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Leg day shout out. A month and a half ago I switched up my leg rountine and started doing 30 reps by 4 sets, my legs are becoming more massive and stronger. Even though the first two weeks the workout made me want to throw up from how physically demanding it was I'm happy I have pushed through that barrier. #legday #gymgoon #metroflexfargo also go check out BLVD nutrition club + beverage bar, they are changing the Herbalife game! #herbalife @blvd_nutrition

Happy Easter to everyone! Don't ever forget; You all are beautiful! #live #love #laugh #holidayworkout #metroflexfargo

Tryna grow some meat on these little legs!! #squats
Today was a great leg day! I love my gym! Loving prep! Just a happy girl doing my thing!
#crushinglimits #metroflexfargo #happyprepper #ducky
@chrissantamaria198 @westkoast @metroflexgymfargo

gotta work hard when you're pushing it with your #fitfam #metroflexfargo #abki

I would like to give a big shout to a client and someone has started to become a good friend! Patrick was dealing with some leg mobility and growth issue. So he reached out to me and we started working right away on mobility and proper function! Note I have told him a hundred times to keep his chin down lol proud of you bud! #Repost @pjjoyce42 (@get_repost)
Hit some hamstrings yesterday. Decided to pull lighter weight for 12-15 reps. if someone were to come up to me 4 months ago and ask me to perform this movement, I would have laughed in their face. My hamstrings were so tight and locked up that my mobility was next to nothing, and I was in pain almost daily because of it. The fact that I can actually see improvement in my form AND my range of motion is very encouraging. All the praise goes to @generalquadfitness for fixing me up and getting me to where I am at in terms of mobility. πŸ’ͺ🏻 #metroflexfargo

That moment you realize you still have some leftover #chipotle waiting in the fridge for you at home 🌯 #metroflexfargo #fitnessmotivation #isymfs

That moment you walk into your gym and IFBB Pro @charlesgriffen_ifbbpro one of my favorite athletes is sitting there, couldn't help myself had to shake his hand. This guy is hands down humble and kind. Not many athletes in this industry like that. It was an honor to finally meet you. #mecca #metroflexfargo #cantquit #wontquit #doitforyou #beyou #liftothersup


When you're this lean and ready you don't need good lighting or filters. 2 weeks out #npcnorthstar and 5 weeks out #npcredriverclassic
He's coached by @trainedbyjp


That moment you walk into your gym and IFBB Pro @charlesgriffen_ifbbpro one of my favorite athletes is sitting there, couldn't help myself had to shake his hand. This guy is hands down humble and kind. Not many athletes in this industry like that. It was an honor to finally meet you. #mecca #metroflexfargo #cantquit #wontquit #doitforyou #beyou #liftothersup

I have been seeing and hearing it more and more in the gym along with on social media. People putting others down when they train. Why do we do this as people. We don't know everyone's story. That person you made fun of for benching only 150lbs, may be bouncing back from surgery or that guy not wearing his shirt when he works out may have had an eating disorder at one point in his life and is now finally happy with his body....you just don't know. Let us all keep a more positive attitude and lift each other up and I promise you life will be a happier place. #mecca #metroflexfargo #cantquit #wontquit #doitforyou #beyou #liftothersup #Godisgreat #Godswordisstrong #Faithistheway #NPC

Negatives may not be fun, but I love them just for the fact that your muscle is about 40% stronger lowering the weight than it is lifting it...key for growthπŸ’ͺ


Realizing now it was a big mistake having leg day land on Bison game day🏈😣Too. Many. Stairs. On a different note, off season is still going strong and steady!πŸ‘Š #football #gobison #ndsu #metroflexfargo #squats #legday #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #flex #muscles #girlswholift #girlswithmuscles #goals #booty #grow #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #nike #fitspo #photooftheday #fitspiration

Metabolism Boosting 101: Drink more water!

We all know that drinking water is important. But what does it do for us? For starters, our bodies are made up of 70% water! Water helps energize us naturally, it helps energize muscles (which naturally burns calories!), it helps your kidneys release toxins from the body, and it even helps your skin complexion and "glow!" Now how much water should we drink? 16oz? 32oz? 48oz?? We suggest a minimum of 80oz of water every day, and that can be pushed up to 250oz (2 gallons) safely. So many people think that it's a difficult task to drink 80oz of water. Think about this; If you're awake for 14 hours in one day, and you drank 8oz every hour, you would drink 112oz of water in one day! Easy!! Stay hydrated!

"Where some see only scars, others see perseverance and the journey of Kings"-Stephan C. Hogan. #blackcrownfitness #3/4sleeve #mensphysique #inspired #5weeksout #fitness #sugatitswiththepic #metroflexfargo

#flashbackfriday shout out goes to my client @jordmurph for his incredible transformation over the past 5 months! Jordan is Mr. Consistent! He has lost between 1.5-2.5lbs per week over the last 5 months by trusting the process! He tells me all the time how working out is just the norm and he feels lost without it! Stats! Body weight: 307.5 to 272 35lbs lost, Waistline: 48inch to 37.3 10.7inches lost, Chest: 50.5inches to 39inches 11.5inches lost, and 4 inches lost off each leg! #gym #strength #metroflexfargo #flexfriday #instagym #instadaily #inspire #results #trainer #transformation #personaltrainer #gqfitness #generalquad #generalquadfitness

Shout out to @westkoast and @metroflexgymfargo for the new @runeverythinglabs and @redcon1 gear!! All that was left was smediums or XL so I went with what John would call man sizes just sitting here trying to fill them out! #gym #strength #metroflexfargo #instadaily #flex #flexfriday #shoulders #delts #flextellyourfamous #gainz

I seriously could not be happier in a picture!! At day 2 of the Mr. Olympia expo last week the stars aligned for me and as I got the chance to talk with @shelbystarnes100 out walked @kennywallach and I got to be with both these guys at the same time. I cannot say enough great things about both these guys, and I know I would not be able to call myself an IFBB pro without these two. Their coaching has been life changing for me and I am so grateful to both of them. All while coaching top level Olympia athletes they both have made me feel like I was their only client and helped me reach goals I never thought possible. From the bottom of my heart, for all you've done for me, I thank you 😊 .
Here's to stepping things up a notch πŸ’ͺ😁 #teamstarnes #mastershredder #practicemakesperfect #deadcenter

Everything you need to reach your goals is already inside of you. You just have to find it and truly BELIEVE it.
My favorite quote from my favorite movie...who knew a child's story could hold something so deep πŸ‘  .
#wizardofoz #quoteoftheday #believe #dream #achieve #goals

Are you able to answer this question?? Are you focused on building a better, healthier body? Do you want to lose 20lbs? Do you want a new house? A family?

Now ask..are you doing all that you can to achieve it?

Let us know what your goals are for your week, month, or year!

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