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Haters can kiss my juicy ass🍑
After a ton of hate recently that have hugely affected my mental health I realised that I'm a damn queen and they CANNOT make me feel unqueenly, unworthy or low, they DO NOT hold that power.
I'm choosing to react to that hate in a way that's no healthy for me and GIRL that's gonna change.
Someone leaving hateful comments, messages etc is NOT an accurate reflection of them and more of a reflection of them as a person.
Haters can suck it, if they don't get me then fine... I don't need their approval to know I'm a bad ass.

Finding peace through music has been my anchor during extremely rough times. Drop your go-to song during times of trouble in the comments below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻#mentalhealth #warriors #selflove #crossfit #exercise #diet #healthyeating #hotguy #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #shredded #gymfreak #muscle #motivation #inspiration #foodporn #culinary #inkedmen #tattoo #weightlifter #photographer #photography #model #underwear #shirtless #aesthetic #muscular

🗣🐶 Let's discuss! We want to hear the ways you keep your dog stimulated, exercised and, ultimately, a very happy dog! A common misconception towards adopting an older dog is that they all just lay around and sleep the day away. While it can be true that some senior dogs are more content to snooze 23 hours of their day, it's also just as likely for a dog who is considered "senior" by age to still have a fair amount of energy. Many senior dogs also daily exercise, mental stimulation, and other engaging activities. Otherwise, boredom and lack of proper exercise can sometimes lead to unwanted behaviors and habits. Our furry best friends (of all ages) need intentional love - which is also defined as "work" by some people, but that shouldn't be a surprise to any pet lover. Pets have needs and giving them enough of your time is something very important to consider before bringing any animal home.

Please share with your follow senior dog lovers any tips, tricks, or favorite toys, or how much exercise your senior gets that has resulted in positive outcomes. Your experiences help others. We're all dog-ears! 🗣🐶 #dogs #happydogs #tireddogs #exercise #mentalhealth

6 years ago I was told I'd always have pounding chronic migraines when I did physical activity. 6 years ago I was homeschooled and stayed in bed most of the day. 6 years ago I used sleep to escape my mental health. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (incurable chronic bladder condition) and IBS. 6 years ago I began battling extreme anxiety and mental health. And yet looking back now.. I wouldn't change a damn thing. I've hit rock bottom, and hell I'll probably hit rock bottom again, but this time I'll know that I can take whatever life throws at me. Im still working on myself everyday, and my mental and physical health isn't perfect, but I wouldn't be half the person I am today without my struggles. Whatever you're going through, from big things to small things, know that diamonds are made under pressure 💍 even when it may seem like there isn't any light at the end of the tunnel.. keep pushing. This is where life is testing you to build or break.

Therapy can help

It can help but it's not got everyone! I myself have been in therapy for a while. It helps me organize my thoughts.

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We really can have a kinder relationship with our bodies. And with fitness. Working out is not something you have to do. It's simply something I enjoy, but something I desperately needed to learn how to find more balance with.
It might feel impossible to heal this relationship, but that's just not true. Did you know my account used to be solely dedicated to my "fitness journey"? I'm still amazed that I was actually able to transition out of it, but how?
I was once so entangled in fitness and tried my hardest to change my body. I didn't give it permission to be what it was or what it needed to be: h e a l t h y. Forgiving and flexible.
We deserve a healthier relationship with exercise, and we must be okay with the fact that it will take time. We must dig deeper and ask ourselves WHY we are so addicted to maintaining our bodies or changing them.
I see now: my fixation on fitness helped to distract me from facing the fact that I just didn't have a loving relationship with my body. And this is a very hard truth to face. But we need to. And we're strong enough to finally face ourselves.
And it's just you that you need to face.
And that person needs YOU, your acceptance and patience.

