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Don't let anyone make you feel like you can't admit if you don't feel right. Don't be scared to tell people how you feel if you think something is wrong. Get the help you need ❤ #mentalhealthawareness #anxietyawareness #speakout #dontbeashamed

10 things I have learned since working on myself. 10 things I'd love to share with you:
1. You are enough. Until you realize this adding more to yourself won't change how you think about yourself.
2. You are worthy of happiness and self-love. Focus on working through the thoughts and feelings that try to make you think otherwise (therapy, journaling and self-help books work best for me).
3. You are more than a number on a scale, a body-fat percentage or how much muscle/toned you look. The way your body looks shouldn't determine your happiness.
4. Food should never make you feel anxious, guilty or ashamed. Letting go of the control you have over your body and your food makes you realize you never had the control in the first place.
5. It's important to put your mental health first. You are never alone in your mental health struggles. You will get through the darkest of days. And if you don't think you can, reach out. There is ALWAYS help.
6. Working out shouldn't be a chore or something you have to do out of fear of gaining weight. It should be something you enjoy and makes you feel good.
7. Life is meant to be lived, experience it all regardless of the calories.
8. You will never truly be happy or have a happy relationship until you focus on the relationship and love you have for yourself.
9. Cellulite, blemishes, stretch marks or scars should never ever prevent you from wearing a bikini. Everyone has a bikini body, and those who think not have their own struggles to focus on.
10. You are exactly who you are supposed to be and the moment you realize it and appreciate it, is the moment you start really living. It's your life, live for yourself and NOT the approval of others.

Throwback to just 3 days ago when it was actually sunny and hot for a day and I enjoyed the sweetest yellow watermelon on my balcony which I love so so much. Today it rained non stop, so I only left the house to run some errands and buy fruit (my first figs this season except the ones I had in Portugal - and omg mouthgasm 💥💥💥). I cleaned my whole apartment and got desk work done 💻 My health is not in the best state, too much stress whether emotional or physical seriously is a killer, I can't say this often enough. Even more so when you are highly sensitive / had traumatic experiences in the past. I got a few test results back today, still waiting for the rest that will hopefully arrive next week. So far everything fits together and explains the symptoms I'm having. #adrenalfatigue But hey, I'm still able to walk, eat, even do yoga and practice handstands, I have two hands, two legs and a heart beating to keep me alive. I AM. And life is happening right now! I know that this is serious and I need to take care of myself but I am also constantly reminding myself of how far I have come already and of all the things I am grateful for ♥️ Every morning when I wake up no matter how tough my night has been and how many anxious thoughts are just waiting to creep up within, every morning I hug myself and I say thank you. Thank you for another day! I know that I am exactly where I need to be, this is all just part of my journey. I won't let negative thoughts win and start feeling like a victim to life. Every day I'm uncovering and releasing stubborn negative beliefs from the past, it's so important to do the inner work and get rid of what keeps us from truly healing. Tell yourself you deserve to live, to be happy, to give and receive love. For years I have been my own worst enemy, internalizing all my pain and only creating more suffering. We need to take responsibility for our life. Everything that happens we either cause or allow 💫 Good night angels 🌙 thanks for all the love on my blogpost yesterday 💋 .
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"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"......Really?

Anorexia isn't collar bones. It's the smell of your rotting flesh as you slowly dismantle your body 💀 Anorexia isn't thigh gaps. It's your knees so weak that with every step you feel the vibration of the ground shudder through your entire body. Anorexia isn't self control 💪🏻 It's the feeling of hopelessness as your life spirals away from your grasps. Anorexia isn't loveable. It's the sound of your mother sobbing her eyes out as she watches her child die 💦 Anorexia isn't Xkgs. It's the weight of a thousand pulsing suns on your shoulders 🔥
Anorexia is your hair falling out, your skin cracking, flaking, bleeding, your nails chipping, your bones aching, your periods stopping, your head pounding, your heart throbbing, your eyesight blurring, your hearing fading....It's the loss of sleep, the repetitive black outs, the lack of concentration, the constant hunger pains. It's the fear of eating your favourite food or any food at all 🍽 It's the loss of friends and a social life to constant doctors appointments and hospital admissions 🏥It's the rattling anxiety and crippling depression that comes with being so overly aware of your own body....but you know it FEELS great.

