Someone told me once that I would miss my old negative friends but I didn't believe it. I'm on much better now.

#dailyaffirmation time again. Save the photo to your gallery and affirm 🗣
Life is full of wonders, they’re all around us. Sometimes we need to look harder to see them but once we realise how great life actually can be and is. Get in the comments and tell me what you’re grateful for! ⬇️
Deploying positive self talk through affirmations along with gratitude is a sure way of increasing your levels of optimism and positivity in your life. Constant positive reinforcements will reprogram your subconscious mind to believe in these statements. Gratitude will make you value the small things in life and enrich you with a higher perspective to see things for how they actually are. Not worse than they are! These methods were vital in me overcoming my struggle with depression and anxiety, though they may not solely solve the issue completely they do help a hell of a lot. Trust me give them a try and you’ll reap the positive benefits soon enough
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We got a little to excited for this 😆 !!Apparently, that’s what a $37 Bloody Mary looks like. Specialty drink topped with 🦀 crab, bacon 🥓 and 🦐 shrimp! Yes, he finished the whole thing and slept like a baby!! ⠀
I’m not a bloody fan. What do you think?

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I haven’t really had the best of weeks if I’m honest. I’ve been really poorly which has resulted in higher anxiety and panic. I’ve had to cancel my appointment with my social worker tomorrow and rescheduled for when she’s back from holiday, in two weeks time. I’m absolutely devastated that I’ve had to cancel. I was really looking forward to it. But there’s no way I could have gotten up tomorrow morning and prepared for a “big day” of going outdoors. I’m really unwell. I’ve tried to make myself feel better by getting dressed and putting a little make up on... but I still feel so crappy. I’m quite shaky and on edge tonight. I hate it. But tomorrow is a new day. And I look forward to it. ♥️
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This morning I was on a high I survived my cycle tour despite my brains best efforts to sabotage me. I felt awesome I felt strong and I felt like I could be back on the rise after a shitty period of depression this summer. I was wrong. This afternoon hit and suddenly every tiny thing that someone said or didn't say or did I interpreted as some sort of sign that the other person hates me, can't stand me, thinks I'm too fat and ugly to even talk to, is bored of me, doesn't like talking to me, never really liked me at all, is going to leave me, thinks I'm useless waste of space etc etc. And all I'm left thinking is why? Why has my brain switched from triumphant to turmultuous? I'm so exhausted from this constant change in emotion swinging back and forth back and forth. I'm putting my head down for the night now I just need to get some serious sleep and hope tomorrow brings a simpler day 🤷
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You never know what hides behind a smile.

My evening went kinda okay,
my neighbour at the ward started screaming and i got anxious as fuck about it, but i could calm down.
This evening i was dissociating a little bit, not that extremely much.
There is someone new at the ward and she looks like a nice girl btw. Now i’m chilling outside because i can’t sleep. .
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I didn’t want to post anything today because I’m having a bad day today my mood is low and my thoughts are all over the place.
But I’ve made myself do it because moods like today are exactly why I need to write them out of my system.
So I’ve looked for reasons why I’m feeling so sad I can’t seem to pinpoint any- so then I’m getting annoyed at myself for not being able to find a reason why I’m sad... It’s like a cycle of a low mood and being angry with myself for being low.

I can't always choose when I have those days and it's not always ideal when my mind decides that it’s just not gonna happen today, which is so frustrating.
I suppose this is the time when I need to remember it’s ok to look after myself. I don’t have to earn self- kindness.
It’s not a reward for working hard or sacrificing something.
I don’t have to meet any conditions-nothing has to happen to make me worthy.
I am already enough.


Lady Luna: Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy
My 100th post! This is one of the last few pieces from my month of hypomania/insomnia. This wasn’t intended to be a “mental health” piece per se, but I do wonder what it is about manias that can temporarily change even a skeptic into one who is in touch with the other worldly/ the celestial? In talking with others I’ve noticed it’s a common theme that has left me curiouser and curiouser

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a series of unhelpful comments you should absolutely not say to someone struggling with an eating disorder. many people seem to think that people with eating disorder behaviors choose their actions and can stop it if they so desired - but the truth is that these people lack the control of their illness. it’s the mental disorder with the highest mortality rate, yet people still belittle and misunderstand it. how many people have to die before it is seen with the severity and danger it possesses? •

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Understand you are not alone.
It can be very isolating to have something no one understands .
That is complelty fine but I believe it just shows the importance of awareness and speaking out .
If you are ever in a situation when you feel belittled or judged that is not ok speak out and if they still treat you badly move on
Know your worth ❤

I have a very happy positive personality trapped inside an insightful sad soul which is weird sometimes but it’s just how I’m built. .
If I’m not bouncing around high on life and possibilities , I’m under my doona with the puppies too low or scared to get out of bed.
I’ve had so many great magical wonderful opportunities this year with my hard work and positive outlook paying off and also had tons of terrible luck and times I wished I could just simply not exist from the pain as I feel so useless and hopeless being bedbound all day with my painkillers not working.
But then I open up insta and see all you wonderful people creating and making and living their lives unpologetically and being so kickass and all your adorable pets and it is the best distraction (along with finding vintage patterns on Pinterest to try to recreate in the future)
And before I know it I’m all happy go lucky and I’m bouncing off the walls again from excitement from your creations and full of life and plans and that’s ok, because it’s just me.

It’s always darkest before the dawn and if it was sunny forever there would be terrible drought and we need rain to create flowers and yummy food and to survive and to splash around in on ridiculous flamingo pool floats. .
So don’t be ashamed of your fears or your sadness or your shame or your failures because feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.

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