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I wish for a day we can wake up and tolerate differences.
A day we can stop spreading so much hate.
I hope for a world full of self care and love.
Im hopeful for a world with empathy and acceptance.
I'll never lose hope in kind hearts, strong souls and powerful minds.
I have hope we can change the world.
πŸ’™πŸ’™ #selfiesforselflove

There are some things in this world that glamorize suicide and even depression as something that cant be overcome. It's important to be careful what kind of shows you watch if you are dealing with suicidal thoughts & depression. Suicide is not justice or a means to seek revenge on others for how they treat you. Shows like #13ReasonsWhy may be entertaining for some but very ENCOURAGING for others. We don't want to send the wrong message to those who aren't in the best state of mind for themselves. If you are feeling depressed, having suicidal thoughts, or dealing with anything that may be affecting you please call one of the following hotlines below:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255
National Domestic Violence Hotline - 1-800-799-7233
GLBT National Youth Talk - 1-800-246-7743

National Runaway Safeline - 1-800-786-2929

#suicide #depression #youth #hotline #13reasonswhy #mentalhealth #counseling #support

It's so freeing to watch your body change and love it more as it does
β€’It's okay to step away from fixating on fitness to do other things.
β€’There's nothing wrong with losing your "motivation" to work out.
* It's beautiful to allow yourself to gain weight and truly understand that you're just as beautiful and wonderful, and probably even happier and feeling more fulfilled in your life overall
That's what I've experienced in the last 12 months. I credit my efforts in therapy, REALLY (finally) taking the step to face my eating disorder recovery head on, including my friends & family in needed discussions and support, and most of all freedom and flexibility with my eating and work out regimen. Let g o β€’&β€’ let yourself l i v e

Was so great to hang with my boy @jonny_juicer yesterday here in Miami! Thank you to everyone that came out to his FRUIT/POT LUCK.! If you are not following him make sure to check out his videos as he gives you great ideas on how juice and make amazing smoothies!

Growing quads thicker than my waist πŸ—

This body of mine isn't "perfect". It isn't rid of all the so-called "flaws" the diet industry has made up.
I'm not the biggest I've been but I'm not the smallest either.
I don't always have the best body image days but I do work on self-love every πŸ‘ single πŸ‘ day πŸ‘
Whether it be focusing on my water intake, the type of food I'm putting into my body, type of physical activity, mindfulness exercises or positive self-talk I ALWAYS make time πŸ‘†

I've struggled with anxiety since a very young age & then later on in my life I experienced (and still do) depression, PTSD & OCD.
This tattoo is to remind me day in and out that I am a WARRIOR πŸ‘Šβ€
I am currently on medication for this BUT I do plan on eventually going a more natural route (please do not give any advice on this as I am currently working with a full team). A few weeks ago @tothemoonandbackca
reached out to me and sent me the most BEAUTIFUL aromatherapy bracelet 😭❀ It has rose quartz beads for love & passion ✨❀and a lava bead on the back for essential oils (which I've been slowly dipping into and I love them)
It came to me at such an amazing time ❀

Show yourself love EVERY SINGLE DAY in different ways ❀

You D E S E R V E it ✨
And maybe (or most definetely) treat yourself to an aromatherapy bracelet from @tothemoonandbackca and show a small business some love ❀

TW β€’
'Beth' was shouting at me to ligate. She literally scares me so much...all I wanted was for her to go away! So I did what she told me to do. Which ended in me passing out (I didn't tie a knot, I wasn't doing it to kill myself. Just to shut everything up, to make me numb. A release). Only passed out once before for the same thing, forgot how horrible it is. I woke up all confused-took a while to realise where I was etc... kinda wish I had tied a knot, but then I would hate for my mum to find me like that. That's not the way I want to die. And I'm sorry for always being so negative 😞 #Selfharmmm #suicide #cutting #mentalillness #depression #depressed #anxiety #suicidal #BPD #worthless #thoughts #crying #mentalhealth #hopeless #depressionquotes #sadness

A few disjointed points from yesterday!
That was one of the hardest but best things I've done in my life.
I have never been so scared.And I have never quite appreciated how far 26.2 miles is!
My leg started at annoyingly painful to I can't run anymore painful.It was like the Hulk had taken up residence in my calf and was trying to split the whole thing open.Ouchy.
Miles 14 - 18 were a blur,I just remember thinking bugger me this is horrible.
Knowing I had people to look out for along the way got me round.Without that,it would have taken me hours longer.
I was very pleased that I did not need to stop for a loo break!
Shock Absorber sports bras are life.
I have never seen my Dad lost for words,and all he could do at Mile 22 was beam and clap me on the back.Apparently when I left he burst into tears.
Running a marathon does not a great first meeting make - the gorgeous @thinkingclarely who I have admired from afar for months,saw me on the home straight and screamed for me.I ran over to hug her and literally bellowed in her face "running is ****ing bullshit".Awesome.
I am much more determined than I thought.Yes,I had to walk more than I planned,but the whole way round I was thinking "okay,so what can I do to train better for the next one?"
I knew this already,but the running and fitness community is one that I am so lucky and immensely proud to be part of.The support I received through training and in the days prior to Sunday - people going out of their way to encourage me.The amount of love and good will on that course,from runners and supporters.Runners meant to run yesterday but having to defer,so making damn sure they were there to help and motivate in any way they could.Having my fitfam make the effort to come down and move to multiple points around the course so that I could barrel into them and have a squeal and a hug.
Yesterday was incredible,and I can't believe I have run the London Marathon.Just thinking it makes me well up.
To everyone who ran - you're incredible and you are all so inspiring.
To everyone who has gone through this with me - thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Portrait of a young professional smoking a cigarette while experiencing a moment of mental distress. Tough luck buddy. #illustration #illustratie #drawing #art #artwork #young #professional #smoking #cigarette #mentalhealth #distressed #toughluck #vetbalenjoh

