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this goes for men too!
i think that often times we don't see our own beauty anymore because we've spent all our lives looking at our reflection on the mirror. we know every single one of our so called flaws. and these "flaws" stand out to us. they're the first thing we see when we catch sight of our reflection, we immedialtly zero in on them and because we do this we subconsciously believe that the gaze of everyone who looks at us is immediatly drawn straight to these flaws too. but it's not! we ourselves pick our body apart and we see the tiny imperfect details, but other people looking at us see the whole package. they're not honing on on the detail; they see the big picture. so what they see is beautiful wheras we see, in ourselves, only that which we perceive as ugly! but in everyone else we see the beauty because we aren't looking for imperfections.#recovery #recoveryispossible #anorexia #recoveryisworthit #recoveryquotes #anxiety #depressed #depressing #depressedquotes #depression #depressionrecovery
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i actually remember this feeling really well... for so long i felt like what i ate was controlled by my parents. they'd always tell me to eat less and to watch what i ate and they'd always give me small portions, or tell eachother "give her a really small slice of cake" as if i wasn't right there to hear them. but then they'd be there sabotaging my all the way. they'd make my favourite foods every day. they'd get mad if i didn't have seconds or dessert. they wouldn't let me make my own healthier food. thay would decide and order for me in restaurants always empathizing that i'll take a salad NOT fries with my cheeseburger and then "whaddaya mean you don't wanna eat it all or the dessert we ordered for you without consulting you first? we paid for it so you better damn well eat it!" it was just really crazy. they controlled everything. they hid food from me so i wouldn't be able to snack during the day. sometimes i wouldn't be "allowed" to eat until dinner where i would then be stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. i had no control over food. i honestly don't remember where i first got the idea to purge. i had no idea what bulimia was back then. i came up with it on my own. i was 11. and it gave me back that control that my parents wrested from me every night at dinner time. it felt awesome. not the puking part; i hated that. but the regaining control part was like giving them a giant middle finger behind their back. and half the satisfaction for me was that they didn't even know. they still don't. they still do their thing but i have ways to deal with it now. HEALTHY ways, i promise!
but this is the appeal of bulimia. the control it gives. nobody actually likes the retching and gagging and getting hit in the face with vomit splashback. but it's also important to realize that while you may be able to somewhat control calories and food through bulimia, the disease really controls you. while you're thrilled about finding a way to cheat the system the disorder takes over your mind until you can't stop it anymore. and by the time you realize that the control has changed hands you'll be too far gone to stop easily...

The death of a child is often called the ultimate tragedy and couples and families can feel torn apart by the death of a young person. Relationships within the family and particularly between the parents can become very strained.⠀

As a family you are all grieving one death. Yet everyone has had a different relationship with the person who has died, i.e. father, mother, brother, sister. Everyone’s loss is different and everyone’s grief is different. One cannot bear the pain for another, nor can one shield the other from the pain.⠀

You do not have to grieve alone. Little Lifetimes is a group of parents who are all grieving the loss of a child and meet monthly to support and share their experiences in a secure environment facilitated by Grief Support Specialist, Farah Dahabi, LCSW (USA).⠀


Date: Sunday, March 25th⠀
Time: 10AM - 11:30AM⠀
Fee: Free⠀

Reservation: events@lighthousearabia.com
Location: The LightHouse - Center for Wellbeing⠀
*Complimentary Valet Parking Available⠀


About the facilitator: ⠀
Farah Dahabi, LCSW (USA)⠀
Clinical Social Worker, Grief Support Specialist⠀

I am a US-trained psychologist with extensive experience working with individuals suffering from grief and loss, trauma, illness adjustment, disability, caregiver burnout, and major depression.⠀

I was driven to become a clinical social counsellor by an early fascination with human experiences of thought and emotion. I have also worked in collaboration with national healthcare quality improvement organisations in the US towards implementing programmes that better meet the needs of individuals with psychiatric problems; this has included educating other healthcare professionals on best practices surrounding clinical services.

Every time i leave the house,
it's one step closer to getting better 🙌🏻 School run all done ✅
then i went into the chemist and grabbed a few things,
feeling great 👊🏻☺️
I feel another pampering session coming on 😁

Recovery will only happen,
if you put the work in,
Never give up 💜

I cannot sleep
and soon I will have to go to the psychiatrist again for new medicine 🙄

No puedo dormir
Y pronto tendré que ir al psiquiatra por nueva medicina 🙄

#recovery #recoveryispossible #mentalillness #mentaillnessrecovery #staystrong #mentalillnessawareness #keepfighting

I was in the ring with my mental anguish today. I stepped out on fear and it was a fight, that’s for sure. Me against myself. It beat me up.. got a few good hits in.. but guess who won the match- ME! It was proof that I’m stronger than my demons. My mental anguish got the TKO! I will absolutely give myself credit today for being uncomfortable and fighting through it! What do you give yourself credit for today? (Comment below) 🥊

Reader pic! 💖 R/P from @e_hurl “git you a copy @ptsfeminist H/T @guerrillafeminism so if you haven’t followed them already do iiiit” #posttraumaticallystressedfeminist #ptsd #timetomakethingsweird

I always wonder why I was the way I am. Like with my mental illness and how I think or how I do things. A lot of my pre-teen & teen years were spent angry. I always knew I had something wrong with me & that I was different. So, word of advice, don’t be like that. Because you are enchanting & brilliant. You will go so far. Be who you are & don’t let anyone or anything get in the way. #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #lgbt #lgbtq ##mentalhealthwarrior #warrior #strength #proud #insta #instagram #plusszie #plussizeblogger #follow #followme #f4f #l4l #like #likes #mentalillness #mentalillnessawareness #recovery #positivevibes #loveyourself #beyourself #dowhatmakesyouhappy

Much needed: A self care for men. I looked for one online and couldn’t find one. Thank you to all the men that helped make this list. Which one is your favorite? Tag a man who needs this. 👔

When I look back and notice how much I’ve grown.
When the desire to exemplify him the way my nostalgic broken heart recalls, despite all his ill attributes, for those who will never understand my love for my father, has faded away with each passing day.
When thoughts of him no longer leave me in search of something that died decades ago.
When that Neda whose body ached in every which way yearning for her father’s love has since vacated this realm of living.
When I am feeling freedom in ways I haven’t in years. 🙏🏼 #disarmingthebittersweet #writing #instawriter #instawrite #writer #mythoughts #currentmood #spilledink #pain #truth #darkness #thelightinmylife #thelightinside #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillnessawareness #fight #words #endstigma #stopsuicide #myfears #depression #anxiety #mylife #nedalevi #iwillsurvive #heartache #daddyissues #movingon

Alhamdulillah. Thank you @fatihashuib and team for this. May Allah ease everything. A Malaysia-Australia effort Alhamdulillah. #miasa #miasamalaysia #1moment4them #hukm #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillnessawareness #optimalhealthplan #journeytorecovery

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