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A very green dinner this eve. Homemade butternut squash falafels (slightly crispier than usual...) with roasted cumin aubergine and sprouts, peas, avocado, spinach, cherry tomatoes and homemade pesto. ✅🌱💪🏻

I couldn’t bring Bella into work today, but Cino (aka Bella’s boyfriend, aka Mr. Sexy) didn’t want y’all to miss out on Happy Dog Friday! 🐶😍

Thank you to everyone that has donated and/or shared my cause. I appreciate everything that helps get us closer to getting my daughther to treatment. If you haven't donated yet, even $5 can help to get us to our goal. Please consider donating and/or sharing this with your networks.
(Link is in my bio)

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‘The sun will rise and we will try again 🌅’. .
I believe our society is obsessed with productivity. We always have a pressure on us to get things done and this is felt more strongly when you add mental illness into the equation.
We criticise ourselves for not going at the pace everyone else seems to be going at. We constantly get told ‘Life is short!’ as if that’s meant to make our minds better 🧠. Yeah, we have to make the most of the cards we’re dealt but people rarely tell you that not every day has to ‘count’. Some days are just about getting through to the next day and that ‘counts’ just as much!
Sometimes you have to write off days so you can try again the next day 🌅. .
Please keep going 💗. .
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New review alert: is @drugstars the Robin Hood of medication apps? Head over to my blog for the full review (link in bio)! Essentially the app is a medication tracker which allows you to earn money for charity every day by taking your medication, as well as taking part in surveys and research. They’ve raised over 50k so far, and so as a product it’s something that I was super intrigued by. After testing it for a week, I found that the the tracker wasn’t quite suited to my needs as a user (it only gives you the option to have daily recurring notifications), but if you’re looking for something simple which can help you give something back, you may be interested in reading the review and finding out more! #sp

Fresh Start Quote | "In the dim background of our mind, we know what we ought to be doing but somehow we cannot start."⠀

Please if you struggle with mood disorders, brain fog, neurodegenerative diseases, autism, or other related symptoms, I urge you to sign up for this FREE docuseries going on this week. Life-changing info about getting to root causes, not just symptom management! #Repost @markhymanmd with @get_repost
My 8-part docuseries, Broken Brain, featuring over 50 health and brain experts including @chriskresser, dives deep into the gut-brain connection. Over the years I have seen emotional, psychiatric, and behavioral symptoms triggered by problems in the gut, and conventional medicine fails to connect the dots and treat underlying causes of depression. When it comes to broken brains, the key to this new paradigm is simply this: Your depression is not in your head. It is in your body. To treat depression, we must learn how to get rid of the causes of inflammation and restore the normal immune balance through our food and nutrients, as well as our exercise, sleep, and stress management habits.
*If you are at risk for suicide, or other harm or injury, please do not try and treat it on your own. There is help. Please call 911 or seek other help (such as a hospital emergency room or doctor’s care.) Suicide Prevention Hotline:

S t r e n g t h s ⚡️| P e r s p e c t i v e
In social work school, we’re trained to identify, emphasize, & capitalize on "strengths”💪🏽I personally find this so important! It’s easy to think of myself in terms of what’s “wrong” with me, especially when this is the approach the medical/psychiatric profession and society in general tends to take. But a pathological viewpoint is not only disempowering, but counterproductive. By building on what you already have going, you can often discover solutions. And surprise💫: Your so-called “deficiencies” may be among your most valuable resources! This isn’t to overlook/minimize the very real, often devastating impact of disease, trauma, loss, disability, addiction, poverty, and other obstacles. It *does* encourage viewing someone as a whole, complex person possessing the positive qualities and assets to have made it this far.
Examples of STRENGTHS:
🌺DREAMS/GOALS—Going back to school. Getting married. Joining a group. Obtaining documentation. Moving to independent housing. Quitting smoking. Running a 5k...
🌺TALENTS/PASSIONS: Cooking. Martial arts. Music. Organizing. Gardening. Tech...
🌺PERSONALITY TRAITS—Optimistic. Hardworking. Kind. Assertive. Reliable. Charming. Frugal. Sense of humor...
🌺TRAUMA—For me, my experiences with child abuse/neglect, domestic violence & mental illness instilled in me insight, resilience, understanding, empathy for those struggling with similar issues (not just surface pity), a refreshing appreciation for life...
🌺WILLINGNESS TO GET HELP—This requires courage, humility, resourcefulness, time management, self-determination...
🌺RELATIONSHIPS—Online or IRL...family of origin/choice, friends, coworkers, teachers, clergy, therapists, intimate partners, pets...
🌺EDUCATION—6th grade, trade school degree, PhD, informal training passed down from a family member/mentor...Every level of schooling holds value and imparts useful transferable skills.
🌺RESOURCES—Bike, car, knowledge of public transportation... Job, government benefits, a hobby which brings in $$...
Other strengths might include religion/spirituality, culture, intelligence, health, community...What are some of YOUR strengths? ✨

I was rummaging through old possessions today, and amongst the old stuffed toys and half crumpled diaries, I found my old camera, filled with photos of self harm and food and body checks.
People say that you can't see eating disorders and mental illnesses, and that a smile can hide a lot, but I disagree. You can see pain sculpted into people's frown lines; the way the ridges fork through the skin and bundle like thorn bushes. You can see from the way their smiles are haunting; the ghosts of a real smile. Real smiles reach people's eyes. You can tell from the way they hold themselves; stooped over slightly at the shoulders and protected by their clothes pressed close to them. You can tell by skin that looks grey and mottled and icy no matter what the temperature.
I am so grateful that, on days like today, I can see that I am no longer the girl on the left. Eating disorders are insidious and consuming and they chew and spit you out alive but empty; like a sad shell with no owner. They turn you into something else. I don't recognise her.
I am so grateful that I grabbed hold of what hope I had left and jumped into recovery. I am so glad that I recognise the girl on the right as me. Eating disorders tell you that they are gospel; that they are all you need and all you deserve, but that's to make up for the fact that they are weak and dependent and cannot survive without your co-operation. Feed your body, feed your mind, feed your passions, but please don't feed your eating disorder. You are stronger than it, and if you choose to fight it, you will win✨

“Making excuses instead of putting yourself and your dreams first only leads to a life of mediocrity and regret. And you don’t deserve that, nobody does. But to stop the excuses it’s going to take getting hard-core and figuring out exactly what you want. So push yourself to ignore all those excuses that pop into your head, and accept the truth that you are the master of your ship, the author of your life, and that your adventure is only as awesome as you can imagine it. Once you stop talking yourself out of doing what you really want, you’ll find the shiniest version of you and experience a sense of accomplishment that rivals any accolades.” ✨

R E C O V E R Y W I N 🍌✨// so today I ate half a banana for the first time in F O U R years 😱✨ might seem stupid but bananas are one of my biggest fear for multiple reasons, my ED thinks they are to high in kcal, I’m afraid my bowels react to them and I don’t even like the taste really much 🙄 but I just don’t want to be afraid of food so that’s why I challenged the fear 😌✨// what was your last #recoverywin ? 😘✨

Ready to head out west on the train next week: totally terrified but so very very EXCITED!!!! I definitely get travel anxiety - which is honestly a pretty common stessor 🙋🏽 SOOOOO what do I do? I make a list because lists help me A LOT - packing a few days a head of time & making sure I have a few items that will make the trip feel homie (slippers and my favourite tea). Travelling anxiety can totally be manageable it's all about finding what works for you. (Also just a heads up there will be lots and lots of train photos coming your way and some vlogs!)

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