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So true ...

Tuesday Night’s are for podcast recordings 🔥🔥🔥 tonight we have the honor of talking to @melodyinternational 😎 #bts on our stories for you.

No matter how much debt you may currently have, there’s a way out.
Most people taking risks end up in debt at some point in their life.
Gotta grind it out!

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“In between. In between photos, words, thoughts.... those spaces in between when your heart absorbs a glimpse of what’s real in the moment and drinks it in with a quenching thirst. To this, I say, cheers my friend. These small in between spaces are the biggest spaces of life packed full of connection, meaning and all that is. Drink them in. Drink them in.” Camden Hoch. Photo snapped in the in between space. Deep connection to my love @loo_pics for his humor and brilliant talent. That moment when... may you experience many spaces in between today! Sending you love, love and more love!

“Colors in the Haight yesterday make me smile. Smiles change everything.” Camden Hoch. Sending you love, love and more love today! PS I’m smiling, you? :)

That 2% struggle. 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾

A day outside. Taking in the blue, the cool, and the city vibes. Sending you love, love and more love today!

Pass the Torch Podcast with Capt David Ritz,USMC.

We’re getting to record another Pass the Torch Podcast Episode with David Ritz this morning 🔥🔥🔥 stay tuned, more episodes coming out soon 😎

Work hard! It’s worth it.

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My idea of a good deal...

“I walked through a rainbow today. It was everything I thought it would be and more. Made my day!” Camden Hōch Sending you love, love and more love plus some rainbow vibes today!

A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up.

Teach kids to jump at opportunity and take advantage of it

“There’s always light and dark. I used to feel more at home in the darkness. I was afraid of the light. I was afraid if people knew what I knew about myself, they would run. I wanted to run from myself most of the time too. What I know now: the light was there even when it was darkest. Even when I didn’t want to keep living. Even when I couldn’t see it. It let me know it was still there. There was a flicker of feeling that never left me. The dark didn’t envelop me; it broke me open so the light could come all the way through me and surround me. I am not afraid of the dark. I am fearless. I am limitless. I see. My eyes are wide open.” Sending you love, love and more love today! Photo Credit: Me at The Getty Museum taken by @loo_pics

Our founders at the #WillmottDixon HQ discussing our amazing programme for young people. - visit our site for more info 👍#MentorsHub

Thanks for having me darling.. @iam_nitaaies ❤❤❤ sebelah tu bakat lama yg bakal meletops @elvirasoul #mentorlegend all the best to u dear.. ingat ye.. call me for final! 😙😙😙

This is how I roll . Just breakin all kinds of rules haha 💻 Seriously though I have a lot of work ahead of me.

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