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As a personal trainer, I would like to share my favorite part about fitness-the beginning of the journey😍😍😍
I think it's very common for most of us to compare our chapter 1 to someone's chapter 20, and I don't ever want you to feel discouraged on your journey! ⠀⠀⠀⠀
For instance, when I started... I didn't even know what dieting meant. Seriously. My best friend and I always said on Monday we would "diet" and by third period (high school) we both had a mt dew and candy at our desks and would laugh and cheers 🤣
I didn't know how to workout, I couldn't do a push-up if my life depended on it. And I would "run" (aka that awkward fast feet shuffling you do when someone is holding the door open but you're still kind of far away) at nighttime so no one could see me.... real talk. So trust me...I get it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀
But maybe that's why I care so much and why i am so passionate about all of this?! I believe so much in everyone because it is truly a case of "if I can, you can." 😍💪🏼😇🤗
You have endless potential... just give it some time and effort! You've got this! Just hang in there, k ;)) #transMORPHer

Miranda. Yok, değil. Doğrusu Miranda-laşmak... #metamorphosis #dönüşüm #shakespeare

I tak właśnie nie możliwe stało się możliwe ❤️💪🏽
Jak ?
Godziny treningów
Miliony wyrzeczeń
Tysiące łez,
a na końcu wielkie szczęście 😊
Zapraszam serdecznie na fanpage na Facebooku ✔️REDUKCJA MI NIESTRASZNA
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I think consistently working on oneself is a good thing, not just in terms of outward appearances, but also in the realities of one's character - flaws and all. We all have some darkness that could use the light to shed some honesty about who we really are, whether it's reflected back to us by others, or from our own introspection. Sometimes we have to crawl through those dark aspects of ourselves that may seem raw, painful, and even undesirable.
But the caterpillar does not become a butterfly by telling everybody it has wings. It actually buries itself in darkness, cocooned in stillness, and grows those wings. The effort pays off in the transformation, letting go of the old self in favor of an evolved higher self, beautifully fluttering along with a little more light by our side than before. ✨🦋✨
#metamorphosis #darknessandlight #butterflyeffect #evolution

They're starting to break out but we keep missing them because we're at work! 😫
#monarchbutterfly #monarchdiaries #metamorphosis

Jak korzystacie z ostatnich promieni słońca?🌞 7 km pięknej rolkowej trasy na Jurze Krakowsko Częstochowskiej.😀


For my leaving cert art project I've chosen metamorphosis, meaning change #artclass #art #school #artistsoninstagram #project #nature #metamorphosis #animals #schoolwork #leavingcert #6thyear #change

Franz Kafka'nın ünlü eseri Dönüşüm için başarılı bir sahne düzenlemesi.
Yapım: #philipengleheart
#kafka #franzkafka #metamorphosis #dönüşüm #theatre #tiyatro #sahne #tiyatroiyidir

n e w beginnings • i had never found #butterfly wings until two weeks ago. after seeing a post from an incredible #herbalist who I have been following for the past few years, i wondered how one might find #wings in the wild. the picture was of her bathtub filled with petals and many magnificent butterfly wings. she had written a beautiful piece about the symbolism of wings and flight. the next day, i went for a hike with my sisters at enchanted rock state park. i wasn't expecting much; i had never really felt connected to the texas landscape, even when i lived there several years before. as i walked across this megalith in #texas hill country following the lines of quartz that bisect this giant stone formation, a speck of #orange caught my eye. it was fluttering ever so slightly against a small rock in a a little depression. as i got closer, i realized the universe had given me my first set of wings. the color orange is associated with uninhibited expression and exuberance. it was the color that presented itself in my first hypnosis session, during which i was hoping to work through some of these emotional blockages. even when i feel discouraged about my inability to connect, I need to remember that nature is my guide, my ever present cheerleader. these wings were sent to me as a clear reminder to remember that i am loved, i am beautiful, and i am deeply deeply connected at all times. they encourage transformation, endurance, determination and #metamorphosis .

I am always trying to push myself and art further.. strive for progress and transformation. .
How can we represent classic subject matter in a refreshing new way.. Thanks to my client Freddie for trusting me with control of your first tattoo and sitting like a champ for two days!
Lazerhawk - Somnus
Jex Toth - Warrior Woman
For bookings please email all inquiries to PAtattoos@gmail.com.
2017 Travels Plans
Oceanside , CA | Sept. 25-Oct. 2
Philadelphia, PA | October 11-17
New Jersey, NJ | October 18-24
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Continuing our nude series, 'metamorphosis' by Anna Rita Angiolelli. Shop link in our bio.
#art #artfinder #wallart #painting #originalart #nude #metamorphosis

Rocking it with some old school @hilaryduff today. #metamorphosis

In her workshop that night she pushed the rings and gemstones aside. Thinking of the hearts she'd seen in the soil, she carved a hoofprint-shaped relief in a cuttlefish bone and poured molten silver into the mold to make a pendant. After it cooled, she drilled a hole and strung it onto a ribbon she slipped around her neck. Alex slept. She went outside to take out the trash and the moonlight shone off the charm. When she glanced down to admire the glinting she saw the change—four slender legs eager to leap over the back gate, and a broad furry breast hiding a hot heart. And she felt it, too—a delicate head with large eyes, a moist nose, and mobile ears. She hadn’t known this would happen. She took a step and left her first heart mark. She walked toward the hills.
. . . . . . . from "Alma of the Foothills," a story in my book of interwoven Montana tales, The Pregnant Sister. #prose #transformation #metamorphosis #animals #woman #magic #power #sadness #change #thepregnantsister

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