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I've spent a wonderful afternoon with Heide Heinrichs in her studio yesterday afternoon. Heide told me about her work ‘On some of the Birds of Nepal (Parting the Animal Kingdom of the East)(detail) at the Kathmandu triennial . She brought a volume of original drawings commissioned by Brian Hodgson between 1825 and 1857 from the Natural History Museum in London back to the place of its origin.
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I've spent a wonderful afternoon with Heide Heinrichs in her studio this afternoon. Heide in front of her study for 'On some of The Birds of Nepal(Parting the Animal Kingdom of the East)', 2017. #heidehinrichs #germanartist #living in #brussels #artist #contemporaryart #studio #studioview #study for @kathmandutriennale #kt2017 @ktm_triennale #nepal #merocity #painting #artwork #art @philippevancauteren #curator #and #director #smakgent @smakgent #artthriveshere #thecity #portrait #colorphotography #photograpy #belgium #me @marijkedekeukeleire

Thank you Artforum, artnet, Biennial Foundation, ARTINFO India, hART Magazine, Kathmandu Post, NZZ Neue Zürcher Zeitung, and Ocula.

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"Let's Discover Patan Durbar" - an interactive map of Patan Museum - launches.

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Heide Hinrichs for #kt2017

The Birds of Nepal (Parting the Animal Kingdom of the East), 2017

For this project, one of six volumes with drawings of the birds of Nepal, commissioned by Brian Hodgson between 1830 – 57, temporarily returns to its place of origin after 170 years. These drawings mark the beginning of naturalistic representation in Nepal’s history of art. The visible working process imparts a quality of lightness outside of pure documentation, and traces the collaborative relationships that made the drawings a kind of a collective work.

On the ground floor of the Siddhartha Arts Gallery, one of the appendix volumes to the Birds of Nepal is shown in a display case, turned to a single visible page. The other drawings in the volume are shown as a slide projection on a suspended sheet of Nepali paper hung close to the display case. A wall-sized drawing in pencil, with imagery sourced from the volume on passerines, that shows the birds as negative spaces is accompanying the book’s display.
Further there is an installation made of blue silk threads in different hues,to which feathers from Nepali birds are attached. The threads are reaching from floor toceiling and are hold down by different ornithological field guides to the Indian subcontinent and Nepal produced over the past sixty years following the pioneering wo rk of Hodgson. The feathers attached to the strings are gathered from the streets of Kathmandu. Together, the drawings, the installation, and the display of the book,represent a coexistence of different perspectives, informed by Buddhism, Hinduism, shamanistic beliefs, and a scientifically-informed worldview. The project addresses implied personal, institutional, and symbolic relationships.

A turning of the pages of the book was also held at the Gallery.
The project has been realized in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, London,the support of the ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), Germany, and with generous support of Turkish Airlines.

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Kiran Maharjan's fifth mural, titled "Sloth/Aalash", for Kathmandu Triennale.

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Gery De Smet for #kt2017

Although a painter, Smet (Belgium) is also fascinated with processions and names of places. In this particular work the artist makes a work where he collected names of places ending in ‘ur’. He collected these names from places in Nepal, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The work on view is a model for something which could be executed on a monumental scale. The artist here questions the notion of place, origin and identity. With this model he makes a grotto (a cave/enclosure) where disorientation is the rule.

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Francis Alÿs for #kt2017
Paradox of Praxis 1, 1997
Mexico based artist Francis Alÿs is the Patron Artist of the inaugural Kathmandu Triennale. In most of his works the artist connects an idea of performance or an ‘action’ with urban environments. ‘Paradox of Praxis 1’ (1997) is an action carried out under the rubric of “sometimes making something leads to nothing.” For more than nine hours, Alÿs pushed a block of ice through the streets of Mexico City until it melts completely.

And so for hour after hour he struggles with the quintessentially minimal rectangular block until finally it is reduced to no more than an ice cube suitable for a whisky on the rocks, so small that he could casually kick it along the street. With a simple, almost absurd gesture the artist brings forth a poetic understanding of a city. Walking or moving around in a city as a form of thinking.

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Diana Tamane for #kt2017

Mom, 2016
Diana Tamane (Latvia) mainly works with photography. Almost her whole body of work is related to her personal life and more specifically her familial ties. In this regard, the photograph as a document is informed with a layer of personal details. The nature of her photographs are distant and objective. There is no sentimental element - they just record what she observes. Same is for the photograph ‘Mom’, a giant truck with her mother in the driver’s seat, the actual profession of the artist’s mother.

#artthriveshere #artcity #merocity #kathmandutriennale

Ciprian Muresan for #kt2017

Untitled, 2017
A scaled, cardboard model of a few neighborhoods in Bucharest (Romania) is installed by Muresan (Romania) as an obstacle for the visitor. The visitor is obliged to destroy the city by walking on it. There is no way out. If one wants to visit the rest of the exhibition one has to step on and destroy the work. The work connects to the 1977 earthquake of Bucharest, as is it does to the recent quakes in Nepal as well.

#artthriveshere #artcity #merocity #kathmandutriennale

Bikash Shrestha for #kt2017

The City, Sustainability and Progress all preach High Rises and High Tech, 2017

The work of Bikash Shrestha consists of three cubic forms on which elements of different parts of Kathmandu are printed. The artists transfers elements of public space on a small sized intimate format. The wood refers to the traditional architecture of the old Kathmandu.

#artthriveshere #artcity #merocity #kathmandutriennale

We are proud to have Prosys Solution, as our official website partner, who helped us realise Kathmandu Triennale.

Thank you, Prosys Solution, for making art thrive.

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Bidhata KC for #kt2017
In Between, 2017

Artist Bidhata KC realized a new, gigantic structure placed over the three floors of the Nepal Art Council. The artists makes a contemporary ‘copy’ of the Machhindranath chariot. In reconstructing the chariot with modern industrial materials, the artist questions the link between (religious) traditions and the situation of the city today. A tribute to the beauty of this ancient tradition, at the same time the artist raises valid questions.

#artthriveshere #artcity #merocity #kathmandutriennale

Bhuwan Thapa for #kt2017

Purna Kalasha (Full/Complete vessel), 2017

Bhuwan Thapa is a true sculptor. The artist has a sense for scale and material. In this sculpture the artist makes a transparent vessel - a vessel of abundance as known in Hinduism - which is filled with stones inscribed with names of artists, famous people and people he knows. In the work, the metal exterior can be found in dialogue with the organic form of the stones within.

#artthriveshere #artcity #merocity #kathmandutriennale #kt2017

We are proud to have Old Forester, as our official beverage partner, who helped us realise Kathmandu Triennale.

Thank you, Old Forester, for making art thrive.

#artthriveshere #artcity #merocity #kathmandutriennale #kt2017

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