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🔹🔷LUGAR: Lago de Camécuaro, Michoacán.
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🎉 F e l i c i d a d e s 🎉
Vive México es un espacio en el que damos a conocer la belleza de nuestro país y tu fotografía lo demuestra.

UBICACIÓN: Mirador del Pípila, Guanajuato, León, Mexico
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The slow and beautiful life in San Cristobal. 🏘



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L O C A T I O N I "Cenote Azul" Campeche.
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F E A T U R E D T A G I #ig_mexico

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Fim de tarde hoje em Campeche, México. Essa cidade colonial de casinhas coloridas fica dentro de uma muralha e lembra Cartagena, na Colômbia.

O que surpreende aqui é o ótimo estado de preservação dos prédios e o fato de em sua maioria terem só um andar. Apesar do calor que passa dos 40 graus, caminhar por essas ruelas é uma delícia. Para refrescar, uma cerveja gelada ou uma margarita é uma ótima pedida!

Eng: Sunset today in Campeche, México, a colorful colonial city.

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"Peace and love can grow just about anywhere." #SpreadLove 💕🌿 #MexicoInMyPocket #MIMPTravel #MIMPFrida (📷: @loveleeadventures)

Like clock work 🙌


30 DAYS!!!! Until a tribe of amazing, committed, loving, and compassionate people touch down on Mexican soil to come together and build new schools for the local children who need a safe place to learn and grow!

I'm SO darn excited to be leading this group of 30 plus people from all over the world who are joining forces to give back to a community in need and making meaningful impact! And THEN we get to retreat in the mountains for yoga, meditation, personal development workshops, and adventure to help integrate all that we have experienced by being of service and to explore within and make meaningful changes in our very own lives once returning home!

This right here is what lights me up in my core, makes me feel alive and inspired, and brings so much meaning and purpose into my life.
Keep doing those things that matter people!

Live fully. Love hard. And do what matters.
L xo

Ps. If you've always wanted to be part of something amazing like this, now is the chance! If you want to join, pm me as I have a discounted offer if you book within the last 30 days! Yay!

Como de un sueño, traigo los ojos llenos de horizonte, ciegos para la realidad.

Frida con gli occhiali (?). #streetart #fridakahlo

Entre calles me encontré.
Todos nos enamoramos de una ciudad de aquella que nos regalo ese momento que cambió el resto de la perspectiva de la vida, podría seguirme con esta narrativa amor puro amor ❤️💛
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