On Saturday, August 25th, don’t be surprised if you see over 150+ motorcycles and vehicles drive through Park City (with a motorcade escort) as part of the 2018 Utah Vision Rally honoring loved ones who have been lost to suicide. Join CONNECT Summit County by welcoming the riders at approximately 12:30 pm. at the Park City Fire Station, 736 Bitner Road. If you or anyone you know would like to remember their loved one with us on that day, please send their picture and full name to: Erika@thmemorialfoundation.org by 5 PM on August 20.
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@connectsummitcounty is proud to be sponsoring this event with @thmemorialfoundation

The more we try and fight and rid ourselves from our anxiety, the worse we will feel.⠀

The anxiety state we find ourselves in is a result of overworked and sensitised nerves caused by constant tension and kept alive by fear of how we feel. The nerves, that dictate how anxiety makes us feel, are part of the involuntary nervous system, meaning that we aren’t able to control them in the same we that we can’t control our heart beating or our kidneys working.⠀

The more we fight and try and think our way out of anxiety, the more bewildered and desperate we become, adding more stress on top of an already over-stressed body, fuelling more anxious symptoms.⠀

Anxiety is a normal response to stress, however, we magnify the feelings by fearing them and ruminating! Know that it is completely normal and OK to have anxiety!⠀

By moving towards the feelings, we tell our brain that it is OK to feel this way. If we retreat, we send the opposite message and never move forward. ⠀

In short:⠀

• Allow anxiety to come, without fearing it⠀
• Know that anxiety is a normal response under the circumstance.⠀
• Don’t try and fight your nervous system, you’ll just add more stress⠀

You’ve got this 💪🏻❤️

So I had a moment today.
I didn't say any of it aloud to myself like I used to. Maybe I'm just not ready for that yet. But I looked at my very newly declared "overweight" body and thought to myself:
You know what? For now, I'm just extremely thankful that I still *have* a body. I should not be alive after everything I've done to myself, so it really doesn't matter if my soul is being carried around in a body classified as underweight, normal weight, overweight, obese, or anything else.
My body is obviously still struggling for its mere survival and the focus needs to be on that. Now is not really the time to drastically cut fat and build muscle for the sake of prepping my body for the skin removal surgeries.
My timeline for that has suddenly changed and that's creating a kind of internal crisis. In less than a year, I will have no place to live which means no place to recover safely from all the surgeries, so this obviously creates a problem.
But I can't really think that far ahead right now. I'm in so much daily pain, nothing feels right, I've been worried about my heart for months now, so something like my body's appearance can't take priority.
Yes, for my emotional and physical well being, the surgeries do need to happen at some point, but only when my health is restored.
Last night my legs and feet were so swollen that I could barely walk. My dad drove me to the pharmacy and after a pharmacist consult, I bought diuretics. I had to take them for a while to help with my build up of excess brain fluid after the car accident a few years ago, but hadn't used any since. Already the swelling has lessened a bit. I can bend my knees without the skin on my legs feeling as if it's about to rip open. I still can't wear socks, but my legs are no longer throbbing with pain.
I still haven't done anything drastic or freaked out, I ate today, I rested, though I'm consumed by ED thoughts to begin a new restrictive regimen, with new ED goals, etc, but I'm managing to keep them as simply thoughts.
I'm ok.

This is something I literally never understood. From the time I was a kid, monogamy never seemed...... plausible?? Idk. Love who you love. Just be honest. #honesty #Polyamorus
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But "they" still won't understand 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
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I thought I’d begin a series of weekly terms or phrases to share with my audience. Just to spice up my content, you know, instead of the usual food pics 😅! So...this week, I’ve decided to share the term ‘PERENCAT MONOAMINA OKSIDASE.’ It’s the official Malay translation for monoamine oxidase inhibitor, aka MAOIs.

MAOIs are a class of drugs that act on the enzyme monoamine oxidase. A little tip for those who might not already be aware - usually, when a word ends in the suffix -ase, it’s referring to an enzyme.

MAOIs work by inhibiting said enzyme, thereby increasing the availability of monoamine transmitters, a property that is exploited in the manufacturing of antidepressants.

More coming soon ☺️ Feel free to like, share and comment!