No matter what measure of gravity you have in this earth ⚖️🌏 Anorexia Nervosa is real and it hurts 💔 No one deserves to suffer this way and the fact that it is glorified by society is consequence of sheer ignorance #MentalHealthAwareness

One thing that I have received through my therapy sessions is the firm belief that the concept of self should not be confused with greed, not even associated completely.
This is because somehow that makes it a negative concept, in my opinion.
The concept of self is not negative, and surely it goes through a journey of acceptance, discovery and actualization.
I came across this on a journey, and I am glad that I did. I am not the person I was years ago, months back or even a day before. I am new everyday, so is everyone, and we should not apologize for that.
If one is learning things as each day passes and those are good for us first, and then for society, I don't think we should ever be apologetic.
It's okay if a year back you thought you won't be able to live without a partner and now you think actually you would. It's okay if the very next day you sanely decide to start loving someone.
Your life belongs to you and your choices before anything or anyone else. You can apologize to yourself for some decisions and even thank yourself for some.
My therapist, after every session, asks me who understands me the most. She knows the answer, I know the answer. You know the answer too, because you do. //In the photograph, Harleen. Taken on a random day in college.// #HalfArtist

Just about 2 months ago something happened that disturbed my entire emotional and physical being. May sound a little victim-y but it’s the truth. I want to send love to anyone and everyone that has felt this type of human experience (most likely everyone), cuz f**k it sucks. I acknowledge you and validate you with my entire being!
I kinda hate the saying “time heals everything” because although it’s true it doesn’t take away or lessen the pain in that moment. It almost makes it worse because in a time of tragedy or trauma time slows down and every second you are in survival mode. I’m a pisces and super sensitive so for me that’s my experience. I feel everything deeper which has always been a curse and a gift at the same time. Anyone relate?
The point: I’ve hit every single human and spiritual emotion in the past two months. It’s a crazyyy ride that’s for sure. As time keeps passing it’s a little easier to wake up each day. I know that the hardest things in our lives are our biggest lessons. There is really nothing stronger in a human than to completely break and piece yourself back together again. What’s even more intense is we as humans are susceptible to breaking over and over and over again which also means we are able to heal ourselves over and over and over again.
I actually said to myself: I think the Universe is going to give me a break for a few years. I think I’ve been through enough in my past. I’ve grown and healed and found my happiness. Not that I’ve released ALL of my emotional baggage but I got to a pretty balanced place. It seemed like life was going to be a smooth ride for a bit… and WHAM I was “gifted” with one of the biggest lessons yet in my 28 years of life. I looked up at the Universe and said, “REALLY?!, WHY THIS? NOT THIS! IT CAN’T BE THIS!” And the Universe said, this will teach you exactly what you get to learn. I know this is your biggest fear and I know that you are strong enough to overcome this.
Sometimes we are just put in shitty situations that we have no other option but to overcome. The reason I’m sharing this is because no matter where you are in your healing I want you to feel your feelings....
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oh grandma, must you talk about how to deep fry a chip while I try and eat my sandwich in a room filled with people 🙄 on a cheerier note, the musical was amazing!! It was 'the Fidler on the Roof' with that classic song "if I were a rich man" and "matchmaker" (matchmaker matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch...🎶) there was rain, fire, projected photos of the real Russian Jews the play was about and lots of amazing dancing including tap 👞 you guys got a favourite musical? One you saw recently? One from your childhood? 🎷🥁🎼 #sandwich #recovery #recovering #recoverywin #edrecovery #2fab4ana #anarecovery #anorexianervosa #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #realrecovery #recoveryispossible #recoveryisworthit #anorexiarecovery #beatana #fuckana #anawho #anawarrior #anafighter #anasoldier #edfighter #edsoldier #edfamily #edfam #edcommunity #mentalhealthawareness #orthorexia #eatittobeatit #nourishnotpunish #prorecovery

Eating healthy isn’t just about what foods you eat – it’s also about eating the right portions. For example, a serving of chicken should be about the size of a deck of cards. And be careful of large or super sized menu items at restaurants. To learn more about choosing the right portion sizes, visit choosemyplate.gov.⠀
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When you wear the same outfit from yesterday because no one at the gym saw you in it...and even if they did, you wouldn't care. So far, today is an up day in regards to my mood. And I made a new friend in the gym. So, that's a win. Same details as yesterday in regards to the outfit. @built_apparel all day, fam.