When I wanted to talk about social media on my channel I had a whole other script in mind but after a little research and a lot of depressing statistics, I decided that instead of sitting and pointing fingers at social media- it's time to take some responsibility. Sharing my survival guide to social media on my channel today! If you had a chance to watch it- would love to hear your thoughts ❤️Link in bio 🤘🏻#socialmedia #mentalhealth #selflove

Pride is the best feeling. I am not you anymore and that is NOT failure, this is success. ** Please note you do not have to be a certain weight to have an ED!!! In my experience, low weight was a side effect but for many, it's different. I in NO WAY promote or encourage that in order to suffer, you must weigh a certain number. I post these to share my own journey and poor physical health is part of that. I'm sorry in advance to anyone I upset over this ** #anorexiarecovery

Enjoyed the most beautiful scenery on my run this morning, set-up and worked in my new office, and now I'm soaking in this perfect weather. Today's affirmation: "I deserve to live the life I love. I have the power to cultivate that which I desire." Followed by many "thank you's" to the Universe for being on my side. She's on yours too, you just have to believe it and watch out for signs.


Breakfast today was weetabix with soy yoghurt, berries, vegan chocolate sauce and coconut flakes. My weight is so up and down 😣 It's doing my head in but on a positive note the doctors went well yesterday and I don't have to go fortnightly anymore to visit her but I do still need to get my bloods done every two weeks 💉. I've had a pretty good week as mums been home with me and we've done lots of things together like going to the pier and going to a pottery workshop 😊. BMI is heading towards 18 too. Feel like it's jumped up too quickly but I'm focusing on the positives rather than on feelings of being huge! #mentalhealth #recoveryispossible #anorexiarecovery #anarecovery #like4like #vegan #breakfast #l4l #edsoldiers #kickanasass #whatveganseat #edfighter #recoverywarrior

"Wherever you are, be all there," my sweet fox (my Patronus!) reminds me.

Being with your body and mind moment can seem impossible. The hustle and bustle of each day leaves us exhausted, anxious, stressed. Your self-talk, perhaps, makes the mind an unfriendly place, creating tension in the body.

Lately, I've noticed my inner voice growing harsher again, more judgemental of my intelligence, body, and abilities.

As I gradually learn to love and respect myself, I choose a gentle compassion. Finding presence, I shift the words to express a positive idea. I take time to do yoga, drink tea, meditate. I am learning it is ok to treat and allow myself to feel radiant in my skin.

When you grow up being told by an abusive parent that you do not deserve good things, it weighs heavily on how you tend to yourself. On the path to healing, we can recognize when we begin the harsh tendencies and gently guide the self back to love and support 🙏 Every time you feel the negativity creep in, do something nurturing and healthy that feels good.
You deserve goodness. You deserve to treat yourself. You deserve your own love.

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My kind of colours.
I'm going to be a bit MIA over the weekend > have a good one! ✌🏻

Allietare le papille gustative e avere allo stesso tempo attenzione alla qualità dei cibi che assumiamo! Solo se è un piacere la dieta diventa qualcosa di naturale e non un peso... qualcosa che quindi ci accompagnerà per sempre! Stamattina #porridge con base di #fiocchidavena gusto #latteebiscotti della @bpr_nutrition sopra strato di #yogurtgreco @fage_italia ed infine #strato di Cremina al #cioccolato #amaro @peruginachocostore. Adesso può cominciare la giornata ☀️☀️ #goodmorning #breakfast #proteinporridge #fresh #startup #pro #bodybuilding #diet #healthyfood #healthy #attention #fit #stayfit #fitgirl #motivation #up #summer #mentalhealth #lifestyle #overlays #overnightoats #oatmeal

Calls have been made for more emergency service workers to take on a role offering mental health support to colleagues with charity Mind Cymru urging staff to become "Blue Light champions". #news #mentalhealth #wales #emergencyservices

Ladies Self Defense Thursdays is growing!!! 6-7pm every week!
Come join this amazing group of ladies, no experience necessary and first class is FREE!
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@mish_matt_ too good not to share, the artwork on this page is amazing and powerful! "No matter how violent the storm,no matter how high the waves, no matter how dark the night, you never let the world get inside of your boat." #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthstigma #sketch #draw #watercolor #art #artwork

