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✏️ มีกสิกร พร้อมเพย์ 🏧

Google demonstrated a jaw-dropping new capability in Google Assistant earlier this month, allowing the Assistant to make calls on your behalf. While Google Duplex generated controversy and discussion around artificial intelligence, Microsoft has been testing similar technology with millions of people in China. At an AI event in London yesterday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showed off the company’s Xiaoice (pronounced “SHAO-ICE”) social chat bot. Microsoft has been testing Xiaoice in China, and Nadella revealed the bot has 500 million “friends” and more than 16 channels for Chinese users to interact with it through WeChat and other popular messaging services.
Source: The Verge

💯💯💯💯 when he speaks I’ll listen; because he noticed me for who I am... My one and only Hype Man... in anything I do Because he supports my hopes dreams and ambitions. He’s only know me for a few days... so I can say he’s a Day 1 Real one for real son 😜💯💯💯💯😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️ @sac_a_hoe
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