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Reaching out for help when it comes to mental illness is one of the hardest things to do.
I remember going to multiple doctors, seeing lots of different medical professionals in the mental health field and still being told "But you look okay, you've managed to do your hair and make up and get dressed, it can't be that bad"
I am still worthy of help if I turn up to my appointments with make up on
I am still worthy of help if I have good days
I am still worthy of help if my hair has been dyed and washed
I am still worthy of help if I'm managing my self care 💜
Mental illness doesn't have a look
What does mental illness look like?
It looks different every single day
Never tell anyone they don't look ill when they try and speak out about their mental health, how is one supposed to look when mentally ill?
We are allowed good days, we're allowed to post about those good days, we're allowed to cherish and hold on to those good days!
These photos are two days apart, sometimes this happens hours apart
I could be wearing make up and still feel how I do in the first photo but I could also be having a good day
You don't know what someone is battling so never assume!
We are all worthy of help no matter how we look! Aesthetics should never come into the equation when seeking help for mental health illness!
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Before you make fun of someone's mental illness or health.
#endthestigma #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters

How do you value yourself? 🙏🏼 I guess it is time for posting some really embarrassing stuff. 🙈 Most of you should know by now that I have a fire in me 🔥 for mental health after battling with it for years. ⚔ Battling with myself for years cause that is really what most of it is. 🙄 And I think this clip clearly shows it. 🙊 Arne is basically just telling me that my riding is good enough but that I put up mental road blocks for myself. 🚷 You can see in the video that I am clearly uncomfortable with him saying so. 🙄 I fiddle, I won't look at him, if you watch it without sound it almost look like he is giving me shit about something I did wrong. 😂 Arne's opinion means a lot to me, I should be happy like goofy when he says nice things to me. 😶 But instead I am looking for a hole to china. 🕳👀 Cause it makes me uncomfortable to hear nice things about myself. 👻 And it is even harder to believe them. 🆘It just feels like someone is lying straight to my face. 🙍🏻I've used so much time and energy talking myself down, giving myself high walls and limits. ⛔️ I had a nice childhood, my parents are great my sister is awesome. ❤️ I was not popular in school but I wasen't bullied either and still I have all this issues. 👻

They don't learn you to love or value yourself in school. ❤️ But really, they should. They should have a class called "learn to live or deal with life." 👊🏼 With focus on mental health and real life issues. 🙏🏼 I am sure pythagoras and the famous numbers of PI can share their spotlight. 🙊 And most of all we should all learn to be better humans towards each other. 🙌🏼Scars in your mind take time to heal and it is hard work. 😅 It does not matter if they are self-inflicted or not. 🙄 I owe a big thank you to @hulderwerk ⚔for all the movies that I slowly are making my way through and all the patience 💖 she had with me at Arne's place and ofc the wizard himself 🎩 for starting the job with patching me back together. 🛠⚗🔮He is not only a great rider but a really good teacher as well even for a newbie as me. 😏 We are all good enough 💖 don't let the world or the shitty voice in your head tell you otherwise. 🙏🏼

from @kirzart - A Letter To My Friends

When you ask how I am and I say that I'm fine
I have a confession and it's that I have been lying
It's easier to lie than to explain my mood
Easier to turn to other vices like comfort food
I don't know how to explain the way I've been feeling
Everyday I wake up wishing I was still dreaming
Because the dream world is easier, no complications
Nothing can stop me I have no limitations
Back in the real world, depression is real
It makes me withdrawn and incapable of saying how I feel

It eats me up and life becomes a chore
And sometimes I just don't wanna talk about it anymore
I don't want to worry you with all of my issues
So I tend to just confide in my box of tissues
Your love is not disputed, I know that you care
You're one call away and will always be there
But sometimes it's difficult to be so transparent
Especially when my behaviour becomes so aberrant

So I'm sorry for lying but at least now you know
That I'm not being difficult it's just hard to show.. my feelings inside and how they're effecting me
I'm learning to deal with my problems effectively
Next time you ask how I am, I won't say I'm fine
Unless it's the truth, I'm done with lying
I'll tell you the truth if my tears are falling
And if a bad mood comes on without warning
I'll give a text if I need an ear
Or give you a call if I need you here.

