💛 Throwback to “Dad you rock” from the magnificent @mer_mag 💛 Happy Father’s Day blessings, all! Xoxo ✨
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If I could fly
Then I would know
What life looks like from up above and down below
I'd keep you safe
I'd keep you dry
Don't be afraid ‘Amelia’
I'm the satellite
And you're the sky -Andrew McMahon

C A P S U L E W A R D R O B E : Early Summer Edition: its so sunny and with still a bit of a breeze on the best days. Making it nearly impossible to stay inside and work. I want to be wandering, exploring, lying on the grass and daydreaming with you while your childhood is still open and free. Before you go to school for an entire day. Before this chapter ends and another begins. Loving this playful stripey look for me by @samujistudio and the Lou Shell top and Camille Flutter short by @petitsvilains for you. Seems the perfect ensembles to get lost in the early summer with you. #merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration

Amazing friends! before I even had a chance to formally announce the restock of my map for @gathre, they had sold out! I can’t even believe it. I’m thrilled to be thinking of all wanderlust that will be going on in your homes, classrooms or even on the go with you. We are taking Atticus, our 12 yr old, to NYC for the first time (well since he was 18 mo) next month and I can hardly wait! What are your suggestions for kids in NYC? (Oh and if you missed out, don’t stress, another restock will be coming). #mermagxgathre

In the mood to make some pretty cookies today. 🌿 #merillustration

Happy Wednesday friends. I’ve been working on a simple Mamma bird, Baby bird paper printable craft for Mother’s Day. Could be sweet for little ones to color, or just leave as is. Download via link in profile. (See little stop motion video in stories). #mermagmothersday #merillustration

There is small window of time when little ones can be picked up and fit just right and so snuggly in our arms. Our window is quickly coming to a close. so I’m taking every mamma moment I can to carry her. •

CAPSULE WARDROBE d a n c e e d i t i o n: Miss Milla is very fond of dance and her ballet class. You can always find her practicing her routines and will always ask Jon and I “did you dance?” when we come home from a date. 😍 I love @littlecreativefactory’s latest collection with their focus on dance. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Bravo Cristina! Miss M would love the softness and flow of this ballet dress. And when she’s tired out from her arabesques, chassés and jeté’s, I’ll carry her home draped in @littlecreativefactory women’s (yes they have womens!) fairy coat. Oh and I’ve had my eye on @everlane’s new day glove shoe in mocha. Looks like it would wear as soft as a ballet slipper. (See more of the making of this illustration in stories- and now sold as a print in @merrileeliddiardshop) #merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration #mermagmothersday

She’s utterly convinced that seeded dandelion poofs are the most magical things ever. Trying to keep her perspective in mind as she magically blows them all across the yard. 💨🌼. •
CAPSULE WARDROBE d e n i m e d i t i o n: every capsule wardrobe needs a great pair of jeans, right? I’ve had my eye on these @wrangler x @modcloth Whim wide leg jeans in dark wash. Would most likely live in these. Pairs great with a cropped kimono sleeved linen top by Etsy shop Linen Clothing by Anny. And these @eileenfisherny Katniss slides (love the name!) would be on my feet all spring long. Totally expecting the Katniss warrior spirit to rub off on me. 💫 And I’m on the hunt for a great woven round market bag like this one from @maewoven. Miss Milla is dressed in one of our fav go-to brands @mabokids. Loving Emily’s spring collection, especially the Edith blouse and Remy sailor pants. 💙❤️ Time to get our spring/summer footwear staples @saltwatersandals as well. You can never go wrong with saltwaters. •
Where do you find your favorite denim? I’m always needing great recommendations!

#merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration

Love seeing @adailysomething and little friends creating nature fairies from my printables. Time to print these out again as I’m seeing blossoms (in between snow storms) popping out everywhere. You can find them on the blog if you want to make your own. #mersfairyfriends #merillustration

Just dropping in on a Sunday to say You’re Awesome! We all need a reminder from time to time. Tag someone who needs to hear it. 💕 #merillustration

