On this last day of the National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month, I felt it appropriate to highlight one of my #patients after cranial vault #reconstruction. This little #boy was born with #trigonocephaly (triangular shaped skull) as a result of #metopic #craniosynostosis. At 5 months of age, he underwent cranial vault remodeling which involved removing the affected skull bones, reshaping the #skull and then securing them in their new position using resorbable plates, screws, and sutures. He is seen here just 6 weeks following surgery…happy 😀 and thriving! It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly these #children bounce back from this operation! 🙏🏻👍🏻 . .

These images are the property of Dr. Rachel A. Ruotolo and LIPSG and are not authorized for use by any other party. .
This is my actual patient with real results who has given informed consent (directly or indirectly via parents) to appear on my website and social media pages. .
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#Craniosynostosis!?! Billy says he’s got this...👉💪😎 #craniofighter #metopic #moose #toughcookie #craniocarebears

When you know something isn't quite right, you just KNOW!
Trying to explain this inner gut feeling and using it as grounds for further investigation , well, that's the hard part... As a parent, you KNOW your child. As you sit in front of your GP trying to articulate what's "wrong".. Looking at their puzzled face..hoping they will listen... hoping they will take the reins and you can relinquish this burden to an expert... And all this can be resolved!
If only... Many parents are only too acutely aware of how little support there is for them, how little resources are available and how little people listen to them.... The constant struggle. Externally and internally.
If you need to chat with other Irish Cranio Parents you can find us on Facebook. We have a private support group, just message Cranio Ribbons Ireland or Cranio Ribbons for the UK.
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Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm. Koffer sind soweit gepackt. Es wird langsam ernst.. Noch eine Nacht im eigenem Bett. Morgen früh um 8 ist die Aufnahme im Krankenhaus und Freitag die OP. Es kommt einiges auf uns zu. Ich glaube, das wird die Schlimmste Zeit meines Lebens. #motherandson #motherhood #kraniosynostose #metopic
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Happy 242nd 4th of July!!! In honor of our birthday, we're talking #metopic #craniosynostosis today...yes! Reminder, don't watch if you have a hard time seeing surgical photos. Okay, enjoy everybody! #31daysofcraniofacialawareness
Happy National #Cleft and #CraniofacialAwareness Month!

PS Are you coming to our picnic? RSVP NOW! #uclacraniofacialpicnic July 28, 2018 Sunset Recreation Center 1-4PM, super fun

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If only I could have glimpsed this moment last June! I had spent the past 3 months crying and worrying and had another 3 or 4 in front of me—- so HAPPY to be here now. He was worth the storm and then some! 💛
Thank you, Dr. Jimenez! 💙

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Happy 2nd Cranioversary Cashton!! It's so hard to believe that it has been 2 years today since I had to place my 3 month old tiny baby in a neurosurgeons arms for skull surgery. It was without a doubt the most terrifying day of my life. Next week will be the 1 year anniversary of no helmet, and on July 10th we meet with our surgeons up at Mayo again to make sure things are still how they should be! It has been a year since we have been back to what used to feel like our 2nd home and we are actually excited to go back! I love my little metopic warrior more than words!!! #craniosynostosis #metopic #skullsurgery #craniobaby #mayoclinic #cranioversary

This little boy underwent ACVR at 5 months of age for treatment of trigonocephaly secondary to metopic craniosynostosis. He is seen here pre-op and 6 weeks post-op. Results show immediate reshaping of his anterior skull, forehead, and brow bones. He will be followed yearly to assess for recurrence of the trigonocephaly, which can occur in some cases. The more severe the trigonocephaly, the greater the risk of recurrence requiring re-operation.
These images are the property of Dr. Rachel A. Ruotolo and LIPSG and are not authorized for use by any other party
This is my actual patient with real results who has given informed consent (directly or indirectly via parents) to appear on my website and social media pages.
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Oh my what a week! Actually what a past couple of months - I feel like my family has been running around since mid-April and my emotions really caught up with me yesterday - between everything that’s going on with families at the U.S. border + speaking with three cranio moms this week (including one whose baby also didnt like to lay flat before surgery, or screamed when cradled, just like my Ember 😰, but was ok after surgery also) + with taking this week to try and slow down to honor my menstrual cycle (intentionally, for the first time) —- it ended with a real ugly cry yesterday. But with it such a release - I know I needed it and it felt good to be done afterwards.
But also it also renewed my desire to keep up with this page! I remember when I was in the thick of #cranio I loved reading blogs and updates from women whose kiddos were 8, 9, ... 20 years old. And it helps me to channel my pain and anger into something proactive and productive — it’s also helpful when a mom writes me through this account on facebook and I give her info on her choices and let her know that I was an sobbing mess for a month too. It will change mama! Cranio doesn’t last forever.

