Couldn't take many pics inside of here but one of the best exchanges happened with 2 Afro-Cuban brothers. The first was when I was I was trying to explain my origins to another person and said American to make things easier but when they followed up with where I was originally another brother jumped in said I was from Africa, "we have the same thing in Cuba". It's sort of hard to explain that you don't know where you're from beyond America(in my case Jamaica and Bahamas as well) because of slavery. And then also when I was leaving/saying salams this older Afro Cuban guy hugged me and said something to the equivalent of "we're bothers from Africa" which was endearing because it shows how transnational the African diaspora is even with different languages/colonizers. Also the fact that we're in a mosque in Cuba just shows the transnational nature of Islam/the global ummah.
Also worth noting that the Cuban government provided this space to the community here and that from what I could see women had equitable space which I haven't really seen in the majority of masjids in America. #IslaminCuba #CubanMuslims #Habana #mezquitta

Un peu de ☀️ aujourd'hui sur le blog : on part découvrir #Cordoue, la dernière étape du #roadtrip andalou ! 💃🏻 Le magnifique monument au bout de cet ancien pont romain c'est la #Mezquitta. Un lieu magique... 😍 #Andalousie #Espagne #Spain #travel

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