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"He is pain in my assholes."
I'm. Fucking. Crying.
Sometimes people in recovery need to laugh 😂
Laughing decreases stress hormones, increases endorphins, and soothes tension.
Hope you laugh a little today 💕✨
(Found through whatireallylearnedintreatment via Tumblr)
#recoveryhumor #laughterismedicine #HOPEYALOL

Recently I've struggled with the difference in my body in the space of only a few months...It's probably been one of the most challenging years of my life, and I suppose that was bound to show somehow. I've avoided airing out some of my struggles because I'm quite a private person (as far as a social media influencer can be... 😂) but then I worry that that doesn't make me as honest as I set out to be? So here goes... I'm an ambassador for #bodypositivity but that doesn't mean I always feel positive. Far from it. I don't feel positive on the days that I struggle to leave the house or even get out of bed, I don't always feel like I can smile the smile that I paint on my face everyday, and for anyone out there who has ever felt this way too, THAT'S OK 💗 I've been focusing on taking care of myself from the inside in the past few months between these photos being taken, and it's really hard to see the weight I've put on, I can't lie about that, but sometimes when we need medication, whether it's likely to affect our appearance or not, we have to listen to our bodies - And that's coming from a 'model' 🤷🏼‍♀️ My goal is going to be not to avoid social media when I feel like this and to share more with all of you who understand and can relate to this because #mentalhealthmatters and we need to break down those barriers and end the silence to be able to be more honest with each other and seek help when it is needed 🤗 I love you all in advance for taking the time to read this and as always for following and supporting my journey, if anyone needs a cyber hug it can be found in my DMs 😘🌈🌸 #WeOnlyGetOneBodyToLove #UNRETOUCHED #NOFILTER

Mental health is important. More important than physical health, always. I think of my mind as an extension of myself, it needs to stay just as healthy as the rest of my body. But mental health is something that we neglect and we do not take seriously. I know for a fact that when I am sad, angry, stressed or any type of upset I can not focus on the things that I need to do. When I'm down in the dumps it's hard to go to the gym or want to prep my meals. But bottom line having a fit body does not mean you are healthy becuase health begins with the mind.
You should meditate, write things down and try as hard as you can to keep positive thoughts. Mental health is a life long journey just like fitness. Know that when life gets too much or things get too stressful, to take a break or take a mental health day. Your boss, your family and your friends will thank you for taking time to clean up the negative thoughts so you don't pollute someone else's day with the negative energy. Learning about yourself and your mind can prevent you from having a bad week or a bad month and it can limit it to just having a bad day or a bad few hours. But I can not stress enough to never ever be afraid to reach out if you are depressed, someone will listen. And please take care of your mind, it is essential. ❤️
And if you were wondering why all the pictures of the sky, the sky reminds me that even when things are dark and gloomy the sun will come out and things will never be dark forever ☀️#inspiration #positivethinking #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #health

El mundo siempre está en movimiento y da igual si tú decides moverte o quedarte quieto.
No me dejo llevar por la corriente, sino por sensaciones.

Y siempre es mejor intentarlo que quedarse con la duda. SIEMPRE!
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REPOST from @alegacyleftbehind! LET'S END THE STIGMA! "There is an unfortunate stigma around mental illness, which results in a culture of silence around the subject. Luckily, in recent years, more black people, including those in the public eye, have opened up about dealing with and overcoming the struggles of mental illness." Check out the article at www.huffpost.com to read the stories of the following celebrities. (1). Michelle Williams. (2). Brandon Marshall. (3). Alicia Keys. (4). Wayne Brady. (5). Ron Artest. (6). Lisa Nicole Carson. (7). Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. (8). DMX. (9). Janet Jackson. (10). Jennifer Lewis. (11). Kid Cudi. Make sure you follow @alegacyleftbehind as we feature the real survivor stories of celebrities who have overcome grief, depression, suicide, trauma, and eating disorders. #beatyourblues #mentalhealth #griefsupport #dmvgirls #dmvladies #dmvwomen #womenofcolor #saveourgirls #blackgirljoy #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlpower #blackwomen #silencetheshame #minoritymentalhealth #blackmentalhealth #blackmindsmatter #womensmentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #blackwomenrock #mentalhealthawareness #girlempowerment

Only one key ring left already! I will be making more in the next week or two but for now grab this last one whilst it's available 😬 they are just £2.50 on my etsy! Link in bio 💫 .
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Running with the geese this morning as well as hubbyjenkins. The day didn't start well, has a blood pressure test at the local surgery, the nurse was absolutely lovely but as soon as the cuff goes on my arm and starts tightening I start to panic... Bless I felt for her having to deal with me. She asked if I wanted to have a review appointment increase my head meds as my anxiety is a bit on high side at the moment but I'm coping.
Bryn Bach Park was very welcome for our run, the light hitting the lake was beautiful and the park peaceful. Today will be a good day time for tea and yoga. #simplelife #stressrelief #runandtalk #headspace #1in4 @ukrunchat @thepowerofthetribe #mentalhealthmatters #music #thisgirlcan #running #achilliestendonrehab #fitbitcharge2 #fatgirlgettingfit #fitbit #iamarunner #mentalhealthmatters @the_tribe_way #igrunners #instagramrunners #love @movementformodernlife #yoga #myoldman #stretch

