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Time for a little Wednesday realness.
There are some days I look glam to the 9s, and some days where I resemble a bear 🐻 (I love bears no shame no shame)
Most days I resemble a bear, due to the fact that I have a mental illness and the idea of brushing my hair sometimes makes me feel dead inside.
It's okay that some days you don't look your best. It's okay that there are days where you can't face the world.
It's okay to have days where even the simplest task is the hardest.
Mental illness is tough, but YOU are tougher.
Instagram is all smoke and mirrors; people often show you want they WANT you to see.
Well here's me looking like a bear. Enjoy.

The woman who took these photos, @naomiswood, and I had a really interesting conversation this week. I said that I often used the line 'happiness isn't a destination, it's a journey' and applied it to beauty. I've written that here before. That beauty isn't a thing or a place but that it's an experience. However, Naomi talked about happiness as just another standard we have to meet, and in turn feel bad when we don't meet. 'As long as you're happy'. It's starting to dawn on me that 'beauty standards' aren't just harmful because they're impossible to meet but because it encourages the notion that we HAVE to be beautiful.
I feel so much like the truth of the body positive movement is sinking into my veins. It strengthens every day. The new connections I have with my body actually turned out to encourage disconnections I never imagined. I like to feel 'in' my body, but when it hurts it's okay to be out of it, I still am and I like to feel beauty in my body but when I don't, I'm still comfortable that I am. Because I just am. This is it. This is me. Naked, exposed, in my truth, as I am.

✨Rebelliously Tiny Podcast ✨ Episode 4: Celia is now online!
Please visit ambivalentlyyours.com/podcast or subscribe on itunes or Stitcher.
Here’s this week’s question: “I have severe anxiety and it's hard for me to do some daily tasks. People roll their eyes at me everyday and tell me to get over it. No one understands that my anxiety is like this demon on my shoulder. I am strong and anxiety does not control me.” This week, we speak with vlogger, writer and feminist philosopher Celia Edell (@ceedling) about mental health. Our question is about anxiety, and Celia has a lot of great advice, including tips about how to get help and what to do when people tell you to “just get over it.” She tells us a little bit about her personal experiences and how they have shaped her perspectives on mental health. We talk about different coping mechanisms like listening to podcasts or watching Gilmore Girls and Teen Mom, and the power of a good cry. Ambivalently Yours and Celia also share experiences of online hate and criticisms, and strategies for ignoring hateful comments. Finally, towards the end of the episode, Zhi Xi, who you may have met in our episode last week, asks Celia for some advice.
Learn more about Celia’s work at @ceedling on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. *Content Warning: discussions of mental health issues; online misogyny. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ A podcast by Ambivalently Yours

Co-produced by Hannah McCasland

Recorded at (with their technical and financial support) @oboro4001
Technical support: Stéphane Claude

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Little reminder to take your meds today 💙 there is no shame in taking medication for your mental health! Nobody would ever mock others for taking stuff for their blood pressure or their allergies or skin conditions but still there's a big bohooo concerning psychopharmacology! And this is harmful! So on my breakfast platter you'll find thyroxin for my not working thyroid, fluoxetine for my all time low serotonin and bupropion that fights my fatigue and cuts of the very bad edges of my depression. I'm very grateful for these pills, believe me. If you feel like you could use medical support, talk to your doctor about it. Get help! THERE 👏🏼IS👏🏼NO👏🏼SHAME👏🏼IN👏🏼GETTING👏🏼HELP! I am very proud of you all, and now go and have a freaking day! #idome #ginieatworld #medication #selfcare #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #breakfast #goodmorning

Signs that you may need to see a therapist, or that you need to switch up something in your life: your last 10 days were almost all sadness or exhaustion. Looking back and reflecting made me realize I may need to reach out and talk to a professional about my emotions & why my depression is coming back full force lately. It's such a scary thought to seek help from therapy, but I know it will be helpful. #FischrJournals #ohwowyes #depression #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness

November - June.
I was 15-20lbs lighter on the left, I must have been happier in the left? I was leaner, I looked "better" and weighed less. I must have been confident, and proud.
I was insecure.
I was obsessed with what I ate, and not eating "too" much or different things.
I could barely enjoy my trip as I was stressing about what it would do to my body.
I was fixated on staying lean, ignoring what was best for my body.
When I reflect back on where I was in that right picture I remember thinking I had balance, and was in a good place mentally and physically with my body image. I was lying to myself. Now that I have taken the time to work on myself and focus on the true things that bring me happiness I realize how off balance I really was.
I still have a long way to go as switching my mindset from doing the same thing for so many years won't happen overnight. The thing that matters most is that you are being open to change and more importantly you are working on it. Things take time, but little by little you'll look back and realize you've climbed a mountain.

