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Underneath lamp.


88/365 Baby Steps T3/27/2012 "Look Up, Look Down." Today was about balance. Working on keeping my eye on multiple projects and efficiently prioritizing. Both photos taken in the Haymarket. #mf_365_babysteps

Valencia Sewer.

43/365 Baby Steps 2/10/2012 "Down the Drain." Saturday sucked. The night before I had plans to see a friend, she got food poisoning, but no problem, we rescheduled for the next day. I was super excited to see her, and then had a migraine and wasn't able to. I got nothing done, ate like crap, and really did nothing of worth. I guess the thing to remember is that one day of blah doesn't mean all your work and goals go down the drain. #mf_365_babysteps

Black and White Wednesday!


You can't be me, I'm a rock star.

Root beer float.

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