💚💚💚You've got this! 💚💚💚 #storyofthemind #motivationalquotes #mentalhealth

There is a lot going on in the works these days, loves. Don't forget that it's okay to take care of yourself, too. ❤️ .
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Feeling drained and exhausted today (thanks to a teething baby who's routine has gone out the window since holiday 👶🏽). Being tired doesn't help my ocd and I find that the negative thoughts can creep back in 👎. So I've been concentrating on positive mental thoughts, and ensuring that I keep telling myself how beautiful, brave and strong I am 🔥. This morning I asked Alexa to play The Monkee's 🐒 - I sing song's from them to give me a boost! It gives me joy in my hectic mind moments, like here while I'm washing bottles! 🍼 I love The Monkee's. Reminds me of watching the programme when I was young. I also loved Ed the talking horse, but that's another story 🐴😂
Have a POSITIVE mind day and find joy and peace in the little moments if you can 💜
#themonkees #joy #mindfulness #ocd #anxiety #anxietyrelief #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #stopthestigma #mentalhealthmatters #healthymind #healthyinside #healthyinside #strongmind #mindpower #mindset #positivethinking #happiness #resilience #valueyourself #LoveYou #loveyourself #confidence #selfworth #selfesteem #selfgrowth #selflove #selfbelief #proudofmyself #selfconfidence #workingonme

DAY 5 OF 21!
Actually woke up early enough to get my workout in before work 🙌 and DAMN it feels good 😎

When you have a goal to change your life, you need to be willing to change your routine!
My body may want to sleep in but my brain is READY TO GO! 👊 No more giving up. No more excuses.
I'm putting in the work to make a change.💪🏻 ARE YOU? 🤔

Another 145km travelled and a little further north. Things are definitely starting to warm up. Winds weren't favourable today, but what does that matter when you still make it in time for a beautiful sunset?! 💚 ☀️ 👌 #lakemonduran #nevergiveup #rideforjase

NEW POST. MENTAL ILLNESSES ARE NOT METAPHORS. #linkinbio 🌊🌊🌊 Our culture really seems to dramatise things. We're 'depressed' when we're merely briefly upset. We keep changing our mind so we're 'bipolar'. We're 'OCD' if we are organised. Just shoot me now, I'm so embarrassed.

People sometimes say these things not with the intention of causing offence but just a lack of awareness around what these things actually mean. Without clicking that these conditions have caused so many people quite a lot of grief and seriously impact on their life.

I hear these sort of statements far too frequently. “Using bipolar or schizo or essentially technical words to describe mundane or everyday experiences means the original technical meaning of the term becomes diluted and it becomes more strongly associated with these simpler or more fleeting experiences. It normalises illness. The potential problem is that 'I'm depressed' now means 'I'm sad.' Then how does someone who actually has depression describe their illness or how they feel? How can they differentiate the much more complex, much more intense thing they have from this thing everyone always claims ownership of?” - Dr Zsofia Demien #storyofthemind #mentalhealth #stigma 💙💙💙 WHAT ARE SOME OF THE INAPPROPRIATE PHRASES HAVE YOU HEARD AND HOW DID THEY EFFECT YOU? 💙💙💙 Continued on the website.

There is NO SHAME in addressing something that is withholding you from leading a HAPPY life!
Most people who initiate counseling do not have a serious mental illness. They have serious life challenges or are going through difficult life-cycle transitions that may be taxing their current ability to cope.So, if you are going through one or more of these challenges at the same time, you're not alone.

#NowYouSeeIt #invisibleillness #invisibleillnessawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #makeadifference #jointhemovement #suicideprevention #mumbai #suicidepreventionawareness #depressionisreal #therapyisokay #screwstigma

When there's no chocolate in the house...

Not all victories are numbers based like the scale or inches. Today was day 10 of 21 of my rebuild program and there's a move that's really tough for me. I wanted to stop and quit that move. And on Wednesday that's exactly what I did. But TODAY is a new day...and I hit that wall on that move but chose to modify it instead of stopping! HUGE victory for me today! (Especially bc today is a cardio day...)

Let's be honest. Everyone experiences struggles, but you don't have to get stuck. Remember, even in the struggle YOU are resilient. Counseling can help. #mentalhealthmatters #noshame #reducethestigma #counselingworks #hammondscounseling

Here are my achievements for #fightingfridays
1. I wore my seat belt normally (rather than in the next picture) so that my hair touched it and went in the car without a hoodie so my hair touched the seat (unfortunately this only lasted about 2 mins)
2. I stepped on a crack and didn't tap anything!
3. I lay down on the sofa so that my hair touched it (still got a lot of anxiety about this)
4. And I posted four pictures and saying this makes four achievements so that is an achievement in itself because I have been trying to think of a way to make it a "good" number (3, 4 is terrible)
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