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Nothing like a two spin class to make the day less stressed. #stressfree #spinclass #spinner #needashower #messyhairdontcare #tiredgayman

Loving these fur-on leopard print teardrops! Someone placed a custom order for these months ago, but she really wanted fur-on. It took me ages to find, and once I did I knew I needed to make more than one pair! Such a fun way to add texture to your accessories!

...and dry shampoo is my glitter 😂😉 #momlife #workfromhome #curlygirl #momboss #messybun #messyhairdontcare

Back in April, I decided to jump into something that was completely foreign, unlike anything I had ever done, and was definitely the last thing I THOUGHT I would ever do. Coaching. But within 1 week of doing these programs I KNEW this thing was legit and I wanted to share that with others.
So I did just that. I started sharing my story with all of you, all while continuing to WORK ON ME, and in turn began to help other women (and some men) change their lives... through their health, their fitness, their mindset, and their self love.
I quickly decided that this business was everything I ever wanted, that I never knew I needed. I was able to encourage others, help them make big and small changes in their lives- and in turn I was building a business and making an extra income for my family that I can be 100% proud of.
I started to pour this newfound passion into other women as well, women who also wanted to work on their own health and fitness while helping others do the same thing. I’ve seen my team of badass boss babes explode over the last 9 months... and today I realized- what we are doing is not like everyone else.

My team of boss babes- we are a young team in the world of coaching- and yet we accomplished things in 9 months that many coaches spend much longer trying to do. And really all that meant is that we helped THAT MANY PEOPLE change their lives since April... and in turn our own lives continue to change.
We are going big places in 2018. Lives are changing. Goals are being reached. Bigger goals are being made. Debt is getting paid off. Savings accounts are growing. Trips are being paid for.
This little team of mine- we may be young- but we are doing some things right. And I am ready to teach YOU how to grow a business you can be proud of too!

I’m opening up a small coach mentorship class next week- just 5 spots- because I want to spend time pouring into you so you can accomplish what I have AND MORE in the next 9 months. ⭐️ all training included
⭐️ one on one mentorship
⭐️ everything you need for your health and fitness journey

If you want to find out more or snag up a spot - shoot me a message ASAP!

One of my goals this year is to dress in regular clothes (not workout clothes) at least 3 x a week, not including Sunday morning when we dress for church.
I just want to put myself together at least a few times a week cause for whatever reason there's a positive mood shift when that happens✨

So I may have been in sweats all day buuuuut I put this on to go to Bible study so that counts😉

p.s. I never said anything about doing my hair😜 hence the hat😂

Late nights, messy hair, oh she must be imperfect😏
#messyhairdontcare #latenightsarefordreamers #chilegirl #selfie

Hiii 💓 my name is Samantha and as you probably could work out by now I am the owner of this makeup account: ZAMMXO. I am 17 years old from Australia, and I started this makeup page because I have a passion for everything makeup. Even before making this account I would experiment makeup and create a lot of different looks. Doing that was really fun, relaxing and it just made me happy. Soon after I decided to share my looks because why not lmao I thought it was an alright idea, honestly I am not the greatest at makeup but with practise I hope to continue to improve myself so please leave me any feedback on any eye look I create because I would love to know how I can better improve myself! Having this account really allows me to express myself as well to somewhat fulfil that small dream I have of becoming a mua and doing it as a full time job, right now it seems unrealistic but just maybe one day. For now I am just enjoying and appreciating where I am now and taking small steps to a bigger future. If you did read this Thank you so much, I hope you have an amazing day 💗 p.s i am always open to chat so dm me 🐋
#bhcosmetics #makeupgoals #makeupjunkie #messyhairdontcare #takemebacktobrazil #colourfulmakeup #blendedeyeshadow #nyxprofessionalmakeup #inspiredmakeup #browpomade #dewymakeup #muaaustralia #slaymakeup #myself #like4like #makeuplooks #eyemakeup #makeuplook #makeuplife #wakeup2slay #beatthatface #browneyes #glowup #highlighter #makeupporn #inspo #browsonfleek #cutcreasemakeup #sunseteyeshadow #naturallashes

I'm a queen ♛ crowned in my curls 😘😍👌 #lemmetakeaselfie #messyhairdontcare #curls #naturalhair

This Chenille sweater is my FAV right now 😍😍 (it’s linked on the blog) Check it out 💘🏹


#chenille #sweaterweather #blacksweater #cozy #buckle #booties #messyhairdontcare #localjewleryboutique #shoplocal #ohioblogger #bloglovin #bloggerslife #followyourarrow #thefeatheredarrow2911

Ahh!! After trying so many things that didn't help me, I FINALLY got my hair to curl again!!! Swipe right to see how damaged my hair was. Brace yourself. 😂 That damage is why I religiously straightened it...causing more damage. #viciouscycle #thankfulforsolutions

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