Since my post yesterday I have been so down and annoyed.
No matter what your time is you should be proud of your mind and body for carrying you through every training run and a full marathon course, it's undoubtably an incredible achievement, whether it takes you two hours or seven hours you are superhero.
Looking through pictures from Sunday and reminding myself how amazing I felt when I reached Tower Bridge, to try and cure my marathon blues.
My blog will be done this morning for anyone who is interesting in reading it πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ…
Thank you to you all for your never ending support ❀️⭐️
Now to think of my next challenge πŸ˜πŸ€” #runforyourmind

The only time that matters is the present. The future is undefined and the past is in the past. Focusing on the present automatically directs your future and provides closure on the past ✨

Good morning gang ✌🏻β™₯️ have a wonderful day and love the ME in you! Weather you see how you feel as good or bad and the thoughts and story you tell yourself accept it and be it. There is no right and wrong in my eyes β™₯️ acceptance of who you are right now ✌🏻β™₯️ #genius #different #beyourself #goals #mentalhealth #unique #awesome #realtalk #healphiyou #business #bossbabe #entrepreneur

Life is short. Don't waste it trying to impress people. Just be yourself, be kind and do what makes you happy. Have a wonderful Tuesday βœ¨πŸ’–πŸ’«
#morning #goodmorning #morningmotivation #behappy #beyourself #bekind #dowhatmakesyouhappy #lifeisshort #stoptryingtoimpresspeople

Our service user, Kofi, successfully completed a unit of the AQA Unit Award Scheme (UAS). This scheme offers our service users the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate issued by AQA each time a short unit is successfully completed. The UAS Scheme is an important pathway for our service users to receive accreditation for their achievements and it underpins the work we do to promote individual strengths and support independence.

Couldn't ignore this banger by @cleanbandit and the πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺπŸ‘°πŸΌ @zaralarsson πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ—£ Have a stunning day wherever you are. J x

Anzac 12.5k βœ”οΈ
Plan was 14k at 4:50- so not quite to plan just flat after a big week of K's last week - for me, but at least got out there before the rain hit!

The Two Up was going off at the Diggers! 🍻

Hope all running today had a good one πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ #anzacdayrun #lestweforget #sydneynorthernbeaches #loverunning #fitness #health #positivevibes #mentalhealth #cleaneating #training #hmtraining #loverunning

Remember it.

What if I told you no one wants to die. Not even the so called, suicidal ones. Not even the broken hearted. Not the terminally ill or the ones who are lost and unloved. No one wants to die.. The one who kill themselves, do so not because they want to end their lives, but because they think that's the only option they have to make " it" all stop. They are tired. Their demons have taken over their soul. Some demons exist, a lot are created and then manifested by self.
It's easy to call the ones who took their lives, a loser or attention seeker or drama queen or even week, but it's difficult to understand what led to them giving up " life" in exchange for imaginary peace which they thought death would give them.
I saw #13reasonswhy. I loved, hated, pitied, and even admonished Hannah in my mind. But I also felt her pain. Anyone with an average EQ would.
It is a reminder that all lives are not what they seem to be. All " I am fine" are not actually " fine", most silences are lost in translation and words.. They are useless without action.
We are not what our Facebook and instagram portray us. We are also not what we wear or where we go, we are what we think about ourselves, moments before we drift off to sleep.
Tonight, ask yourself, are you happy? Can you make your tomorrow better? Can you bring smile to someone you love? Do you really want to connect to someone who you care for or are you afraid to be dragged in their sob story?
Choose wisely. Ask for help. Be on the side of life. Open yourself to mercy in your own eyes.
One heart. One brain. One life. Make the most of it. ----------------------------- #betterdaysahead #Ε₯houghtoftheday #tuesdaytruth #suicidΓ©squad #askforhelp #postpartumdepression #mentalhealth #nojudgement #choosehappiness #givelifeahand #yourstorymatters #blogger #profound #myquote #mycause #antibullying #domesticviolence #abuse #womenempoweringwomen #empowered #helpingothers #influencer #instablogger

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