Staying up helping the Easter bunny get ready for tomorrow. 🐰 #mermageaster

Arthur just wanted to hop in and say Happy Easter friends! 🐰😘 #mermagdolls #mermageaster

4 years ago we made egg-on-a-shelf bunnies that have become a tradition my kids have loved. We updated a Mr and Mrs Bunny downloadable design in our spring Easter pack in @merrileeliddiardshop. Drain eggs (or use faux eggs) and decorate faces for a playful puppet (see next slide). #mermageaster

It’s officially bunny season! (And consequently Cadbury mini eggs season, right?) Pulling out our bunny puppets and others paper party friends for some seasonal fun. (Download printable in @merrileeliddiardshop). #merillustration #mermageaster

Happy hunting this weekend friends! 🐇🐰🌿 | (paper bunny puppet from my printable party pack in the shop). #merillustration #mermageaster

I can't believe Easter is tomorrow. Mr bunny still has lots to do. Finishing up some handmade characters for the boys and I'm just now realizing I never got or made an Easter dress for Milla. Or really anything for the boys to wear either 😳🙈 (how did I miss that?). Sigh. Well we'll keep it simple and focus on the beauty of the season and the amazing promise of renewed life, growth, change and lasting joy. Which is what it's all about anyway 🕊🌿 | And if you're a last minuter like me, these downloadable and printable toys/party decor have got your back. (Like seriously I'm relying heavily on them this year 😊). Happy hunting this weekend! 🐇 #mermageaster #merillustration

We were so happy to see our Bunny piñata pair nicely with our new printable party decor. Miss M is especially a fan of the cupcake toppers (and the cupcakes!). This piñata is so easy to make. We skip the tissue paper and just construct piñatas with shaping and painting cardboard - leaving a candy trap door on the bottom. Paper Party downloads in the shop @merrileeliddiardshop #mermagparties

Dress up your Easter table by turning real eggs into Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. Or have the little ones craft these bunnies together using plastic eggs for a worry free festive activity. You can find these friends in the printable party pack in the shop. Lin. 🐰🐰 #mermageaster

There's been a lot of celebrations around here, Atticus and I had our birthdays, and now we're looking forward to a lovely Easter celebration. And as it's always more fun to celebrate with others we wanted to share the crafting fun with you as well! 🎂 I put together a printable party and paper toy pack in the shop, featuring Atticus the Bunny and Little Miss Nellie to bring easy DIY joy to you and yours. Scroll through to see just a sampling of what you can make (like our latest egg-on-a-shelf designs and a search and find the Easter eggs coloring sheet). Really the ideas for these downloads are as limitless as your imagination. You can find the printable party pack in the shop today. Link in profile. 🐰👩🏻 #mermageaster #mermagparties

Just listed a few bitty bunnies in the shop. Both Benjamin and Bailey Bunny are 11" tall and perfect to take along on excursions. They fit into satchels or large pockets or tucked right in bed with you. Order soon for Easter delivery in the US. #mermagdolls #mermageaster

Oversized is supper fun. But then little is also equally magic. 💫 My sister came to play with me from Colorado for my birthday and for her kids spring break. We sewed the week away she helped make a slew of bitty bunnies (as well as big ones) to accompany a few @merrileeliddiardshop dolls. They will be in the shop on Monday and all US orders should make it in time for Easter. 🐰 #mermagdolls #mermageaster

It's always fun to see her imagination at work. She comes up with the funniest stories. | today we're playing with printable toys for an Easter printable party pack that will be in the shop soon. 🐰 #mermageaster

New snuggle bunny friends, like little Liam's pal here, in the @merrileeliddiardshop tomorrow, just in time for Easter. 🐰🐰 Dropping at noon, mtn time. Will have some doll friends to share as well. #mermagdolls #mermageaster 📷 @shannonweightphotography

It doesn't get much better than a snuggle bunny that's big enough to snuggle back. (Seriously, I've been caught giving my dolls a squeeze) Working on more of these friends for @merrileeliddiardshop just in time for Easter 🐰 #hophop #mermagdolls

Another gem from yesterday. We placed a golden egg at each child's plate this year with a special gift. The kids adored it and I think we'll do it each year now. #mermageaster

Happy Easter morn friends!! #hallelujah

Easter was made for three year olds #mermageaster #mermagducttape

We made a variation of our Easter Bunny Pouch out of pillow cases last year. Loved bringing them out again this year. 🐰#mermageaster

Easter is a joyful celebration for children all over the world as it is full of fun games, treasure hunts, and chocolate!
For some the holiday retains an important religious significance, for others it's a simply a welcome opportunity to plan fun activities to do with your kids.
Happy Easter and have fun! (Photo via: @mer_mag)

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Easter vibes! Loving this egg-on-shelf friend by the seriously talented @mer_mag. Isn't he handsome 🐰#easter #eastercraft #mermageaster #rainbowfun #kidsactivities #craft

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