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Before they break barriers, win games, and achieve their goals, #Berkygirls must first master their mindsets. Yesterday, our #MentalSkills lesson taught Berky girls the importance of taking care of themselves and their teammates. #soccercamp

‪"If you don't stop yourself, you can't be stopped!" Coach Graham and @a00g_ discuss the importance of #mentalskills! #AGBasketballCamp#meditation

Academy boys keeping their training diaries up to date #mentalskills #learningretention #mycricketcoach

Sometimes, mental skills coaches need their own mental skills coach. I say that so people who read my posts realize that everyone needs help with something, sometime. Today, I overhead squatted (!!) for the first time since mid-May and one of the biggest onsets of foot pain. I was initially discouraged and unhappy with my performance. Why was I struggling? Why are "easy weights" not feeling light? Why am I NO WHERE near my current max? Then I stopped myself. I stopped because I needed to remind myself that 1) I'm having ankle surgery for the 3rd time, 2) I haven't lifted since mid-May, 3) I've been dealing with this injury since 2008 so 4) physically being able to do something like an overhead squat is very respectable. There's always a silver lining if you look for it. #allaboutperspective #embraceyourjourney #mentalskills #coachesneedcoaches #sportpsych

Life can be stressful. There are a lot of distractions that can get in the way of your goals. Sometimes those distractions can muddle up your focus and make what you enjoy doing difficult.
Training for a big goal, or to be more competitive in your sport can keep those distractions in their place and help you focus on the big picture. The gym is the training ground for your muscles and your mind to re-center, keep you laser focused, and reframe what's important.
#workhard #focus #mentalskills #balance #higherlevelhumans

Required reading for every coach and athlete. #thesportsgene #trackacademy #mentalskills

Cold weather doesn't stop training. Standing unsupported at 180 meters on 10" steel. Dialed in scope, good rifle, good buddies, good times. ⠀
@radianweapons @leupoldoptics
#shooting #ar15 #mentalskills #getoutandtrain

Mental Strength Training, Single and Divided attention training, Mental Imagery and Mindfulness training with the Australian u24 Mixed and Women's teams in Sydney. @bluebottlesu24 @stingraysu24 #mentalstrengthtraining #ultimatefrisbee #mentalskills #mindfulness #attention

"The warrior doesn't live in the past or the future. The warrior lives in the present. He fulfills his purpose everyday." - Mark Divine (Navy Seal, and author of Unbeatable Mind) #mentalskills #mentalStrength #DoSo #inTheMoment #iamnotleadilead


Breathing is a great way to reduce anxiety and re-focus. Start by closing your eyes and taking ten deep breaths. Visualize yourself performing skills or focus on the present moment. -
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Don't forget to give your athletes (and yourself) #positivefeedback. #affirmations are a great way to build #confidence and improve #performance -
#sportpsychology #sportpsych #mentalskills #athlete #empower #sports

Wrapping up the Mental Summer @everttennisacademy

Scoreboard is ALMOST complete!! Score 5-4
Two more points!!! Who will reign supreme?

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#BeMore #BeBetter #BeNext

Wrapping up the Mental Skills Summer!! @everttennisacademy @chrissieevert

The wonder woman board is complete!!! Real Life Wonder Women that use or demonstrate Mental Skills and Mental Strength

#BeMore #BeBetter #BeNext

As athletes, we need to learn to #trust our coaches/teammates and embrace feedback. See feedback as an opportunity for #growth
#sportpsychology #sportpsych #mentalskills #athlete #empower #sports #universityofwesternstates

"You win or you learn"

Gibbs' reflective cycle (1988). This 6 stage process can be really useful in making you think through all the phases of an experience or activity and take the learning from it.

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Much love to @coachanthonywillis & @tbtsports !! We appreciate the support so much. We are passionate about impacting lives through sport...the mind, body, and spirit. Hope you enjoy the Devotional, coach! -----------------------
Shirts are sold out. Devotional can be purchased using the link in our bio. Send us a pic of your devo or shirt and we'll repost! Blessings!

Why is preparation important for your performance? Check out the video to find out. #linkinbio to full video.

‼️ORANGE COUNTY/LOS ANGELES‼️ I know AAU season has ended for some of you, but I know others play into the fall. This is also open to HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS already starting up with practices. This position will not be paid. Free mental performance coach that will show up in person to run sessions and mental skill workshops with your team...running thru to December and beyond if you would like. Attendance at games is also possible. ALSO OPEN TO OTHER SPORTS. DM if you are interested and we can discuss details and schedules. ‼️Send and repost to fellow coaches who may be interested.‼️

It's kind of ironic how social media & technology cause us to live in the past and future thinking about "likes" or "ideas/pictures for future posts." Do we ever fully enjoy moments like these?? They are abundant in every day life whether they appear this amazing or not. *** I struggle with this myself all the time, so I do not preach arrogantly. I am not immune. *** But the next time you are aware of the itch to take out your phone for a pic or video of something amazing like this, I do urge you to just let the thought go and fully enjoy the moment. Then make it a consistent practice. This doesn't mean to never take a pic or video of an amazing moment, it just means to do it quickly and then spend more time enjoying the present moment 😉

We've been getting your questions...so I want to open this up to all coaches and players. We can talk about training all day long, but there should be ZERO shame in talking about the mental game...everyone has mental obstacles and challenges when they compete. We'll do what we can to help! ‼️ we won't be reposting any DM's..all private!

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