It’s a beautiful #Monday morning here in #Monrovia, working on some #Mesinger #oldbicycle saddle #restoration orders today. Hope everyone has a great week.
#vintagebicycle #vintageschwinn #prewarbicycle #allisonleatherworks

#1930s conical spring wire-rail #Mesinger B-7 #vintagebicycle saddle #restoration almost complete. Painted with enamel, upholstered as original with fabric underlayment, no glue. Leather upgrade to #EnglishBridle
#allisonleatherworks #madebyhand #leathergoods #antiquebicycle

Headed back home: #Mesinger early post-war #vintagebicycle saddle. TN wanted the under pan left orig, so I bead blasted the inside and painted with enamel. The #upholstery was done as original with fabric underlayment and same weight of leather as original, #englishbride used as an upgrade, no glue, no side plates as requested.
#restoration #vintageschwinn #leatherwork #allisonleatherworks #madebyhand

“Open my eyes to see, that you have never left me. Your love remains, you stay the same”

The Lord has been teaching me a lot these past two months but the most important theme is grace. I’m learning to show the same grace to myself that I show others. It’s very easy for me to get in a cycle of finding endless things I can fix about myself/behavior. I realized how important it is to not focus on my reactions/behavior but focus on addressing the core lies I’m believing about God’s character in those moments. It all starts with honest conversations with The Father. “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” A.W Tozer

I taught on friendship with God and The Holy last week. Super stretching for me but I felt honored to share my heart.

Una cover a cui siamo molto legati, che ci ha soddisfatti molto!
Le regole sono poche: se non l'avete fatto, ascoltatela, mettete like a video e pagina, condividete e seguiteci sui social!!! Tutte le info su @triacorda_band

🐼panda パンダの主張が 激し〜い🐼🐼🐼🐼✨

Hello my fellow chiggas! Owww gosh i hate this moment.. it ruined my reputation hahaha!
Sorry can't tag ur ig guys #throwback #mesinger #musicians #kbye

https://www.etsy.com/shop/Stlbackwhen?ref=condensed_trust_header_title_sold added vintage Schwinn bicycle seat to my etsy, come see! #schwinn #bike #bicycle #bikeseat #mesinger #schwinnmesinger #seat

Sold: #Mesinger B1-Deluxe #1950s saddle, with #Schwinn Approved stamp.
Upholstery done as original, with top-of-the-line USA tanned thick full-grain saddle leather, the same type and weight as used when new, not glued, fabric layer between padding and leather.
Restored with enamel paint, all parts plated as original.
The clamp teeth are in excellent condition.
The side plates and rear springs are reproduction.
$350 plus shipping from 91016.
#vintagebicycle #vintageschwinn #leatherwork

🎶Still In Love 🎶 - @wearethirdstory @elliottskinner @benlusher @richmusicrich
@taylorezzell’s request. I’m so FLIPPING excited to see Thirdstory in two weeks! I’ve been waiting to see them live since I watched their first YouTube cover back in 2014. It’s going to be the freaking best day! 😊

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