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Your mess is mine. 😉 #messismine #vancejoy

Das eigentliche Chaos spielt sich nicht draußen vor der Tür ab, sondern in mir selbst. #messismine

Working on new covers for you guys! I'm stuck on @vancejoy #messismine

Vance baby giving me feelings and stuff. #vancejoy #messismine

Do you like walking in the rain?
When you think of love, do you think of pain?
#vancejoy #messismine.

•• hold on, darling #messismine


she says, "when i lost my sight, werner, people said i was brave. when my father left, people said i was brave. But it is not bravery ;I have no choice. I wake up and live my life. Don't you do the same?"😐😐😐 This book was a special read. It was both heart ♥ warming and heart ♥ breaking with hauntingly beautiful prose.
After finishing it i simply went to my room, opens music player, selects #sia 's #wecanhurttogether & #tobehuman and #vancejoy #messismine and played them on repeat mode while i wonder everything i read and felt. 😃. I think historical fiction has became one of my favorite genre cause this book did make me see all the lights that we cannot see. ♥
#qotd : Have you people ever felt so light and relaxed after reading or watching something?
#allthelightwecannotsee #anthonydoerr #historical #warstory #worldwar2 #booklove #booklover #fiction #pulitzerprize #bookstagram #booknerd #love

Some days I wake up and feel as though i just have no idea what I'm bloody doing. I feel achy and tired, don't know where the hell im going and all I really want to do is go back to sleep and wake when I got it all figured out. That magic day when I have everything in order. My 'perfect' life. Guess what, I don't have it figured out and never will. This is such a wonderful way to control something that cannot be changed, moulded or forced. This is exhausting and completely unnatural. Life is fluid and it transcends and evolves. You cannot force open a flower petal, it needs warmth, sunlight, air and water to blossom at its own delicate pace. We have been taught to fit our lives so neatly into that perfect little box that we think and believe it's 'meant' to be. To control something that is a natural process. I can tell you right now.........no one - absolutely NO ONE knows what they are doing!!! And the best way to embrace the glorious mess that you are is just that, embrace it all - the confusion, joy, craziness, love and chaotic joy. Spend your precious time being in it, not trying to figure it all out. Instead of doing that, live it with vigour, launch into it, feel it and let it move you. Embrace the mess that is your exquisite life. #embraceyourlife#messyfun #gloriouslife #blossomlove #chaoticsoul#messismine#blossomingflower #loveyourself #lifeisnow #lovelove #chaoticbliss

Hold on, darling
This body is yours,
This body is yours and mine
Well hold on, my darling
This mess was yours,
Now your mess is mine
Now your mess is mine #MessIsMine #VanceJoy

Sunny ☀️

Anyone else's car look like a mobile home inside! Contents currently include golf clubs, bike helmet, rug, crokinole board and several empty coffees...to name a few! #messismine #timeismoney #random

Bring me to your house, tell me sorry for the mess. Hey, I don’t mind. You’re talking in your sleep. Out of time. Well, you still make sense to me. Your mess is mine. #Lazy #Lounging #VanceJoy #Mess #MessIsMine #Music #Lyrics #Vibes

This picture is old but cute

Would like to come dance with us!?!? Join us at our OPEN HOUSE on Monday, August 21st from 6pm - 8pm! Bring a new friend and get a FREE LNCFD T-shirt!!! 🙌🏼 #lncfd #danceislife #messismine #beautifullyricalgirls #openhouse #signuptoday

You’re the reason that I feel so strong..the reason that I’m hanging on..you know you gave me all the time..
Oh, did I give enough of mine?
#messismine #vancejoy#lasbiisummerlooks

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