He beats the odds and keeps on keeping on - anyone who questioned how we chose not to have the surgery or didn't believe the hours spent reading everything was doing enough for him or doing whatever we want instead going on some quest for some experimental maybe for a cancer that has no cure--- hopefully has seen us live our best life not caring what anyone thinks is best for us. somewhere In The grand scheme of things, the world will see that more study and attention needs to be put on why younger people are getting Meso and treating them the same way you would a 60+aged person and by the book isn't the way to go off the jump ... His tumor is stable. When I asked the expert in Houston if he didn't have the surgery how long did we have and the answer was 6 months -a year tops I could have let that be the truth -+- he could have too. His blood work was even perfect. Today was that scan results appointment that proves there really IS more to this disease and of all those who are fighting to live till next week, there is this one man who walks the earth with the same disease and has had no other treatment besides 3 chemo appointments. You never heard of him but if you're fighting this disease you might be asking why haven't I. ? 2 years ago we were told he didn't exist ... Today is the day I tell you he does #mesotheliomaresearch #mesotheliomaunder40 #curemeso #beatingtheodds #2yearslater #thatoneguywithmesothelioma #rarediseases

My new gig is learning the techniques of Videography. For those who have been asking or wondering... Zac has not had a CT scan since November. His insurance ended and he missed open enrollment so until insurance was lined out no scan. Finally today he was approved thank God. I've been sick worrying because he missed 2 scans. He will get one in May but please say a prayer. I just hope that tumor didn't change -otherwise he has been feeling fine @marsha_32555 . #brokenbells #perfectworld #videoeditingandeffects #goodnews #insuranceproblems #fxckcancer #curemeso #mesotheliomaawareness #mesotheliomaunder40 #findacure #raredisease #makingitwork

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