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le fay *:・゚✧

dt: to every person who messaged me about editing merlin again
i need to edit my queen and this whole show more often.

come back...🤧

ac/rm; @luvforcaptainswan
spark thing c: @videostarpacks

m e r t h u r💖
trying to make edits with more of a story, if you have any suggestions comment belowww xxx
ac; @luvforcaptainswan
dt; @andimackve & @whyd0ntwemusicc :)
presets: @videostarpresets + @videostarpresets_
#dragonlordmerlin #merthurfeels

meanwhile in season one...
ac; @lemonadeaudios
ps; @videostarpresets_ & @videostarpresets 💖

honestly I've been obsessed with Merlin I might change my acc to a multifandom acc unless you guys don't want me to.
cr; @the.midnight.phantom

#merlin #merlinbbc #merlinbbcedit #merthur #colinmorgan #bradleyjames #deservedbetter

my fav memes:P
ib; @vnlock_ 🍒💓
dt; @whyd0ntwemusicc

“Angels could be bad”
ac @deadaudio
dt @brxdley.jxmes

This was requested by @alondra.1230.arts
I had a hard time trying to edit the first part of the edit because I don’t usually use positive scenes so I had to actually search for these. I used two different colorings in this edit to help convey different themes.


#omgpage #merlin #historicgrp #albiongrp

dt: to the person who’s shoelace I broke:) 💛 @hazeflxme +
ac: @vnlock_ :)

Merlin + Arthur || Lose it to Trying
dt @merlincanyounot & @darkallisons

I made this a while ago and now have finally got around to reposting it. This was the first edit where I tried rainbow masking.

song: Lose it to trying by Son Lux
[ 447 followers WOAH THANKS ]

#historicgrp #merlin #merthur #omgpage

Definition of a Power Couple
ac @violent.mp3
dt @blueboxofgeckos & @voidskyeward

Reposting this from the July. I like how smooth I made these transitions and the way I did the light steaks.


#merlinedit #omgpage #historicgrp #arthurpendragon

“I am a Dragonlord, you cannot refuse me”
ac me
cc me
dt @blueboxofedits & @r_k_s_5
After being sentenced to death for using magic Merlin manages to escape the pyre and vows revenge against Camelot.

My dark!Merlin edit that I started in June/July. I personally think the first 26 seconds are 👌🏽 and then it dies in the last 3 seconds.

song: Believer by Imagine Dragons

#omgpage #merlinedit #darkmerlin #historicgrp (FORGOT THE LOGO)

“He is no different from his father”
ac me
cc me

My dark!King Arthur edit. This was meant to be posted during October but I didn’t really like what I had. I was told by @alondra.1230.arts that I should’ve put the pyre after Merlin’s scared face. I imagined that he’s seeing someone else being burned to the death before his turn.

Song: Worst in Me by Unlike Pluto

#historicgrp #omgpage #merlin #merlinedit

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