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So I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress since december, and also since last summer had some serious issues with my autoimmune disease.
Since december I gained 10 kg’s, and it made me feel so bad physically, of course, because my body is not designed to carry that extra weight When it’s so fragile!
I really wanted to get back on track for real, but had to wait.
In the beginning of december I sprained my left arm and injured a muscle. (I stumbled in the forest, on my daily morning walk - because I was going to take a selfie - daaaah so embarrasing!!!).
Because I had a fracture in my elbow 1,5 year ago, this injury from december took some time to heal up, and I still have small pains in my elbow from time to time. However, the doctors said I could start training again in the end of january.
But I’ve been dealing with some serious stress, and haven’t been sleeping, eating well or anything...
But a week ago I was feeling ready to get back on track.
So the first thing I always do When I start a new season up, training Wise;
Is to start on a diet plan.
And after a week, then I start working out as well.
But I always start with adjusting my diet first, because the diet has to kick in, so I Can get back energy enough to also be active.
This time, I decided to try out a raw diet program, and I must admit that the first two days was HARD! I craved warm dishes so bad! But the last two days, I’ve just felt much better, I am not bloated for the first time in three months, and my Rheumatoid pains are much lower.
Today I had enough energy to take out my mountainbike for the first time in two years!
I only had a 2 km run, but it was fine, and the best way to start, is going easy.

So that is my current status - until now, it’s going well on my new diet, and I am just doing what I Can, to get back in that great shape I had until last summer!

I am having in mind that I am still dealing with some stress, but I am slowly getting more sleep again and that is a good sign. 🖤 love from willow🖤

Looking like a tramp, like a video vamp 🎵
Can we go back to messy smoky eyes, barely filled brows and my-lips-but-etter colors?

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It's ya girl, lookin like roadkill :) #messyhair #messymakeup #glowdown #deadcatlookinass

When you're standing in the middle of a room full of friends, relatives and even strangers, yet due to your own mental illness and the demons you're fighting every day, you feel completely alone
I have posted 2 more pics of this makeup look. For a complete understanding of it, go check out my previous 2 posts and read the description
I also struggle so I know it's real but you are not alone. I am here for you too
If you struggle too, comment below so I can reach out to you and help in any way I can
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Simple neon-type slightly-grunge goop on my eyeballs and mouth hole. 👄
Products: @maccosmetics Chrome yellow, black tied shadow, graph black liner, lights Spade highlight, sushi kiss lipstick, @toofaced better than sex mascara, perfect flush blush, @colourpopcosmetics dope taupe brow. @chantyeyelash glitter lashes --
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