Don’t skip leg day! 😅 via @smith.julian #MenWith #menwithhealth

Remember that you are in charge of your life. You can do anything that you set your mind to 👊🏽 #thursdaymotivation

There is only one goal! And that is to the top ☝️
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Be a VICI and join the team❤️#TeamVICI
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Quick Leg Pump.
Leg press :
4 sets x 20reps
Explosive lunge into step up: 28kg
10 each leg .
Supplement work out with leg raises . Great speed and strength work . #muchigherfitness #menwithhealth @menshealthza @menwithhealth #trainer #conditioningcoach
#sportsscientist (soon to be) @ssisa_hpc @sportscience_sa

Недавно узнал, что занятия йогой - это общение с Богом. Конечно, турник - это не Йога, но если сделать одухотворенное е@ало, то можно сказать, что Воркаут - это духовные практики #menwithhealth #workout #worldclass #yoga

You become stronger when you surround yourself with a strong team to support you, & a team that allows you accomplish things that aren't possible on your own. 🤙
I am extremely excited to be part of team @cyclebardubai 🚲. I have been working with them on this super exciting video campaign along side my Co Star @onefitwonderwoman and it was incredible shooting it! 🎥
I have been a regular rider for some time now and every class is always phenomenal 💯%. I Absolutely love the energetic vibes🔥 , & the heart racing music 🎶 played by the amazing Cycle Star instructors @bonny_anita & @renee_b_f_geoghegan
Once Ive clipped in my shoes & I’ve set my mind to the finish line 🏁. It’s then all about me being able to leave everything on the bike.🚴🏻‍♂️
Come on down & #rockyourride
Don't forget the first time is free!
50min Spin Class @cyclebardubai it will have you burning 🔥500 + Calories.
www. citywalk.cyclebar.ae

Torsdagen avslutades med en kvällstur på fjället med @miltonohl 🌄

In the beginning, lifting weights appealed to me because I felt like I had no real talents, and working out was something I could excel at purely with effort and consistency.
Later on, I learned that not knowing your talents doesn't mean you have none. 💀

Look great with the Garnet Classic - Almandinde.
Perfect for the season.

I just want to take a moment and appreciate all of you guys for 10K!!! I came across this old clip of me on the parallel bars from June 2016 when i started calisthenics and it made me realized how much it changed my life and how far I’ve come in just the past 2 years. Heres 2 unedited clips from when I was 170lbs when I first started this sport and a more recent clip of me shredded down to 150lbs. Shoutout to that old dude i met at a park that told me I should try muscle ups 2 years ago and shoutout to you for helping me reach 10k and reading this extremely long post. Seriously youre the real MVP for still reading. Comment if you read this far 😂😂 #10k #ProgressBoyz

Working on my agility with some help from the beast @williambroman😤👊

Nothing better than ending the day with a sunset run 🌅 🏃🏻‍♂️ @gabrielcnss @pierrick.mntlt 📸 @josephsomakian

The sun is out out! Summer isn’t far away now .. what’s your body goal? Mine is to be Fit, Healthy, Athletic, Strong but Mobile and more importantly Functional - I don’t want to be 5% body fat or have bulging muscles but want to be in shape and feel good in my clothes! Everyone has their goals.. Make sure your training and more importantly your nutrition is supporting those goals and you train and fuel with purpose! To be coached by me and start on your nutrition plan send me a DM and let’s set your goals and get the results you desire!!! @herbalife24 @menwithhealth @menshealthuk #menwithhealth #menshealth

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