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#MentalHealth is something we all deal with, just like physical health...sadly some of us suffer with #MentalHealthIssues Please go to @good_shit_daily IG page and visit the link in her bio. If you can donate, that would be great every dollar helps...if you cannot, just share her campaign. Thank you. 🙏🏻 #StPete #EndTheStigma #YouAreNotAlone -- Repost from @good_shit_daily using @RepostRegramApp - We are in the final stretch of fund raising for the first annual GSD dance walk and I want to make it fun.
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Talking with a fellow friend today who is deeply depressed. I remember what it feels like to lie there in torture with your own thoughts. It does feel like you are in pain. The thing is when in a depressed state your thoughts control your mind, you don't control your thoughts and it's very hard. I see depressed people as some of the strongest people I know, every thought is a battle and every breath can feel like a real effort, every day can feel like a war. I help people with depression. Mostly at its core is not feeling enough, not feeling lovable and or not feeling like xyz is available to you. We are all enough. Love to anyone that feels like this or has ever feel like this you are not alone and you are more than enough ❤️❤️❤️#depression #depressionhurts #iamenough #youareenough #therapy #soulwork #soultherapy #lightworker #lightworkers #selflove #selfworth #emotionalhealth #emotionalfreedom #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #imhere #butterfly #butterflywoman #warrior #lightsaber #loveyourself #loveeveryday #kindness #compassion

My little pink, heart filled, lotus crystal cup of love, hope and healing for all whose inner light may be feeling a little bit dimmed or overwhelmed. Light a candle for the world, may we all stand in the light and understand love x

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Well I haven't been on here for a while but that's a good thing. Now let's see: sleep is still up and down but massively improved, however I'm having lots of nightmares, I eat more however it's mostly Maltesers so lmao. General mood is meh, I guess I'm just worried, like, am I better? Or are my meds the cause? Or am I just good at distractions? Who knows ay. But seriously... I GOT INTO UNI! Despite everything I went through I managed to achieve 3 amazing A levels; 2 B's and an A*! AHHHHH! DIDN'T KNOW I HAD IT IN ME BUT I FUCKING SMASHED IT. Even when I as arguing with my ex 24/7, even when I was wishing I was dead, even when I stopped fucking trying, I came through and surprised myself! So well done me! But yeah, life is good, really fucking good, and my God am I happy I'm still here because I'm on cloud 9, look out world, I'm coming for you😉

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Dr. Rentie @thepsychgroup and I continued our celebration of women empowerment by participating in #blackgirlsgather discussions hosted by @kimberlynfoster founder & editor of chief @for.harriet #saturdayfun

Just rescued this little 12 week old Joey named Prince he's very scared jumpy and wants to bite. He wasn't very well handled and needed a home where he can get all the love and nurturing possible. So I went and saved this lil guy. Lots of work and soon he weill be esa like my 2 girls. I will not give up on him

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I'm Chloë I am drained. Mentally and physically. I feel guilty. I feel ashamed. I feel like a failure as a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter. I feel like I constantly let everybody down when I'm down. Days like this kill me and people don't realise. It takes every ounce of your energy to battle with yourself everyday. Not one person ever texts me or calls me to ask how I am. No one takes time to see me. And it's because of me. It's because I'm depressed, or it's because I'm too hyper, or its' because I'm too loud, or its because I'm boring. I can't win. Whether I'm "up" or "down" I cannot win. That's who I am. An absolute roller coaster of fucked up emotions. What can you do when you've pushed everybody away for being you. #admin #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #anxiety #bipolar #bipolar2 #depression #manicdepressive #mooddisorder #suicidal #down #happy #hypomania #mania #ocd #ptsd #bdd #bpd #borderline #anorexia #eatingdisorder #bulima #bingeeatingdisorder

Best Practice Tip!
I find taking time on the weekends helps me stay on track with healthy meals throughout the week and minimizes some daily stress and worry around "what to eat". Set yourself up for success, you'll see a difference!

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✨Surround yourself with good people. And at the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, be proud of who is looking back. You are the one you've been waiting for. ✨#Regram @karencantuq

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