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#Repost @marcocirigliano (@get_repost) Yes! #rudimentcreativity already inspiring new ideas! Tag me and share your posts inspired by the new book! ・・・
*The hi hat cannot be phased*
Here's an idea I came up with based off a groove out of @juancarlitomendoza 's new book #RudimentCreativity 🔥 Instead of keeping the consistency as the backbeat on the snare, I took the metric modulation of the hi hat and made that the constant, so the tempo/groove changes but the hi hat does not. #metricmodulation #groove

Tracking setup for the next few days #mathrock #metricmodulation

This groove is one of my favorites to simply jam and have fun with. I had the idea of going from the original straight duple feel to a swung and dirtier quarter note triplet feel. Here is the end result. If my face doesn't tell you that I'm having fun and taking chances..... my face will continue to express that the entire clip. Drums left to right: @anfdrumco 14x24 kicker, 14x4 snare, 13x9 snom. And a baby monitor. #multitasking #metricmodulation #7779311 #dontmoansomuch @promarkbydaddario @evansdrumheads @snareweight

Always a pleasure doing wreckless musical things with these fine gents! @petereratostene @moltencorr @masonachu

How about THIS for some metric modulation?? 😲Here's Loop Loft artist @natesmithdrums bending space and time in the funkiest way possible. #drummer #beats #metricmodulation #butter


Always a pleasure doing wreckless musical things with these fine gents! @petereratostene @moltencorr @masonachu

Here's @tomothy_hogarth playing around with the #hiatuskyote song #byfire a beast of a song to learn net alone mess with ! We've manipulated the cross rhythms and odd times into some #metricmodulation so Tom could get his glitchy groove improv in there ! #drumming #braddymockdrumtuition #hscdrumming #glitchybeats hear him with the band at #performa tomorro night
#mapex #zildjian

Here's me experimenting with metric modulation. The first time I modulate, I put the pulse on the half-note triplet. The second time I modulate, I put the pulse on the dotted quarter note.

Sena's first metric modulation
#Drum #MetricModulation #highschoolstudent #ドラム #メトリックモジュレーション #高校生

*5 AGAINST 7*👨🏻‍🔬
So, as you all may know, I've been working on something big, well here it is! I've decided to go full mad scientist, explore uncharted territory and perform a whole exercise not only in odd meter, but in a polyrhythmic 5/8 against 7/8! (The left foot pulse is the 7 and the paradiddles between my left hand and kick are in groupings of 5) 👨🏻‍🚀
I wanted to try something that noone has done before, and I saw that @oneupdrumvids challenged @mattgarstka to do this but Matt never really had the time to sit down and work on this... but the meter just clicked in my brain one night and I actually understood what 5 against 7 sounded and felt like. So I made it a goal to get this mind fuck of an exercise down and post it to kinda leave my footprint in the odd meter world I guess. I worked like a mad scientist and jotted down where the half note, half note triplet, quarter note, quints, and eighth note pulses fell, and I just worked away at this for the past 3 weeks. Enjoy this mindfuck👨🏻‍🔬 #polyrhythm #polyrhythms #polyrhythmic #metricmodulation #history #neverbeendone #5against7

Lost in metric modulation 😅
Ceritanya mau jelasin & kasih contoh metric modulation (4 againts 3) tp sptnya malah nyasar 😝
*abaikan merk drumnya, sy tetep dg Tama kok 😉
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I'm making all these high quality memes and they're getting like no likes. WHAT'S WITH THAT?
#prog #progmetal #metal #progmemes #memes #metalmemes #metricmodulation

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