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So much fun playing dolls ❤️💕 #mermagdolls. working on another small batch that should be ready on Wed morning.

Just listed a few bitty bunnies in the shop. Both Benjamin and Bailey Bunny are 11" tall and perfect to take along on excursions. They fit into satchels or large pockets or tucked right in bed with you. Order soon for Easter delivery in the US. #mermagdolls #mermageaster

Little entertainers coming your way. New crop of dolls dropping in the shop tomorrow at 9 am mtn time (had to push the restock a day out due to crazy photo light conditions). These are some ladies that I love so much - always have to let them go with a little piece of my heart with them as the travel onto to their forever homes 💕🏡 #mermagdolls @merrileeliddiardshop

You are all amazing! The bunny friends went sooooo fast. ❤️🐰 I've re-listed a couple of them such Alex here in this slouchy tweed romper. Best little snuggle bunny. #mermagdolls #stackinghouseblocks

Feels like a weekend for adventure. Like the whispers of mischief and someday summers are in the air. ✨🌾💫 📷 @shannonweightphotography #mermagdolls

Staying cozy playing indoors at #thebanisterhouse. Today might call for some gingerbread and tea as well. #olddraftyhouse #playfulliving #mermagdolls

Two little clowns. One of them will be in the shop @merrileeliddiardshop with some friends on Wed. #restock #mermagdolls

Excited to share a one of a kind collab with our friends @izzyandferd today!! These bunny friends Niccolo and Marco are just a couple of cuddle friends to choose form adorned in darling @izzyandferd designs. Head over to @izzyandferd to see more. #mermagdolls

Ada the Bunny is so ready for Easter. Thanks for sharing @twilatrahan. 🐰❤️ #mermagdolls


Line up of ladies, starting with Miss Nellie, who will be in the shop next week . I'm sort of in love with this one #mermagdolls

This one got new big girl glasses! Love her. And our @merrileeliddiardshop dolls lined up behind her. #mermagdolls

sweet tuesday. we adore the lovely Gertie from @merrileeliddiardshop

A boy and his bunny on Easter!

Girls 🖤 #mermagdolls

Oversized is supper fun. But then little is also equally magic. 💫 My sister came to play with me from Colorado for my birthday and for her kids spring break. We sewed the week away she helped make a slew of bitty bunnies (as well as big ones) to accompany a few @merrileeliddiardshop dolls. They will be in the shop on Monday and all US orders should make it in time for Easter. 🐰 #mermagdolls #mermageaster

Amazing bunny creations over here. @merrileeliddiardshop by @mer_mag I was impressed by the time and energy that is put into each one. #mermagdolls #bunnylove #handmadedolls

Having fun with my sister for a photo shoot with my son. My mama heart has to hold onto childhood as long as I can. Never grow up! #mermagdolls

It's always fun to create and this week I got to see how @merrileeliddiardshop creates! I also got to help a little. Love her bunnies! She's going to have newly made with love bunnies in her shop soon! #mermagdolls

Best doll playdate at the @ryleeandcru + @gathre mat collab shoot. These mats are so good. 😍 | More bunnies and dolls in the shop tomorrow and couple will even be wearing crowns made from these mats 💫 #gathertogether #ryleeandcru #mermagdolls 📷 @_beckykimball

A few favorites from a recent doll tea party I photographed. @merrileeliddiardshop

This rainy weather has me in the mood to spring clean and get my Easter decorations out (all 3 of them)... #thebanisterhouse

***giveaway CLOSED*** • so happy to share that Ulyana of @moncherhamlet is the winner of the @merrileeliddiardshop doll with matching @kokori_kids black cat dress. Please dm me your mailing address so we can get these goodies sent your way. Thanks to all who entered! •

•I'm so excited for the lovely @cancanancavidan who recently launched the new line of beautiful children's clothing @kokori_kids. To celebrate we've teamed up for a giveaway with one @kokori_kids black cat dress and one @merrileeliddiardshop doll, Leta, who wears a corresponding black cat dress! (There are a few other @kokori_kids dressed dolls in the shop today as well). •

To enter simply like and comment below, tag your friends and follow @cancanancavidan @korkori_kids, @mer_mag and @merrileeliddiardshop. We'll pick a winner for this special one-of-a-kind doll and dress pairing on Monday. I hope you win! 🌺💫 #mermagdolls #kokori_kids

Can we talk about this gorgeous handmade doll I ordered for my daughter's birthday in May? I only buy handmade but why would you want to buy anything else when they're this lovely 😍 she's going to be so 😊 #mermagdolls

"Fairy tales had been her first experience of the magical universe, and more than once she had wondered why people ended up distancing themselves from that world, knowing the immense joy that childhood had brought to their lives."
Paulo Coelho

First drop of Dolls and bunnies from my latest collection Spring Whimsy is happening now. 💫@merrileeliddiardshop 🌺✨ #mermagdolls

New collection Spring Whimsy. Kid Size Bunny friends will be in the shop tomorrow at noon along with a slew of new dolls. 🐰🐰 #mermagdolls

Happy first day of spring! Bunnies and flowers and more dolls 😍 are in our future - and what could be better than that? I love this season. 11 years ago today I brought my fist little one into the world on a rainy first day of spring. And in a week it will be my birthday and Easter is one of my all time favorite holidays so this time of year has always been filled with so much joy. The smell of rain, the crisp air turning more mild, shedding coats for jackets, more time spent outside, spring cleaning, blossoms popping up everywhere - all things which bring renewal, hope and new life to me. #happyspring everyone! #mermagdolls

Finished my diamonds and ruffles mini quilt. Looks like our dolly really likes it. #quiltpetitesal #quiltpetite #sewingforkids #sewingmama #mermagdolls #madewithfabric

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