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Message of the day 🤣#Berlin #germany #messageofhope

New beginnings.✨
Isaiah 43:18 'Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past.' The scripture is basically telling us to stop travelling down memory lane of past hurts, pain, embarrassment and disappointment and everything else you've been going through that are causing you pain. Is it easier said than done? Absolutely. But that's why we have God's grace and mercy in our times of need (Hebrews 4:16). You may have messed up something/someone in your life so bad that you're too ashamed and you want to just crawl under something/hide behind someone/something. You messed up and you know it. You're wondering how you'll get back from it, how you'll rebegin and you have no answer, you don't know how. Because the pain is too deep and you're too hurt for words and you feel you can't trust again and all hope is lost. The fear to start again is crippling and you don't know where or how to go from there.
Well, the good news is, you don't have to remain/be stuck in your pain and hurt and that state of hopelessness. Those are the times that you need to reach out to the one person who is ever present, merciful, kind, and who loves you for who you truly are. Flaws and all. Mistakes and all. He says He's kind, compassionate, and loving and that's exactly who He is (Psalm 145:8) He doesn't see you as a failure but as a learner. And apart from Him there's no saviour (Isaiah 43:11) No one else can heal and mend your broken pieces like He can. (Psalm 34:18) You need to cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you, even when you feel there's no one there. We are made complete and whole in Him. The strength we need to pick ourselves up and walk again is found only in Him.

There's beauty in new beginnings. You can rebegin. You can start all over, only this time with better perspective and most of all with God. Allow Him to fix you up. ❤️ #MessageofHope #Inspiration #YesYouCan #BeHealed #BeSetFree

Remembering the 1.2 million children who perished in the Holocaust.
#messageofhope #museum #la #goldrichfamilyfoundation

Back again to kasih karunia korean orphanage!
We gave creative activity for kids
Sex education LGBT for teenager
And computer skill for youth.
Laptop and daily needs were given to them also !
Power fullll !! #messageofhope

This the body of a person who eats 2500 calories each day, 3 meals 4 snacks, this is the body of a person who has her cake and eats it too, this is the body of a person who works out for fun rather than the burning of calories.
This is the body of a recovered anorexic.
This is the body of a person who has finally let go and is finally living again.
A body that runs, swims and hikes.
A body that sleeps, repairs and functions.
A body that enjoys Nutella just as much as Broccoli.
A body that loves and is loved.
#messageofhope #anorexiarecovery #foodismedicine

Available!! NEW Exodus 14 series: Exodus 14:14 is one of my favorite verses. {"The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still."} This Sunday a friend preached and shared her story which inspired me to paint these guys. She spoke of victorious freedom from bondage and how the same God who led the Israelites out of slavery and PARTED the Red Sea is the same God who goes before us in all we do. Hallelujah! Worthy is the Lamb!! The paintings each have a pair of wings {angel of God mentioned in Ex 14:19} and a gold leaf cross. 6x6 $50 each. Msg if you'd like one. 💓 #truth #messageofhope #everyonehasastory

Good read for a Sunday afternoon , thanks #karienbosson for my book #MessageOfHope #proudlysouthafrican #inspirational 📖🏉⚾⚽🙏


From me to you! Simple and true! Be the smile that someone needs, the shoulder or the ear...whatever it is you have influence to be amazing! Love and peace😘

"We have learned that a FRUIT-FULL life makes a conscious effort to address the needs of the body, mind and spirit. Priorities are re-evaluated through a new lens, greater value is placed on small simple moments, and the greatest gift of all becomes time with family and friends." What has cancer taught you about the art of living?
New "Paint it Forward" art by local cancer survivors will be unveiled on Tuesday, August 1st from 5-9pm at @riverparkfarmersmarket

#artoflifecancer #paintitforward #inspire #celebratelife #paint #healingart #survivors #messageofhope #fruitful #grow

I've never once regretted making the decision that changed my life forever! #grateful #abundance #livehappy #blessedlife #travel #friends #love #changelives #realresults #messageofhope #dreambig #makepeoplebetter

A timely message that I needed to hear.
Thought I'd pass it along, in case someone else needed it too. ❤️

Happy Thursday 🌞💕 Happy reminder: New items in our shop! (Link in bio)

I am finally free, I can feel myself able to breathe. For so long I was held captive, a slave to the comfort that I called love. God you told me to let go but instead I was steadfast in holding on. My arms grew tired, my spirit flat. My belief in you was thin as glass, but I prayed and you delivered, your promises fulfilled. Now, Lord, I am free, I can feel the air coming back inside of me. I got lost, but now I'm found..and with you (and my patience) comes everything else. (All things good)
I did have it in my heart to share a message of hope this morning as I begin to feel like my old self again. If you are ever in a relationship that is toxic to your health, to your belief, to your well being please know that you CAN escape.. the enemy will make it feel impossible but with Abba all things are possible. Just because it feels like you're suffocating, doesn't mean God can't pull you out to dry land. Our God is the God of miracles, the God of hope, the God of love!!! Don't ever let anyone treat you less than the queen that you are and don't you ever let anyone compromise your relationship with God. You are strong, fearless, unstoppable. And you have an angel army behind you every single step of the way. You are a soldier, a warrior, a winner! You are victorious.
#freed #chainsbroken #strongbeliever #messageofhope #toxicrelationships #escape #loved #precious #allthingsarepossible #angelarmy #brave #soldier #warriors #winner #victorious #inyashuasname #selah #cslewis

"As pessoas querem que eu faça tudo por elas, mas acabam não percebendo que elas têm o poder. Você quer ver um milagre? SEJA O MILAGRE!" Deus em "O todo poderoso"

Uma nova mensagem no meu armário para trazer mais esperança e força pro semestre que vem. Que venham as férias! 💪🏽✌🏽 #locker #messageofhope #bestrong #keeponfighting #ivealreadywon #hope #bethemiracle #brucealmighty

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