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SCREAMING, trying to break the air itself. // #unsplash + #fragmentapp #mf_overlays #mextures #unionapp
// #thegraphicspr0ject #iphoneonly

// R a m p a r t // ___ another edit for the wondrous #eyesofjune_ffa | OP • @eyesofjune | Overlay • @mariofasolo #mf_overlays | #unionapp @union_app #mextures #mextureserrday #rsa_graphics |

Edit by @jo.kathd
"6.18.15." #tangentapp
Nice mix of Tangent shapes to go with the overlay lines

Element used: #mf_overlays by @mariofasolo, one of many collections available at @pixitesource

I actually don't know a Julie. I catalogue books and sometimes the dedications at the beginning are intriguing. I loved this dedication: "For Julie as always." I wondered who this Julie was, and exactly how many books the author had dedicated to her. And I thought ... this Julie is a lucky girl. So I dedicate this piece to Julie. #mf_overlays #fragmentapp #lorystripes #pixitesource #mextures

| Integrated |

It's what happens when the Holy Spirit enters your world.

Apps used: iDesign, Union, Reflect, Mextures, Spacepaint

Overlays used: #mf_overlays by @mariofasolo

// T h r i v e // • @thecontortionist inspired • // Had the privilege of ruining this beauty of a shot from the Unsplash project. Such an incredible thing they have going on over there. This one is inspired by one of my favorite bands, in celebration of experiencing their headlining tour in Orlando this past week. Their music makes me feel like a schoolgirl all over again. If you like music that sounds like a fusion of Teddy Pendergrass and Selena Gomez, give them a listen || OP • Andrew Collins @unsplash || Overlays • #mf_overlays @mariofasolo || #thecontortionist #rsa_graphics #mextures #unionapp ||

King Diamond || made using an amazing OP by @_lukecotton for #mexturescollective || Overlays by #mf_overlays & #3d_polyonfire

App used : mextures, matterapp,Union,aliensky
Overlay take from #Mf_overlays by @mariofasolo .
All Images taken from google

Live an amazing adventure. \\ Photo from @ownthelight for #ownthelight with #mf_overlays by @mariofasolo. Edited using @union_app and @mextures.

Formula: UDQRVTQ


An edit inspired by @inyerix. If you haven't heard of him yet, check out his incredible feed!

Background image from #unsplash
#mf_overlays @mariofasolo
#nghbrs_elements @nghbrs
Other images from Google


Overlays used: @kerry_fin #kf_overlays @mariofasolo #mf_overlays @alexyprefontaine
@subzer.o 's formula titled JERICHO worked super well on this one

dirty X white

Image from @theyoungkimosabe with overlays from @mariofasolo.
@union_app @mextures #tyk_freeforall #mf_overlays

Formula: IJAGIAN

Collab with @deepak_solanki
Was a pleasure to be able to work with a very talented ig'er from India. Love how art brings people together from all around the globe ❤️ follow him. He's got an amazing gallery worth checking out.

-Never Forget your Past-

Overlay: @mariofasolo 's overlay from his #mf_overlays

Man: @vadimshindy #vadimshindy_ffa
Make sure to check out these artists' profiles, they both have an amazing gallery!

#gridients #unsung_masters#rsa_blends#stiltmedia#silhouette_creative#edit_feature#StiltArtist @stilt_media

-Upside Down-

I want to turn the whole thing upside down
I'll find the things they say just can't be found
I'll share this love I find with everyone
We'll sing and dance to Mother Nature's songs
I don't want this feeling to go away

Photos from @unsplash and @ifuroh. Overlay by @mariofasolo.
#mf_overlays #if_freeforall
Apps: #Unionapp #mextures @union_app @pixiteapps

My first try at the #mexturescollective shot by @ravenreviews using some of my #mf_overlays.

-The Road Home-

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Tell the world I'm coming

Thanks to @mariofasolo for inviting me to use his new overlays! #mf_overlays

Inspired by the awesome @casualtyofcool, and his frames.

Original photos from unsplash.

Another atmospheric edit using my new #mf_overlays, shot by @borisbaldinger #thescratchproject.

Very excited to announce my first overlay pack, #mf_overlays ! They can be found on my profile, or http://bit.ly/1B94Mft . I'd be honored if everyone made some awesome art with them!

Photo by @borisbaldinger

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