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This little girl underwent cranial vault remodeling for metopic craniosynostosis. If the metopic suture is prematurely fused, it can cause severe narrowing of the skull and forehead, otherwise called trigonocephaly. The affected bones are removed and reshaped. They are secured into their new position using dissolving plates, screws, and sutures. This little girl is seen just 3 months after surgery with a normalized skull shape. The swelling is nearly resolved and her scalp incision is barely discernible. She will be monitored yearly.
These images are the property of Dr. Rachel A. Ruotolo and LIPSG and are not authorized for use by any other party
This is my actual patient with real results who has given informed consent (directly or indirectly via parents) to appear on my website and social media pages.
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Noch 2 Wochen bis zur Kopf-Op meines Babys.. Mein Herz blutet.
Kraniosynostose ist eine Fehlbildung des Schädels. 1 von 2.000 Babys werden mit einer Kraniosynostose geboren. Mein Kind gehört dazu. Dabei sind eine oder mehrere Schädelplatten zu früh zusammen gewachsen. Bei Marlon ist die Stirn betroffen, das ist die 3.häufigste Form. Von oben sieht seine Stirn etwas spitz aus. Das Gehirn hat nicht genug Platz zum wachsen und das kann Entwicklungsstörungen, Behinderungen oder Blindheit zur Folge haben - wenn man nicht operiert. Die offizielle Diagnose bekamen wir vor ein paar Monaten. Davor stand es immer so mit einem vielleicht im Raum. "Machen Sie sich noch keine Sorgen". Ich habe mich Monate lang selber informiert und viel geweint, denn sitzt man da mit seinem friedlich schlafenden Baby vor Google und schaut sich die Bilder nach den Operationen an, wird einem ganz anders. Ich habe mir die schlimmsten Bilder angesehen um irgendwie vorbereitet zu sein, aber ich kann nicht begreifen, dass ich meinen kleinen Jungen bald so sehen muss. Und nichts tun kann. Es ist alles so unreal. Wollte ich ihn doch beschützen. Um mich herum ist alles langsamer. Ich höre noch den Chiurgen sagen "Das kann man nicht so lassen. Wir müssen seinen Kopf aufschneiden, die Stirn entnehmen, die wird abgerundet und wieder mit Schrauben befestigt. Etwa 3 Stunden Vollnarkose. Danach sieht er aus wie nach einem Boxkampf. Die Fäden werden ohne Narkose gezogen." Wieder Zuhause angekommen konnte ich meinen fröhlich spielenden und unwissenden Jungen kaum ansehen ohne zu weinen. Was wird er denken, wenn er zu sich kommt und diese Schmerzen spürt? Wird er sein blindes vertrauen in mich und seinen Vater verlieren? Welche Panik wird er haben wenn sein Gesicht so sehr anschwillt, dass er nichts mehr sieht? "Was passiert hier? Ich höre Mamas und Papas Stimmen aber warum tun sie nichts um mir zu helfen?" Es zerbricht mir das Herz. Ich hoffe von diesem Alptraum aufzuwachen, aber das ist leider die Realität, von der ich nicht mal wusste dass sie für viele Familien existiert. #craniosynostosis #craniomom #craniosynostosisawareness #kraniosynostose #metopic #craniobaby #motherandson #motherhood #9monthsoldbaby

Getting in a hearty breakfast before a #metopic #craniosynostosis with Dr. Black and our neurological colleagues.

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8. EIGHT YEARS have passed since the mancub's noggin changed forever when he had a cranial vault reconstruction surgery to correct the metopic craniosynostosis (in layman's terms; the front suture of his skull fused prematurely. Feel free to ask me any questions about it!). There are no words that can describe the feeling of sending your child into an 8 hour surgery only 2 months before their 1st birthday or walking around the store with an infant whose eyes are swollen shut and evading curious, judgmental stares. I knew Jude was special when I was pregnant but watching him go through major head surgery as a baby really proved to me just how resilient, silly, and consistently adorable this tiny human I created really is. If I could travel in time to tell my past self anything it would be back to hour 4ish of the surgery to tell myself how handsome, kind, and intelligent Jude will be after the surgery. When shit hits the fan these days I remind myself of this day and how I got through it when I truly thought the entire future was uncertain (I also listen to the same album that got me through that week; Brand New, Deja Entendu). #askmeaboutcraniosynostosis #craniokid #cranioversary #craniosynostosis #awareness #onthisday #mancub #metopic

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