C A P S U L E W A R D R O B E beach edition: I look ten days off of social media while spending quiet time with family at the beach in Cali and celebrating my birthday. Sometimes it’s good to step away for a bit. And now I feel renewed and ready to spend this next year of life living simply but fully and making more beauty.
While in Cali we had a few more beachy dream wardrobe items we’d love to add to our mother daughter capsule wardrobe. Such as this lovely @moment_heeeee Kelly cotton dress. Perfect for spring beach strolls collecting shells. Not an unreasonable birthday wish right? ☺️ And I love this pretty Maja swimsuit in honey for Milla by @daughter.co. Also I want a hat like this but no clue where to find one. Any ideas? (See stories for photo ref). #merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration

가짜 놀이는 부모가 주체가 되는 놀이입니다
아이가 ‘놀아줘’라고 말하지만
‘조금 있다가’ ‘나중에’라고 말하면서
부모가 편한 시간에 놀아 줍니다
하지만 아이의 집중력이 유지되는 시간은
‘놀아줘’라고 이야기한 때부터 10분이 채 안 됩니다
이미 아이의 집중력이 떨어진 상태에서
부모가 원할 때 원하는 방식으로
놀아주는 것은 가짜 놀이입니다
진짜 놀이는 아이가 원할 때
함께 즐기며 놀아주는 것👯‍♀️
#momnenfant 📃

C A P S U L E W A R D R O B E pj edition: we’re wishing it was the weekend still, lounging about too late in our pjs. I’m dreaming of this @sleepyjones kaftan for spring slumbers and snuggly sherpa slippers from @toast for cold toes in the morning. I’m excited for the basic organic cotton staples coming soon from @orbasics for Miss Milla. Perfect kiddie lounge wear. (Oh and for those interested I was interviewed by @gathre in their first podcast. Just ignore how many times I say ‘like’ 🙀 as it was my first podcast. I also share the hard stuff as well as the good stuff I’ve gone through/still going through. Scary being so vulnerable. But good too I think.) #merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration

CAPSULE WARDROBE p a r t 7 : for when motherhood seems like a balancing act. I need easy and beautiful breathable items such as this @lagarconne_diary drapey dress that I’ve wanted for sometime. Perfect to transition into spring. And it’s still to cold for the @softgallery dress Milla is wearing but she would love dancing around in it indoors. Today she asked to take the dog out to just lay in the sun. We’re all craving warmer weather and sunnier skies. #merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration

C A P S U L E w a r d r o b e p a r t 6: I thought International’s Women’s day way a perfect time for a mother daughter illustration. I love being a woman and hope to pass on how great and strong girls are to my daughter (and sons). I love that she is surrounded by other women chasing their dreams, making the world a better place, caring for one another. The future is hers for the taking (and sharing). And now for a capsule wardrobe: I mostly wear pants during the day (even though I love dresses) and these cropped trousers in Cumin from @toast look perfect and comfy. As does this roomy but flattering Linz Brick Top by @ShopGoodwin. And I’ve been eyeing a pair of @nisoloshoes Mariella mules. Miss milla’s is wearing a darling @pierrotlalune_dk dress and charcoal beret from @pepperkids.us. And we’re both playing puppets from my @merrileeliddiardshop spring printable. #merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration

CAPSULE WARDROBE p a r t 5 : Have you ever tried toe painting? I’m keen to try it with miss m. Can imagine it would be very fun, silly and terribly therapeutic.
Loving the ‘Like Mother Like Daughter’ matching dresses offered by @offonclothing. I’ve had my eye on the black linen but these floral print cotton dresses look perfect for spring 🍃 #merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration

It’s officially bunny season! (And consequently Cadbury mini eggs season, right?) Pulling out our bunny puppets and others paper party friends for some seasonal fun. (Download printable in @merrileeliddiardshop). #merillustration #mermageaster

We’re Finding a new country we want to visit everyday #travelgoals | Counting down the days to the release of my map collab with @gathre. I can’t wait friends!! Drop date 3/6/18 #mermagxgathre #gathretheworld

I love seeing designers who offer both women’s and girls designs. Perfect for a mother daughter capsule wardrobe. And I’ve been smitten with the beautiful clothing by @madebymuku for sometime. The timeless and nostalgic feel of their pieces are captivating while simple enough to pair with so many things. Perfectly beautiful staples. And these Brea Clogs by @freepeople. ❤️ I’d love to hear some of your favorite lines that offer both women’s and little girl options! #merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration

Pretty Paris graphic on this crisp and sunny Friday. Hinting at something fun coming for the dolls this spring... #merillustration #mermagdolls

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