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Those of you who follow me on Snapchat know that I've been thinking to quit Social Media.. I've been thinking about the whole thing quite deeply, it's not because of anyone or anything except for the fact that it just gets too much sometimes but the love I receive from you guys means the world to me.. It motivates me to do better and become better and use my platform for better things 💕
Like taking pictures with my husband's car and asking you guys to tell him to get me insured on it 😂
Jokes aside and on a serious level I wish to use my platform for various things mainly spreading positivity and spreading smiles whilst being myself, so let's hope I can do that In'Shaa'Allah ❤

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Slowest c63s doing a slow ass pull

Frozen Mercedes 😱
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Yesterday I was obsessing over our new ml63 now I'm obsessing over my amazing nails 😍💅🏼 by the gorgeous @sharrisgcnails thanks babe so so inlove and if you know me you know how fussy I am! Highly recommend 💯

Nothing like some foam on this #frontendfriday 🤗 #E55AMG #E55 #w211amg #eclass


come pass say hello

Same view when you eat your misses 👅#lamgina


Black glass. First try with @autoglymuk resin polish and safe to say it does the job ✔️

Mercedes S65 interior😍 | Rate it 1-10 | Comment below👇 @luxdrift

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