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@disneychannel there is no heterosexual explanation for this
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≫ ib theforbesdiaries
≫ song: salvation by gabrielle aplin

i was robbed @disneychannel
ac jenna
cc divxnes
#omgpage #royaltygrp

I am sure that #spacebetween and these flashback #mevie moments has us ugly crying bucket of tears 😭 #descendants2

's edit (follow @teleschxpe for more)
"she's not my girlfriend anymore"
the one for mal
fc; 1852
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please, come home.

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they are so aesthetically pleasing. love my babies 💖. (And posting twice in a day cause why not.) #auradonrct

The space between
cc: drunk draco | ac: @sailorsmadison
dt mevie stans!

Finna edit Harry Osborn and Harry Hook ay
Anyway look at these girlfriends that I love so much
#mevie #descendants2 #omgpage

Mal green eyes💜💚

the only disney musicals I fuck with 😴 (NOT AT ALL A PLOT TWIST)

[cr; @multixdanvers ]


you better let them rise @disneychannel
for @beronicasfate | ac sxperaudios

um so i just started editing and i obviously suck for some reason mbl colorings won't work so i had to take this ugly one the entire edit is ugly i will delete later anyway harry is shook

bad bitches only.

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dt; descendants gc
wow, editing this cutie is amazing. I need more of this pure hearted villain.

Sorry Ben, but I'll stick to my lane.
cr; @_killeredits
#descendants #disney #mal #evie #mevie #dovecameron #sofiacarson

Mal Or Evie ?
#mevie #descendants2

{the real endgame}
-yikes this is bad like the rest of my edits (: -
-#mevie #descendantsedits #descendants #descendants2edit #descendants2

what an icon
i loves this ship more than i love food, thats a deep love
ac sad.lad
dt #auradonrct @evancscent @multi.jaylyn @multirisenx @stargczed @elenasboobie @beronicasfate
cc voidxcelestial <3

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ☪❀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀"Even though we've change... you can find me in the space between" 💙💜
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 《Tags》
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#Mevie al poder👑👭

My queen, I just want to say some things.
You've made the the happiest person during this weeks, I trusted in you, telling you what happened and I know that I can still trusting you. I don't care what people think or say about me, all I want is to be with you, helping when I have the opportunity, talking with you is amazing. Thank you💜

dt: @upsidenoora @stargczed @beronicasfate & everyone else who loves these two.
ac: @sunnyaudio
I came remember where I got the overlays from ooops -
I love these bbs so much they deserve the world 😫😭. There's a glitch with the audio and I can't get rid of it oh whale. I restated my account I used to be @claysbike > now I'm going multi and probably posting video edits for a while. #descendantsedit #descendents2 #d2 #mal #evie #malandevie #mevie

you were the only one who kept me alive.

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the harry edit flopped soooo bad, I decided to post something else. But I might repost that. (CUTE SOFTIES LOVE ME SOME MEVIE) #auradonrct

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