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Happy birthday to the biggest pain in my side!!! I love youuuu sis! #FamBam #MessWithHer #CashMeOutside

- Love How We Always Push Eachother to do what we Love to do. We Gon Kill District. #Wcw 💕🔥 #Track2016 #MessWithHer #MessWithMe

Today is my madre's birthday! This beautiful lady is now 1,002 years old! she'll always be there for me when I need her. Although we argue a lot and you yell at me all the time, you do it for a reason. I'm so glad that you were my mother because some people don't get to have a mother like mine. Happy birthday mom! #royalty #bejealous #messwithher

What my mom was thinking when she dressed us is beyond me but look at that chubby little Asian 😍 from day one with her own personal bodyguard. 👧🏻👶🏻💕 #bigsister #messwithher #winniethepooh

It's a mahfckn gangster Pahz #messwithher

A Day Out With My Sister 🌸🌺❤️✨ #IDontLikeHer #ButILoveHer #MessWithHer #IDareYa

Happy birthday to this ugly little monkey brat that I am grateful enough to call my sister. You're rude and I can't stand you. But happy birthday anyway💜 #HAPPYBIRTHDAY #MessWithHer #MessWithMe 👊🏼 🎉🎁

Have a real soft spot for this beauty. Love you @rachelleliz #littlesister #messwithher #youmesswithme


A Day Out With My Sister 🌸🌺❤️✨ #IDontLikeHer #ButILoveHer #MessWithHer #IDareYa

Have a real soft spot for this beauty. Love you @rachelleliz #littlesister #messwithher #youmesswithme

Hi Kae❤,
Ehh...Where do I Start uhh....I smile Because your my sister,I Laugh Because You can't do anything about it😵
U always Guide me To a Good Place That I need to be And I Do too❤.You always had been My #1 Bestfriend And u still are...There Is no Better Friend Than A Sister...And there is no better sister than u🔥Oh and Guys just to let you all know Me and Kae Sometimes Fight But if you Lay a Finger on Her U Will be facing me..Lol😂😂..So back to my sister Story...Ehh oh and Kae Here is something that I also want you to hear:
You & I Are sisters always remember when you fall,I Will pick you up-After I Finish Laughing😂Jkjk I wouldn't do that to you I will pick u up first and then we can do us both a favor and start laughing just like we always do😂We may disagree and Argue about silly things we argue Like 4 year Olds💕But just know I have ur back always my Weird,Crazy,Kinda Stupid,Funny,Smart,Intelligent Sister and I have my mom and dad and God to thank for giving Me my #1 Bestfriend.. Thanks💕 Anyways,Thanks for having my back My twinny😂I love when we are together We laugh,Say Stupid things,And Stay really close to each other We really are very close😻I hope u can read all of this Or do u want me to read it to u bcuz I don't have a problem reading my Feelings that I have for you I can go all night Typing the Feelings I have for u it's just that it's been a long and tiring day and my fingers are hurting.....Anyways,I know it's long it's just that I want to put my feelings out there about how I feel about our Sisterly Relationship we have here❤Oh and it's almost my birthday june,22 U better buy me a gift Lol Just kidding Sister😂😂Anyways,Thanks FOR everything and anything u did for me I really am Happy and lucky to have a crazyy sister like you...I Love you always and Forever😻💕
Also Follow her @brazyxkae #Always&;Forever #SinceDay01 #ThanksForEverthing #Thing#01&;Thing#02 #SisterlyLove👭 #FollowHer👉 #MessWithHer #MessWithMe #MessWithMe #Messwithher #Kae&;Mari #Loveyou💕

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