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"You decided to be diabetic".
"You only have cancer for attention".
"When did you decide to be allergic to X?".
These are all things that people don't usually say, because we know better. We know people can't choose to be diabetic, or allergic to something, or have cancer (and the list goes on and on). We know that while some people are at more risk than others, nobody chooses to be ill. Some things are just out of our control.
It's the same with mental illnesses. Nobody chooses to be mentally ill - that's why it's a DISORDER. An illness. Nobody wakes up and thinks to themselves "I'm gonna hate every inch of my body and be haunted by voices that tell me to lose weight until I fucking die" or "today I'll feel empty and lost and then think about suicide and how I'm worthless and useless and meaningless. Oh, we're also going to grandma's at twelve". We have to end the "mental illnesses are a weakness / decision" mentality because it's destructive as hell.

I can't put it in words!

I have watched you deal with your past. I have seen the pain in your eyes and the frustration in your cheeks. My heart has felt for you just as you feel for mine. I know its not hurt or loss that pains you. Its anger and frustration with the person you left behind. Someone who was not right for you. Someone who made you regress and took away from your happiness. Someone who cared more about them selves than anything else. Someone who had the biggest victim mentality I have ever seen in my life. I supported you throught that time because you are such a nice guy you never ask for help. Never wanting to put anyone else out. But in doing so you neglected yourself. You let yourself down, just as I did, just as most of us do by trying to please others. Its never good to give all of yourself to another because you are often left with nothing for yourself. Its not selfish to look out for yourself because if you dont no one else will. There is nothing wrong with standing your ground and rejecting those who dare to reject you. There is no reason to tolerate abuse in your life and I know what its like to do just that because we arnt taught that abuse can be psychological, in fact it most often is. Physical abuse isnt tolerated and nearly every time punished but it is the psychological abuse and manipulation that hurts the most! I knew this as a child. Sticks and stones could break my bones but your words could cripple me for life. We are a product of our environment and unfortunately parents often fail us. In many ways. Your ex should be ashamed of herself, the spoilt manipulative brat she is. The true definition of a selfish abusive woman. I have met a lot of people like her but she is by far the worst. I dont blame you for the hold she had on you ive fallen for the same well laid traps. Never knowing my worth so I could easily be controlled by anyone who dangled acceptance over my head. But it makes my skin crawl the cruel ways she tortured you. The way she smashes her way through life destroting everyone and everything in her path bu tgets away with it all for free. There is no punishment harsh enough for that type of person.

#psychopondělí 👩🏻‍⚕️ is back😎, dneska v hlavní roli:.
PTSD, neboli posttraumatická stresová porucha💂🏻‍♀️.
Nemoc duše spojována nejčastěji s trápením válečných veteránů, obětí znásilnění, ale nejen jich.
Začíná jako opožděná reakce na mimořádně ohrožující nebo katastrofickou událost.
Typickými projevy jsou tzv. "flashbacky"🗯, kdy se otřesný zážitek opakovaně vrací v neodbytných vzpomínkách. Dotyčný se také vyhýbá situacím, které by mu traumatickou situaci jakkoli připomínaly. Často se přidávají potíže se spánkem😴, podrážděnost až "lekavost"😲, problémy se soustředěním😳 nebo ztráta schopnosti prožívat pozitivní emoce😣.
PTSD se ale netýká jen války nebo trestných činů. Zvýšeně se objevuje např. u pacientů s vážnými popáleninami, po náhlých zdravotních komplikacích, jako je mrtvice nebo infarkt, po onkologické léčbě nebo umělém přerušení těhotenství.
Nejdůležitějším faktorem v léčbě posttraumatické stresové poruchy je její správné a včasné rozpoznání☝🏻. Terapií volby je pak psychoterapie (KBT, psychodynamická, podpůrná...)🤝, kterou mohou podpořit nižší dávky antidepresiv💊.

CareForHealth Public service announcement & charity 👊🏽 because #mentalhealthmatters #donate #awareness #recovery 🙏🏽 #ramzan #charity @careforhealth00

It's a good thing we have our picture-perfect Instagram squares to make us look happy and put-together when we don't feel that way at all. 📷
I try to be fairly honest here on my Instagram account. But it's also hard for me to share when I'm not happy or I don't have energy or I'm not feeling it for whatever reason.
But one of my favorite platitudes (if you will) is "It's okay to not be okay."
To me this is a lot more comforting than "It'll get better" or "There's light at the end of the tunnel", because instead of pressuring me to grin and bear it and hold out for hope that might be a long time coming, it reminds me that life isn't always what we want it to be and it's not a bad thing that it's not picture perfect. It's okay to have feelings that aren't contentment and happiness because life is good AND bad and you can't have one without the other. .
Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows but SO FAR I've found it to be worth it and I sincerely hope you do too! I promise that you are not alone, even if you don't understand why you feel the way you do. .
Instagram can make everything seem more attractive than it is sometimes, so it's important to understand that it isn't real life, it just contains images from life--usually the good parts. I know for a fact that all these other people you see in their picture-perfect Instagram squares don't always have picture-perfect lives. And that's okay. 💙
📸 @donniephotography

