you can't even hear the audio ;-;

“Beautiful Angel...”

Another attempt at phone editing. I only used Cute Cute Pro for this because I couldn’t figure out Video Star. It isn’t too bad.

song: Beautiful by Bazzi
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“Angels could be bad”
ac @deadaudio
dt @brxdley.jxmes

This was requested by @alondra.1230.arts
I had a hard time trying to edit the first part of the edit because I don’t usually use positive scenes so I had to actually search for these. I used two different colorings in this edit to help convey different themes.


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Definition of a Power Couple
ac @violent.mp3
dt @blueboxofgeckos & @voidskyeward

Reposting this from the July. I like how smooth I made these transitions and the way I did the light steaks.


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“I am a Dragonlord, you cannot refuse me”
ac me
cc me
dt @blueboxofedits & @r_k_s_5
After being sentenced to death for using magic Merlin manages to escape the pyre and vows revenge against Camelot.

My dark!Merlin edit that I started in June/July. I personally think the first 26 seconds are 👌🏽 and then it dies in the last 3 seconds.

song: Believer by Imagine Dragons

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“All the things you'd say
They were never true”
ac @kuteaudios
cc me
dt @addikin.ig for the HD scenes

I tried some new things with this edit such as the transitions. I’m not sure if I like it yet but I like the idea the edit represents.

song: I set fire to rain by Adele

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A preference
dt @brooke_price13
ac @heroes_universe
cc me

This was requested a while back and I’ve now got around to finishing it. I tried a new type of shake transition. I’m not sure if I like but it looks okay here.

song: Pumped Up Kicks (Bridge and Law Remix) by Foster the People

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Kings v. Dragonlords

So this is a short little au which I hope is self explanatory.
ac @audioslooped
Song: King-Gent & Jawn
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"She wasn't me"

I had a fun time creating this edit because I figured out how to do a certain transition(also because it felt funny). Side note: I feel like some people are going to be low key upset with this edit.
ac @plotwistaudios
song: $uicideboy$-dead batteries

"You are nothing but a serving boy..."
"I am much more than that"

dt @takahoee
ac @plotwistaudios (I added the dialogue)
Audio: Figaro dubstep - Fist Bump
I'm trying a different theme. Sorry about the glitch at the end.

Sir Gwaine

dt @jdog.priv
ac @audioslooped

Sorry I couldn't find any video clips of Gwaine so I used images off the internet.
Song: Baby Come Back (Kill Paris Remix) by Player


I couldn't find a lot of good quality clips of Gwen so I improvised a bit with what I had. I also added some overlays so there is some movement
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dt @badassrey
ac @yaboicomics
Song: Riptide by Vance Joy


I really liked how this edit turned out.

Audio: Limitless ft Delaney Jane by Adventure Club

ᴸᴼˢᴱ ᵞᴼᵁᴿ ᴹᴵᴺᴰ

This is a really short edit but I wanted to use the audio. This shows Mordred's transition in the show.

Audio: Illusion (Vine)
Song: Party People Ft. Social club by Derek Minor

Friendship through the Ages

I posted on Saturday as promised. Sorry if this looks a little ghetto I tried to do the white to black border effect. –
Audio: Ribs by Lorde (I did edit the end of the audio so if you use it please give me credit)

[ Don't Say His Name ]

I had actually planned to just make a Merlin and Arthur edit but this song was stuck in my head so instead you have a sad Merlin and Arthur edit.
Fun fact: This is my first edit for Merlin and Arthur

Song: Too Soon ft. Maty Noyes (Heroless remix) by Vanic
I edited the audio

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