You have many dreams. You have countless aspirations.
You want to live a life worth writing about. A beautiful story that captivates and endures.
Here is the truth: that there’s nothing more captivating than KINDNESS!
Being kind- both to others and yourself is not merely a small aspect, It is the very essence of the story.
If your life story has no prominent kindness in it; No matter how epic it is- no matter how successful, it lacks soul. It doesn’t touch the heart.
So my reminder to You should not only be kind, but to make that the focal point of your life story. Make it a story about kindness
When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself that today is not about getting things done, and not about moving closer to your achievements, but about doing all of those things with an attitude of kindness.
When you’re stressed and worried about something you notice the fear and have compassion for yourself. You welcome your need to control, and instead of judging it, you embrace it with love. What matters is not the thing that you’re worried about, but how you treat yourself.
When someone does something that you feel is hurting you, remember it’s more important to be kind than to forcefully get what you want. Remember that the plot line of your story is all about living with maximum love and kindness, and that is the ultimate end in itself.
Embodying as much love, kindness, and compassion in life should be the plot of your story
And do you know what’s ironic about this story? As soon as you make it about kindness instead of achievement, all those achievements suddenly start coming. For everything in this world is drawn to kindness.
And when it’s all said and done, you have written a masterpiece. Each page is filled with kindness and love- and many interesting footnotes on success and achievement.
So go on.
Write your story with kindness as the main Heading

The world is waiting to read it.
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FEBRUARY 5, 2018; 8:28 PM:

mica, you performed incredible amounts
of emotional labor last week
no wonder you’ve needed a week to recover
don’t blame yourself for needing time

mica, you were pushed beyond your limits
pushed beyond what you expected
one could even argue taken advantage of
you are fine for needing time

you deserve this time
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Trigger warning— dermatillomania
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Didn’t think this would be as great as it is. Decided to listen to it and man oh man! This is a dang awesome book! Love it! @yourkickasslife you’ve done an awesome job!!!

So I haven't posted anything in the last few days, because, I just haven't had anything to say...so I thought.

I've been making an even greater effort to keep my prayer life consistent.

After moving almost 3,000 miles and settling in to a space much smaller than our family is used to, the habits that I had kind of got lost.

My prayer life had gotten lost.

Not to the point where I wasn't praying. I just wasn't praying as often.
Like at night like usual. And I sometimes missed what I call my "morning counseling sessions" with God.

That led to my life starting to get a little bumpy.
I became a little stressed about what the future would hold for us in our uncomfortable situation.

It took only a couple weeks for God to get my attention, to let me know I was off track and I need to get back on the wagon.

This past week I've been praying consistently, at night and in the mornings. And I've noticed the difference in my life and our family's life because of that.

Everything isn't perfect, but things are better and my focus is back where it needs to be. On God.

This experience reminded me how we all mess up sometimes, even with the things that we are usually good at. But there's no reason to beat yourself up, give yourself grace to fix it.

P.S. By the way, if you have any prayer requests put them in the comments. I'd love to pray for you! 📷: @becomingministries ~
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➡The painful feeling you get when you're surrounded by friends and family, have people to talk to but yet somehow feel so incredibly alone. ➡The sad feeling you get when you give all your time to someone but when you need theirs, they aren't there. ➡The frustrating feeling you get when it feels like everyone and everything is against you. ➡The scary feeling you get when you completely breakdown and don't know what to do, so you sit and cry.

This happens to many of us and it's such a horrible feeling because in the moment it seems like no one cares, but there will be at least ONE person who does. If you can't talk to friends and family, find a counselor, someone who listens helps so much. ❤
If you give all your time to someone who rarely returns it then you just understood what kind of friendship you have. You deserve a two way friendship, everyone does. ❤
It might seem like everything is against you but the feeling will pass or you will realize you learned many lessons from it. ❤
Sometimes during a breakdown you just simply need to sit and cry and thats okay. ❤

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To the people who expect us mental illness sufferers to act “normal”, well fuck your expectations. I think listening to rage against the machine took this side of me out 😂🤷🏽‍♂️.

We must always focus our eyes on the Lord, and let Him guide us and counsel us in everything we do.

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