Ich liebe meine Narben, sie haben mich zu dem Menschen gemacht der ich heute bin. Ich steh dazu, ich hab viel Scheisse gebaut und ich hab zuviele Drogen genommen, zuviel getrunken, zuviele Menschen verletzt und immer versucht auf die Realität zu scheissen. Ich hab mich selbst verletzt, konnte diesem innerlichen Druck nicht entkommen. Bis ich durch ein schlimmes Ereignis mein Gesicht und meine Arme aufgeschnitten habe und mich meine Tante ins Krankenhaus gebracht hat. Psychiatrie und Therapie haben mir geholfen, mit diesem Druck umzugehen. Entzug hat mir geholfen von Drogen und Alkohol wegzukommen. Ich liebe mein Leben, meine Freunde und meine Familie und ohne Freunde und Familie wär ich schon lang nicht mehr da. Den es gab nicht nur einen Selbstmordversuch. Doch das alles liegt hinter mir, und auch wenns manchmal schwierig ist, bleib ich standhaft. Jetzt hab ich meine Geschichte erzählt. Meine Narben sind ein Teil von mir. Ich liebe sie. ❤ / Das hier soll euch begreiflich machen, dass man sich nicht schämen sollte für seine Vergangenheit, für die Narben und für seinen Körper. Ihr seid toll, so wie ihr seid. 🌹/ #mentalhealthmatters #therapy #scars #lifegoals #teilvonmir #glücklich #manchmalzwarnochdepressiveepisoden #aberauchdaswirdbesser #storytelling #miristheutedanach #proud #nobodyshaming


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"Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams." - Ashley Smith

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Day 57: I am becoming more and more open to the divine feminine within me. She is ready to recieve with gentle arms and a fire in her belly. Here is this mornings creative release.

#100daysoffearlessselfexpression #100dayproject

Day One of this magical therapeutic residential retreat has been absorbed with all things #addiction #substancemisuse and #unconscious patterns 🤽🏻‍♀️ Make sure to keep a peek at the Instagram stories throughout these coming days for more intimate moments and the blog later this week for in-depth feedback and experiential expression 🦋 #grouptherapy #individualtherapy #complementarytherapy #healing #reiki #qotd #art #arttherapy #selfcare #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #selflove #wellbeing #raiseawareness #stopstigma #mentalwellbeing #lblogger #lbloggers #instadaily #instafollow #trauma #addiction #ptsd #artpsychotherapy #instablogger #instalove #lgbt #carers

Merrr I'm gonna make the best of today. But the past few days I've just felt so .. Clouded . I don't know how to describe it . but I just feel not right .-. I hate when I get in these moods . .but sometimes I can't help it .. It just hits me like a brick wall . 😂😥😔 .. 💖 .

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Depression. There's nothing romantic about it.

Mondays are for #meditation.

'Life shrinks or expands in proportion with ones courage' 🌙

Such a cute idea, loved finding all these quotes around @adventurecafebar when I visited this evening!
The 'you are beautiful' quote in the bathroom should be on all mirrors ❤️ #bodypositive #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthawareness #quotestagram #quotesoftheday #quotestoliveby #quotesofinstagram #sayingsandquotes #positiveaffirmations #positiveattitude #positivequotes #wordstoliveby #wordsofwisdom

Good morning ☀️ Steaming cuppa to start my day 💗

#T2 #T2tea #frenchearlgrey #T2obsessed #goodmorning #winter #brisbaneanyday

Day 8 of 21 Day Gratitude Challenge💣💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
This feels like it's getting easier but I don't want to speak to soon...so...😜😂💪
Today's thing that stuck out on my gratitude list is number 10, my body. I am quite shocked coz it came out of no where, I went with it and wrote it down. I have never been greatful for my body. I have always hated It, feared It, held it responsible, blamed It, hurt It, disregarded It, took advantage of It, neglected It, harmed It, abused It, lied to it, forgotten It, given it away, let it be taken, got angry with It, lashed out at it, abandoned It, cheated on It, pretended it was fine and battered it. I have been terrified of my body since I was in the womb when there was sickness and illness and i was born premature and nearly died. My body was not mine from the moment I was born. It belonged to my mother. She moulded it, she shaped It, she determined everything about it. She abused it. Then other people abused it. Men. And that's before I was even 10. It went on and on. When I hit puberty I taped down my boobs, I wore 2 leotards, I tried everything to make them go away. I hated them and they hated me and i was so so so scared. The fear of getting fat and looking like a prostitute loomed over my every waking doom filled day. My mother monitored everything. What I ate, what I wore. She documented and inspected my body daily, to check for impurities and deformities. She kept taking me to the doctors because "something" was wrong with my girls parts. I was her muse, and she, as an artist felt it was her right to paint me, for hours and hours and days on end. I was naked and i was not allowed cover. At these times she disguised it under the artistic veil of the artists eye where the body was beautiful and to be admired but she scrutinised it and analysed it and tortured my head. By the time she had left me and i was 14, my body was a rubbish sack. Then I filled it with drugs and pain and alcohol and pain and sex and pain and abuse and pain and neglect and pain and death and pain and it was over flowing and i tried to dispose of my rubbish bag body and wanted to kill it but it wouldn't die....continued below⬇⬇⬇

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