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Always chasing sunsets. 🌅

Must be love on the brain 💙 happy birthday to my love @odethgamez, my soft spoken biggest supporter | feliz cumpleaños a mi pollito @odethgamez, aquella voz silenciosa que me motiva a ser mejor

🎉 F e l i c i d a d e s 🎉
@mohrphosis_ 🏅
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UBICACIÓN: Parque Ecológico La Huasteca, Nuevo León, México. 📍
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What an incredible day in Oaxaca with @aeromexico. From visiting local artistans to ice cream tasting to chocolate making to being part of the actual Oaxaca parade. Not only that, but I witnessed at least three wedding celebrations and was lucky enough to get my drone up in time. I really love this view from above.
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There are two things I remind myself constantly of and they're Purpose and Persistence.
If I am not doing something with purpose, then why am I doing it? I remember when I made a mistake as a child I would say "I didn't do it on purpose!" Instead of: "it was an accident!" It never hit me so hard until I was a bit older and realized that there should be intention behind what you do - otherwise hapless accidents take place.
And persistence ahh, the bane of my existence. It requires patience and utter dedication. There's no getting bored with persistence and there's no giving up, you must prevail by continuing. To always strive for what your goal is an amazing thing, even when it's rough and seemingly impossible. If you give up because of difficulty then what reason is there for any sort of effort?
Give your all continuously. It's not something you can do one time and call it quits. Find your way into the fog and when it's cold and confusing and you have no damn clue how to get out - keep going.

Una fachada clásica de Mérida.
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MEXICO D.F. 2012
Pues nada, se acuerdan cuando Torre Mayor era el único gigante de reforma?
Si no, así se veía Torre Mayor desde el mítico insurgentes 300 antes de que ésta tuviera competencia.
Antes de que me reclamen de que la fotografía luce un poco digital... aclaró que es un edit con nuevas técnicas que aprendí y que estoy ansioso de compartir con ustedes en un futuro.


Tu Tribu empieza esta semana con un sentimiento enorme de gratitud porque ya somos más de 800 personas que forman parte de esta comunidad. ¡LA FAMILIA CRECE, TRIBU!

Gracias por ser.
Gracias por creer.
Gracias por estar. *Puedes etiquetar en esta fotografía a esa persona que quieras agradecerle cualquier cosa.

Muchas gracias nuevamente🌻

Agua frente al cielo.

Jugo frente al cielo.

Playing with lights // Reflections

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