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Arriving to the @dolcegabbana party wearing a complete look from the latest runway collection. Thank you for having me here D&G team!!!! @mauvaldespino #DGMillennials #DGNewVision

Mexican dinner just got better with this. Vola re ..!!! #Mexican #dinner #lopamudraraut #volare

An immigration judge has ordered an Army veteran from Chicago, who served two tours of duty, to be deported. His name is Miguel Perez and he is Chicano in every sense of the word. Perez moved to Chicago when he was 8-years-old and was a permanent legal resident. He joined the U.S. Army and served two tours of duty in Afghanistan where he suffered a brain injury in an explosion. Perez served seven years, but because he is not a U.S. citizen, Immigration Customs Enforcement detained him, stripped his legal status and began the deportation process.
This system doesn't appreciate our sacrifices. America was designed that way it will only benefit gringos. Miguel Perez is a real hero, who was betrayed by America. When will we have real justice in this country?
#Yucatan #Aztlan #Zapopan ##MexicanPride #Chicano #VivaLaRaza #Mexico #MexicanFlag #MexicanAmerican #Latino #Mexican #BrownPride #LaRaza #aztlan #xicano #BrownBerets

READ!! 💕 That moment you see someone stealing your pizza😑😂 #justkidding
Throwback thursday to the time I was visiting the SWAT team in Miami when I myself was still a officer👮. People still often ask me why I quit my job back then. Didn't I like it ? I did!! It was my passion and I felt we could really make a difference sometimes. But being completely honest I was living to work.. while it's supposed to be the other way around. The long hours, working double shifts, not seeing my family a lot, etc etc made me want to quit after 6 years.
Back then I was already trying to break through in the modeling business, but it was impossible to combine my job as an officer as of that of a model.
Besides that my mom passed away and seeing and feeling the misery of other people we helped day in day out broke me completely...
I got my degree as a personal trainer together with @jeremy.mettendaf in order to being able to get another job and leave the police. But on that one sunny special day I think it was meant to be I met @tavicastro ♡. Not long until he asked me to become a model for @bodyengineersofficial & look at where we are now. 😶 #meanttobe #BEfamily
Feeling extremely happy & grateful to share my other passion with you guys nowadays. It's amazing to see how much effect social media can have on others. I hope I inspire you to follow your dreams, do what you love and be a better version of yourself.💕 At least that's what you guys do to me! THANK YOU🙏


Por extraño a México 🇲🇽 ay les va a ver qué tal....here goes some mariachi cuz I'm missing Mexico 🇲🇽 #mariachi #sing #cantando #cover #instacover #usamexico #mepeledecoco #imboldnow #nayarit #imissyou #cora #LA #mexican

The best part of these earrings is that they are also a mirror. So convenient if you need to reapply your lip liner or blue eyeshadow. #xicana #chingona #ruca #hoops #mexican #babygurl

Gracias por haberme arreglado hoy @dartsalon 💘🙌🏻☺️

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