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Last night was fun with these chickens!! #swipemypics #mercyme #feedthechildren #evenif #bestseatinthehouse

What a night with these lovely ladies!! 💛 #mercyme #hawknelson

Pardon the imperfect guitar playing.😬 Still getting the hang of it. Anyway, thought I'd share this song from @themercyme with y'all. It was one of the first songs I learned on my guitar and the lyrics just really resonate with me. Y'all should check out MercyMe's version because it's way better than mine. =p #evenif #acousticcover #roadtripjamsession #backofthebus #mercyme

🎶I know the sorrow and I know the hurt would all go away if You'd just say the word, but even if you don't, my hope is You alone.🎶@themercyme 🎵Full video on FB🎵
#EvenIf #SundaySong #MercyMe

Opened for MercyMe in Corbin, Kentucky tonight and it was awesome!!!!! #mercyme #Fearless

I was able to get a free VIP Mercy Me concert ticket and it was so much fun! I got to praise Jesus in the 4th row so it was pretty lit. Thank you to the guy who gave me and two other people the opportunity to go and have a great time! #mercyme #gcu #praisejesus

When your friend brings you on stage with her at the Mercy Me concert, yes please!! What a beautiful day with you two girls @shannyncaldwell & @courtneychalfant My heart is full!! #worshipfriends #mercyme #gcu #lifer


Beautiful... Part - 2
By : Mercy Me


This song...Even If...Mercy Me #igotthis #strength #selfcare #advocare #mercyme #truth

"Even If” is a reminder to people in difficult situations that don’t seem to go away. God is worthy long before any of those circumstances even showed up. This song is a declaration to God that even if He went silent and never said another word, He’s still worthy to be praised and that He’s our greatest hope in the midst of the trial.” – Bart Millard (MercyMe) #iknowyourable #myhopeisinyoualone #mercyme #justwhatineed #youwillbefaithful

Eu só posso imaginar como será
Quando eu andar ao Seu lado
Eu só posso imaginar o que meus olhos verão
Quando Sua face estiver diante de mim
Eu só posso imaginar

Envolvida por Sua glória
O que meu coração sentirá?
Eu dançarei pra você, Jesus?
Ou em respeito a você ficarei quieta?
Ficarei de pé em Sua presença?
Ou cairei de joelhos?
Eu cantarei aleluia?
Eu serei ao menos capaz de falar?
Eu só posso imaginar

Eu só posso imaginar quando este dia chegar
E eu me encontrar diante do Filho
Eu só posso imaginar quando tudo que farei
Será pra sempre, pra sempre te adorar
Eu só posso imaginar

#icanonlyimagine #mercyme #boanoite

30s>20s. #MercyMe

An amazing concert from @themercyme at @gcu this last Saturday! This had to be one of my favorite songs played that night. Just a powerful message for everyone this week and those on the edge of giving up: Remember through it all and in the end, we win. 🙌🏾🎉 #mercyme #praisegod

Sometimes I feel like we question God when He doesn't move our mountains for us, but they aren't moving because He has a better plan for us. Praying for what you want, and what God wants is two separate things. I whole-heartedly believe He spared us, and put a shield of protection over us to removed certain people from our lives so that we could live a more joyful, abundant life. At the time we may not have understood fully, but the big picture is there. Plain as day. God is good, and I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father who looks after our best interest. #evenif #mercyme #God #Hisplan #notours #Hesgotus #happiness #godisgood #

Venezuela, Jesús es tu esperanza, alza tus ojos, clama, y vendrá paz a la nación. "La paz os dejo, mi paz os doy; yo no os la doy como el mundo la da. No se turbe vuestro corazón, ni tenga miedo."
Juan 14:27

#Venezuela #MercyMe #like #prayforvenezuela #jesustraeesperanza #love

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