Mental illness is like standing on a broken leg. Your disorder gives you a big comfy chair and the pain lessons. What you don't realise is this chair is floating away. You are so distracted by the comfort your disorder has given you that you don't realise its taking you. You're floating further and further from your family and friends but the pain of your leg is too much. Its taking you up so high that you struggle to breath, its icy cold and your heart is slowing. But you don't have a choice right?
You have to jump. You have to let go of the comfort from the illness and realise its killing you. Its terrifying to jump, terrifying to trust that you'll be okay. You have to fall and it feels so wrong. You scream and cry as you fall but you will land. Your family, friends and reality are there to catch you.
Realise they have been screaming up all along, begging you to jump. They saw the illnesses lies. Your leg was never broken, it was stabbed. By asking for help the blade can be removed. You will stand. You will walk. You will be happy.
Your leg is not broken and you do deserve to be happy. You are worth of life and you are beautiful. You were never broken just mislead. You stabbed yourself and then believed the disorders lies. You convinced yourself you weren't worthy and the disorder convinced you to die

Former NRL star and QLD Men of League Foundation Manager, David Shillington, speaks of the importance of opening up, sharing our stories and having the conversations that matter. .
Not only can opening up about personal issues be beneficial for the individual, it can also encourage others to open up about the things happening in their lives. .
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heyy guys !! for some reason, my followers are dropping rapidly. is there something that y'all dislike about my content ?? please give me some reviews 👌🏻 ∗ goals ∗
i really wanted to reach 300 two weeks ago. however, my followers are just rapidly dropping & i'm afraid my content isn't doing gr8 in reaching out to y'all. i just hope to see more people, that struggle, realise that they ain't alone & they've hope -
✧ music suggestions ✧
for calming:
- who am i by casting crowns
- stronger by kelly clarkson
- i lift my hands by chris tomlin
for blasting: -
- i don't like your girlfriend by Weki Meki •
- sixteen by Kim Samuel
- energetic by Wanna One •
☁️thanks guys, God bless xx☁️
<< dms are really empty rn, please dm me, it's a no judgement zone !! >> tags:#staystrong#recovery#jesuslovesyou#christian#happiness#positive#positivity#quoteoftheday#inspiration#youmatter#lonely#bullied#ashamed#faith#insecurity#beautiful#mentalhealth#motivation#postoftheday#selfcare#selflove#selfharm#anorexia#bulimia#anxiety#loveyourself#quotes#youarenotalone

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Repost @oseundosunmu) "7 days to go!
Over 40 organisations will be represented by their staff at Work and Emotional Balance Conference on Saturday, 26th August, 2017 at Season 7 Restaurant by 2pm in Surulere.
If you genuinely seek an event that cares for your total well-being, desire to learn about new business opportunities , enjoy free health care including dental and emotional counselling , expand your network?
Then what are you waiting for ? Send your profession and name to 08056649439 to confirm your seat with a special Invitation Card .

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<⭐️“Can we just peek through and experience this moment as it truly is? Can we experience this grace right now, at this very moment? Allow yourself to experience life outside the old shell of separation. Look at the most ordinary thing; anything will do. How does it look? How does it feel? What is the sense of it when you don’t name it, when you don’t say it’s beautiful or ugly or right or wrong? What’s the actual experience of anything beyond the veil of separation? If you’re very, very quiet and you open your senses all at once, you just might be taken. You might be taken by a moment of grace and fall into a sense of what it really feels like when life is not separate from you, when life is not other than you, when life is actually an expression of something indefinable, mysterious, and immense.”> ✨Adyashanti | Falling into Grace 💠ACCESS FREE SELF CARE RESOURCES & PRACTICES! THERE ARE INFINITE WAYS TO SHOW YOURSELF LOVE!
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