feelings are enough.

Minimal Decor at @jamjardiner Bandra 💙
The grey and the orange and the teal and the golden uugghhhhhh so preddaayyyyy!

#ihavethisthingwithcafeinteriors #minimalist
#interiorinspo #minimalove #minimalism #decor

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