Messes = memories. ❤️ Occasionally I have to remind myself that messes are okay. Even if it’s not bath night, sometimes it’s okay to let the stubborn baby boy feed himself Greek yogart. And then it turns into bath night, but that’s okay too. •

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Happy Tuesday! Here’s to a day full of gettin’ stuff done. 💪🏼☕️ One easy organization trick? Baskets! Our Chindi Basket bag is made from colorful recycled fabrics and is perfect for carrying in the go or storing stuff at home! Check it out in the shop. 💕

It's not REAL fun unless we get messy.. and we always always ALWAYS make the mess 💜💙💚 #messesmakememories (homemade sidewalk chalk paint .....1 cup water.....mixed with 1 cup cornstarch... Add food coloring... Stir until dissolved.. we use foam brushes to paint with)

A messy baby is generally a sign of a happy baby 😍

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Have you ever heard of Forest School?? I've been inruiged by the idea for a long time, and we checked out our local chapter for the first time the other day. Obviously my stick/rock/dirt loving child had a blast and I had a pretty good time too! I always thought it would be so cool to live in a slightly cooler climate (or Europe) and send Leopold to a real forest school, where all the classes are held outdoors 😍. There are so many benefits to spending time in nature! 🍁🐌🐾

I met with @freeforestschool.columbia the other day after stalking the group for a while, and I can't wait to go back! With Free Forest School groups, the children lead the way. There is a very simple set of rules (make sure you can see a parent, stay away from snakes, etc). Exploring, taking your time, and observing are all encouraged! There is story time and snack sharing too 😊. If you are as into this idea as I was, look up Free Forest School online and see if there is a group near you...if there isn't, start one up! #freeforestschool

When it’s quiet in the house🙈
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HEY! ❤️❤️❤️ UNFILTERED POSTS ONLY FROM THIS LADY! We don’t pose our life. This is life! It’s messy....my table is a mess from lunch, my daughter trying to draw her pillow, me doing paper work. My kitchen has all the bottles and sippy cups pulled out from my toddler, my dishwasher is partly loaded as I keep getting pulled away to tend to my little ones, and I was washing the blueberries we picked from the weekend, my bathroom sink has multiple items that need to be put away as my daughter thinks she likes to do everything but still doesn’t realize things need to be picked up! Would I be embarrassed if you showed up at my house! YES BUT this is my life, my amazing awesome life with kids that I thought I would never get to have! ❤️ so I am thankful for the dishes, messes, laundry and many other chores that come with the territory of kids. Lets empower women and each other our life doesn’t have to be perfect like a magazine. It just has to be our life. Does my house ever look clean well yes. But everyday I tell myself...I’ll always have things to do, one more thing to pick up or put away -BUT- my kids will not be little forever... so we pulled out the air mattress and I said “yes let’s roll and have some fun tickle fights! Let’s laugh and look in each other’s eyes💕”
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MinniBuilders - Sticks + Stacks starts September 11 and is filling up FAST! This class is designed for little ones ages 1.5-3 years old. Reserve some special time to create memories and build some foamy towers with your favorite little artist this fall!
Read more: https://bit.ly/2KVtxXg

So much fun at the @childmusephx’s #makeamegamess this morning! 😍 #messesmakememories #getmessy

We're here for the mess! 💛💚❤️💙 #sorrynotsorry #tgif #messesmakememories

This little Art Director. Our baby Shrimpress. She’s quickly turning into a little lady despite our best efforts to remind her she’s always going to be our baby girl.
Today she picked out the white cake among all the colorful options with the direction for mama of “how ‘bout a mermaid cake?” Then proceeded to make the most magical mermaid cake all from her very own imagination (only breaking to scold her sissy for her questionable decor choices😜)🧜🏼‍♀️
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Water table
Dirt to make mud pies
And some sunshine ☀️ One of our favorite ways to spend our afternoons after they’ve napped and I’ve gotten the last of my work done for the day.

I try really hard to just “let them be little” but I need some hope that it’ll get easier to not care so much about the mess once I let them play in the dirt so many times 🙈

Any other mommas just hate the mess?

Pretty proud of this design. Check out my Etsy page @thevolunteertomato and tell me what you think! #toddler #momlife #messesmakememories #letthembelittle

When baby jail doesn’t do it’s job 😂 She was cackling away and having a GREAT time throwing the dog food all over the kitchen floor. I love her! #messesmakememories *Pebbles was in mid-chew lol*

Sho why is your food all over the table?? Because mom I was telling a story. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ His imagination is so awesome, but can be really messy. #ShoTime #翔 #imagination #messesmakememories

I just helped Izzy make this mess 🤦🏽‍♀️ we were on a road trip, then we used her binoculars to find kidnappers, then pirates came and we had to save all the stuffed animals and dolls 🤷🏽‍♀️😳 #queenofpretend #messesmakememories #izzyskye

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