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#RIP @ChesterBe 🙏🏾🕯 #LinkinPark
Suicide Hotline Number: 1-800-273-8255
Linkin Park posted an unreleased episode of carpool karaoke where Chester Bennington is singing and laughing just six days before he committed suicide.

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#depression #mentalhealth

Just in case this Friday was dragging for you... here is something to give your heart a boost ❤️😍 🐕
Thanks to @pepp3r for this one!
@puppiesmakemehappy you’ll love this one!

Back in London!!!!! Don't know what to make of it and already missing waking up to do yoga and meditation on @quarterlifehealthproject - but Just finished filming an interesting interview with the lovely @stephkazolides pivoting around these quarter life crisis' we all seem to be going through at the moment. Where do these pressures come from - social media, up bringings our surroundings? Why are we so body conscious, why are so many young people suffering from mental health issues and just generally not feeling happy with who they are. So excited to see how this interview turns out, I'm also going to be uploading my vlog on the retreat later this evening, it's long - 1 hour, so make sure you watch it over the weekend and learn a little more about my time in Marbella.#TrainWithAim #fitness #mentalhealth #yogi #meditation

Morris joining in the #GetFitGetHappy celebrations....Check out @harryjudd Instagram tomorrow to understand why I’m randomly holding a T!
Harry’s book is out tomorrow and I couldn’t be prouder ❤️ To be so open and honest about #mentalhealth takes such courage and I really hope his book will help and inspire others. Fitness does absolute wonders for the mind and in the book Harry has given us all fun, quick, mood boosting exercises that will transform the way we feel... It really is awesome so go check it out!
Link in bio ☝️

How great is this from @emilycoxhead ⭐️✌️😊💛 Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday #storyofthemind #mentalhealth #art #motivationalquotes

Ahhh I actually can't believe I'm doing this🙈
Tea tonight is pasta and bolognese, made by my mum and 100% unknown calorie😱 AND I portioned it myself and didn't restrict!😅
This was my favourite meal pre-ED and I really missed it, so decided to kick start my first day of being calorie-counting free with something I've really wanted for a long time☺️
Very proud of myself right now and I'm feeling minimal guilt to be honest because I know I ate a healthy amount and enjoyed every bite😛💛


Looking for a job in Colorado? Check out the 4 #topplacestowork in #Colorado in #mentalhealth https://youtu.be/teu2BEGi8HI

We all have a path to walk.
Life happens, and we can ask, "why me?" We'll say, "it's not fair!" Nobody deserves the bad things that happen to them, yet they still happened.
On deserving... again, nobody deserves to have bad things happen to them. When I reveal my darkest secrets to some individuals, I have heard this. It's rather insincere in that moment though, with me thinking, "of course not fool!" It suggests to me, that either I did deserve it on some level, or you'd rather remain ignorant of my experience.
We are persistently being told should this, should that, shouldn't this, and shouldn't that. We don't live in a perfectly calm, harmonious world. The world, and the natural order of things are not governed by shoulds. My example here, I was sharing a story with a friend about something uncomfortable (I'm full of uncomfortable stories), and she said that my friend shouldn't have told me about it (it being the topic I divulged in my last post). This is why victims of abuse seemingly do not talk...because they were shut down by the people they tried talking to, and it hurts when these friends full of shoulds shut us down, because we think maybe everybody else will respond in kind. In reality, it means that those should friends want to maintain their should fantasy worlds, they don't want to even acknowledge that bad things happen. Let them live their fantasy life, but you need to take care of yourself, and find your people, the people who are prepared to be uncomfortable with you, yet still provide the necessary comfort to help re-build your confidence. If your fantasy world should friend was to ever end up falling, be there with them, and comfort them, you have wisdom.
Walk your path. The shoulds of others are just obstacles, recognise those, and you can move forward. You know you. Let yourself be heard.
#depression #anxiety #mentalhealth #wisdom #respect #love #compassion #dark #light #negative #positive #comfort #uncomfortable #loveyourself #empathy #letyourselfbeheard #findyourpeople #youmatter #photography #canon #macrolens #santaclarita #placeritacanyon #california

Happy birthday to the great Viggo Mortensen!

DM for support if you are a survivor of suicide and struggling with healing from this loss. Suicide has a deep ripple effect. #mentalhealthhelp #mentalhealth #suicideprevention #suicide #suicidesurvivor #suicidesilence #suicideawareness #pleaseseeksupport #survivorsguilt

We Professors on deck taking a selfie...My boss, Dr. Henry in the middle! Our department is conducting the Central Texas College Mental Health Conference! Every year is awesome! #mentalhealth #psychology #conference #professionaldevelopment #mentalhealthprofessionals #counselor #relationshipspecialist #dontputmeinabox #recordingartist #indieartist #international #songwriter #producer #diamond #newalbum #newpoetryphotobook #aspiringauthor #godisgood

21 Lessons to a Simple & Happy Life: Lesson 4
We hear people talk about #identity, but what is that exactly? Our identity is WHO we are. It is not what we do or what we have. It is related to our being; to our self. It is related to our dignity, to our primary #values, and to our purpose.

When we learn to live our identities, our lives become simple. Our identities give us a compass for when we make #decisions. It becomes our regulator for when we relate to others. It helps us transcend our circumstances and know that we deserve the better.

Are you in touch with your identity? How can knowing yourself better help you #thrive?

The 21 Lessons to a Simple & Happy Life are my life experiences that have taught me to live life to the fullest. I also apply them when #counseling and #coaching my #medicalstudents as I teach them to live in #wellness and achieve #optimumperformance.
Follow me and don't miss the 21 Lessons to a Simple & Happy Life. Go to my profile to read the previous lessons.

#entrepreneurs #mentalhealth #simplelife #happylife

Demo and I had a great time on Saturday serving up our “four-bean meaty meatless chili” in the vegan chili (non-restaurant category) competition at the 7th Annual Chili Cook-Off and Fall Festival! We weren’t the champs this year, but got a lot of compliments on our chili from non-vegans and vegans alike. The proceeds of the event benefited people impacted by mental illness and at-risk and homeless Veterans, including those with PTSD an depression.
Thank you to Ruth McDade for organizing this great event, and congrats to our friends Jennifer Greene and Karen Boris Johnson of team Vegan Long Island for their win today! It was great to see so many other friends there, too! 🌶🌶🌶 @nycveganpunk #chilicookoff #veganchili #chili #veganchilicookoff #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #veganfoodshare #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #ptsd #supportveterans

Reason 31; sometimes you just have to do things that makes you uncomfortable. It feels awful, but at least I get to decide the pace all by myself and I don’t need to cross any lines I don’t want too. A good ending to a bad couple of days. #reason31 #reasonnr31 #reasonnr_31 #365reasons #365reasonsnotto #365reasonsnottokillyourself #365reasonsnottodie #365reasons_not_to_kill_yourself #365reasons_not_to #suicideawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthproject #depressionawareness #photographyproject #iphonephotography #iphone7plus #drinkingalone #killyourboundaries #killyourlimits

"Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow." - Author Unknown .
#mentalhealth #therapy #mentalwellness #psychology

Happy Friday friends!
What are your weekend plans? Hopefully rest is on the schedule!

"Your worst day in recovery is always better than your best day in sickness"
Thanks for choosing life with me- and choosing it again and again 💜 we choose freedom despite what our minds may say, and we relearn everything that we know as right because we believe in the promises that we are not ashes, but flame. So blessed not only by my treatment team, but also by the people who I get to do life with, and watching all of us grow and not just survive- but thrive 💜✨

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