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Make yourself laugh! Set yourself free! If you aren’t laughing I don’t think you are living life to its fullest potential. Have you ever been sad, and then for some reason something made you laugh? I bet during those 3 seconds of laughter you forgot about the problem and then you probably felt good afterwards! 😂
This is the reason behind our Instagram story today, I wanted to make myself laugh, so I found a way to do it.😂

Mental illnesses also come with a name. They too deserve their share of awareness and sympathy. .
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summer is winding down, (thank you autumn-hemp-milk-latte-jesus). @thekevinbaker + I have been counting down the days till we can unashamedly drink cider + jig w the sanderson sisters. nonetheless, here’s your 2-hour “august” playlist (don’t judge me, I know we’re halfway through the month) w a slew of mellow sunday self-care ritual bops + a few for those end of summer ragers & shamelessly reckless brunches; you can thank @thedontoliver for those. be well, friend. Dr. Dyce
featuring: @asohblack @foggieraw @larryfisherman @ianewingmke @clairo @londonoconnor @ilovemakonnen @v_i_l_l_e_t_t_e @bigbabydram @the_mura_masa @sango_ @refsmusic @wafiaaa @goldlink @brckhmptn @mariboustate @itrapoften @mac_ayres_official @oddisee @theinternet
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“How else do you expect to roll with big boys?” 😁🍳
But on a serious note, I don’t think there is anything inherently bad with wanting to improve or achieve a certain aesthetic physique so long as the measures you go about doing so aren’t detrimental in the long term. 🍃
However, if you are personally struggling with body image issues, perhaps the first step towards self love and acceptance can be to start to see your body for all its capabilities, rather than solely its physical image. (Hope this helps!)

You choose it every single day .
Are you grateful for the people, things, places, routines that you wake up to every day....?
If not then only you can change that 💖💕
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This is one thing that I struggle with. I get ashamed when I have bad days. When my mental health is not flawless. Or when my anxiety is doing the most. Its a struggle of a struggle. -
I'm not Superwoman. Technically my archetype is one of being a Nurturer (if you want to know more about your personality archetype or human design [which goes waaaaay deeper than your sun astro sign] then visit @freeandnative ) but I feel like I'm supposed to ALWAYS have it together or at the very least be uber positive 24/7 with a smile on my face inside and out. -
I tell myself: "Fucccck why don't I have it ALL together today?"
Then shame sets in.
I get embarrassed by this. -
This is something I'm trying like hell to be more mindful about AND be more compassionate with myself when it comes to my mental health. I need to resolve that I'm a grown ass woman with challenges just like everyone else. I don't need to be in some race to be perfect essentially, allll day every day.
And I damn sure don't need to be ashamed either. -
I think that happens bc I don't want anyone to judge me if I open up to them (and I think we have all experienced being judged by someone we trusted the one time we decided to open up)
So I end up feeling bad for feeling bad! 😢😢😢
Well, this gives me a good journal prompt tonight...
Dream Sweet Peeps! ❤

Smile 😁😁😁 We often bring the day before or the week befores negativity into the next day which means youbhave set the tone to be another day which contains the negativity that is exhausting. Dissolve all of yesterdays negativity and start again by waking up and smiling, that simple trick can set your brain to say Ok this feels good, today is going to be a good day.
Then set your intentions


AND Keep Smiling 😁 -
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R.I.P. Jill Janus, lead singer from @huntresskills ...According to a statement by her relatives and band mates, Janus killed herself at the age of 43 on Tuesday outside of Portland, Oregon after a long struggle with mental illness. Janus had been open about her struggles and was an advocate for mental health and encouraged anyone who was suffering to get help. The statement from the family also encouraged anyone who may consider harming themselves to call the national suicide prevention lifeline. Call 1-800-273-8255 for free confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sitting in a sauna at 92 degrees isn’t for everyone, but this is one part of my mental health plan to stay on top of everything. After every weights session I sit in here to sweat, recover, relax and reflect. Over the next week, challenge yourself to find that thing that makes you feel good. It might be a walk, gym session, spending time with friends, yoga, reading a book or even cooking a new recipe. There’s so many different things you can attempt to make yourself feel good. Have a great weekend and NEVER GIVE UP!

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