A lot of people would look at this photo and think OMG you look so much healthier on the right!
But they'd be WRONG .
My doctors kept saying GAIN WEIGHT you'll feel so much better! All your health problems will disappear!
But they were WRONG.
The more healthy weight I gained the worse I felt. Because of my the chronic bacterial infection in my stomach & intestines food was actually making me sicker!
So the more I ate the worse I felt. .
This is a really good example that HEALTH DOES NOT HAVE A LOOK.
Right now my weight falls somewhere between these two photos... I look "healthy" but I'm actually experiencing the worst health in my life. So bad that if I don't get better it will lead to organ failure. .
And this had nothing to do with my size! Of course it's best to not be underweight...but at the end of the day being a "healthy weight" does not automatically mean you are healthy.
A healthy body can look a million different ways and come in ALL shapes and sizes.
Health does not look a certain way and neither does illness.
Most people would never look at me and assume I'm sick...
Just a lesson to never judge a person by their appearance..you don't know their story❤️


This is Nicholas James Vujicic,born 4 December 1982. He is an extraordinary human being, a Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms and legs. He truly demonstrates the ability of how to overcome adversity and takes life head on.He's also the perfect ambassador for being grateful for what you have. He is, are you? http://powerwithpurpose.com.au/counselling/#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #disparate #dispare #desperation #depression #anxietie #courage #suicide #

This is to anybody out there who is suffering with mental illness ❤️Its not talked about enough and I've had times in my life where I struggled with mental health and it was sometimes hard to see how I'd get through each day. The battle never stops but it does get easier and there is always someone there for you to talk to, keep fighting ❤️ #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #talkaboutmentalhealth #staystrong

First real attempt at a plank. I don't think I did too bad! I'm surprised the video didn't show how much I was actually shaking x.x

❌Lie: "you're making it up"
💙Truth: no you're confused and afraid and you're asking for help which takes so much courage. If they can't see the truth you don't need them. Don't let other people's ignorance fuel your self doubt. ❌ Lie: "it's all in your head, the pain isn't real" 💙 Truth: Do you feel pain? If yes then the pain is real. It doesn't matter if the source of the pain is a paper cut, a broken leg, or psychological. PAIN IS PAIN AND YOU DESERVE TO HEAL!!! ❌ Lie: "there are no physical symptoms of depression"
💙 Truth: umm okay tell that to my headaches, my fatigue, my body aches, my lack of appetite, my upset stomach.
Other people's ignorance doesn't make your struggle any less real. I don't care if it's your best friend, your parents, your doctor, or anyone else! Depression is real. The pain in real. The symptoms are real. And you deserve help. ❤❤ #depression #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #stigma #lies #mentalillness #itsokaytonotbeokay #youreperfectjustthewayyouare #youarevalid


Hey guys Just started my own blog focused on improving mental health, travel and recovery. Feel free to jump on and have a read.
#travel #mentalhealth #wellness #mentalhealthawareness #beyondblue #mentalillness #recovery #travelgram #traveling #traveler #photooftheday #depression #headspace

So I've decided to take part in the Tough Guy & Gal Challenge 2017 to raise awareness for Mental Health. Everyone knows I am not one to voluntarily go for a run so this should be an interesting test for me 😅
Head over to the Givealittle page for a read and help us out 💪And don't forget to share 👌
**Link in bio**
#mentalhealthawareness #noshame #keepfighting #fitness #motivation #mudrun #fitspiration #letstalk

People with schizoid personality disorder tend to be distant, detached, and indifferent to social relationships. They generally are loners who prefer solitary activities and rarely express strong emotion.
This does NOT mean that we are one flew over the cuckoo's nest. I'm always being judged by the words Schizoid Personality Disorder, normally by people who are so ignorant and up their own ass' to actually get to know the person and read up on it.
It's time people grew up and stop being morons. Do some research on mental health issues beforehand. Don't judge before you get to know a person.
#mentalhealthawareness #personalitydisorders #schizophrenia #schizoidpersonalitydisorder #bipolardisorder #cptsd #ptsdawareness #endmentalhealthstigma #dotheresearch

24x7 🙉🙈🙊BE A CHAMPION FOR #MentalHealthAwareness ITS OK⭐️GET HELP! #ShareResources #LiftHelpless 💈💫⏰ M.RaMaggio

Thank you @behindthenetra for sharing your story and being the voice our community needs to address the rising Mental Health issues.
We stand by you in that creative expression is a life changing tool, which can dissolve negative thought patterns and further open room for self-love and healing.
If you haven't already had the chance please watch Jaspreet's Ted Talk.
Let's continue to create space to share these stories and combat the stigma towards Mental Health together!
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📸: @nakedwithanxiety

A big problem Arm welcome to our new brand ambassador @jennagetshergoals !!! Thank you so much for being a part of our tesm💕😍 We love having the opportunity to bring on strong, hardworking women who keep it real and never give up on reaching those goals! #Endorfit

Cheers to 14 months self harm free! Celebrate the little victories! How do you treat yourself? 🎉🌵#pricklypear #endthestigma #mentalhealthawareness #recovery #starbucks

24x7 🙉🙈🙊BE A CHAMPION FOR #MentalHealthAwareness ITS OK⭐️GET HELP! #ShareResources #LiftHelpless 💈💫⏰ M.RaMaggio

24x7 🙉🙈🙊BE A CHAMPION FOR #MentalHealthAwareness ITS OK⭐️GET HELP! #ShareResources #LiftHelpless 💈💫⏰ M.RaMaggio

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