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How I spend my Sunday (and a few other mornings)..thanks @theclassbytt @taryntoomey @jayceegossett #mentalandphysicalstrength

The results are in! In only three weeks I made some major changes- not as much physical but they major change was mental. I have never pushed and sweated as hard as I have with #shiftshop There were so many times I had to regroup because I didn't think I could finish. But I did and for that, I am super happy. ...
#shiftshop #beachbodyondemand #majorchanges #mentalandphysicalstrength #cuttingcarbs @chrisdowningfitness

Georgia, you did it! 100 classes since she started in December! Welcome to the #100classclub! #100classesstronger 👏🏼#accomplished #mentalandphysicalstrength #gogeorgiago! 💪🏽

It's unquestionable about how much it worths the effort while step on the Low's Peak of Mt Kinabalu (4095.2m). #seaofclouds

Would definitely be back for another climb. Forgot to bring along the Ringgit 😂.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. finally it time for practical.. yeahhh.. #internship2017#mentalandphysicalstrength#ganbattekudasai

It was a struggle to get where I am physically and mentally but I wouldn't trade one tear, pound, or doubt. Learning to love yourself isn't easy for everyone but when you start to.... the things you will do. @uncover_fitness_by_heather #womaniwanttobe #loveyourself❤️ #struggle #myjourney #mentalandphysicalstrength


Just finished week two of my new program and still have one more week to go! Im feeling stronger than ever! Following my meal plan with this program has given my such wonderful results, mentally and physically! I am starting my first virtual challenge group August 21st where you an I will pick a 3 week program that will work best for you, meal prep, recipes, motivation and support! Contact me to be added my 21day group! ! #loveyourselfrevolution

The results are in! In only three weeks I made some major changes- not as much physical but they major change was mental. I have never pushed and sweated as hard as I have with #shiftshop There were so many times I had to regroup because I didn't think I could finish. But I did and for that, I am super happy. ...
#shiftshop #beachbodyondemand #majorchanges #mentalandphysicalstrength #cuttingcarbs @chrisdowningfitness

Completed 21km marathon by ijm land today. This is my first marathon..respect to those golden ages people, really can run with great stamina..very challenging track .unexpected#.Completingismyaim#done#hill#stamins#mentalandphysicalstrength#halfmarathon#halfnadarajaservice#:-).#Godisgreat#lowerlimbneedtreatment#postcallbreak#Godisgreat#:-) :-) :-) have a great Sunday...

Having a nonscale victory tonight! Any other night when getting ready to go out, I would have destroyed my room, trying on several outfits until I found something I felt comfortable in. It normally was something baggy. Well tonight, after following my programs and changing the way I eat, I decided to try a short, tight top, and black skinny panks. I feel confident, and it was the first and only outfit I put on! Sometimes the scale can make and break you. It makes you feel discouraged like you arent changing at all! Since I stopped, ive ganined confidence, motivation, and happiness! It is easy to love yourself just how you are, but to do that you need to do what is best for you! Once you find that, you go for it and love yourself always. Track your progress in other ways than just that number! You are capable of change 💜


Nonscale victories are my favorite!! This past week I have gained mental and physical strength, confidence, more energy, and this morning I went up in weights. I used to think I was not capable of being healthy and strong. I was too "busy." The truth is, I wanted it to happen on its own. This time, I worked for it, I changed my life. I no longer make excuses, if I want it, I work for it. If you want something, and if you want change, you CAN do it! Find your "why" and go for it!

Happy #thankfulthursday! Im thankful for:
💜This lifestlye 💜This happiness
💜My health
💜Being able to help and inspire others
💜My physical and mental strength 💜My team
What are you thankful for?! #loveyourselfrevolution #beautymeetsbeasts

Set 7 of 7 and 4 of 7. 215lbs on the bar for 7 sets of 5. Smolov Jr week 2, and halfway through! Furthest I've made it and I'm very proud of hanging in there. It's not easy, it's mentally and physically challenging. At the beginning I have to coach myself to not give up, to finish one more set, I've got this. By the end of it, I'm exhausted but the finish is solid. My legs are getting stronger, my brace still needs some work, but form is becoming more solid every day. 300 is close, I can feel it! #chasing300 #squats #trainhard #powerliftinglife #mentalandphysicalstrength #ittakesboth #gainz #leggainz #hungry

"I may be slightly broken, a little bruised, and even permanently scarred. But I still wake up everyday with a tremendous will to fight. I am a strong woman who refuses to be defeated."
#morninginspiration #strongwoman #mentalandphysicalstrength #comingforyou #joinmeorwatchme #thriveonnegativity #beyourself #dontlikeme #youcanhaveseveralseats

Savoring my last ice cream treat for the next 3 months 😝😳before my next fitness challenge starts. Meal prep and commitment in full flow until further notice 🤣#gymaholic #iloveicecream #mentalandphysicalstrength #threemonthsandcounting #workhard #resultscomefromaction #goals #commitment #selfmotivated #caymanislands #gratitude🙏 #believeinyourself #blessed

A little video for #tbt
I was still training with @trainlikeadam during this time and was getting that definition in my back and shoulders.
I'll get back there. I'm not letting my current health issues be an excuse anymore. I will take it easy and make sure to take care of myself but I will continue to keep@my body healthy as well.
#fitness #fitnessmotivation #mentalandphysicalstrength #pullups #traineetotrainer #personaltrainer #healthyliving

I started my journey in May 2016 working with a personal trainer. In January 2017, I was down 30lbs and had gained more than just muscle. I am much more confident. So much more healthy and I gained a real passion for fitness. In March 2017, I became NCSF certified personal trainer and began working at 24 hour fitness. Due to recent health issues I have been off work for a few months and have scaled back dramatically on working out. I'm starting to feel better and decided to document my journey for my fellow health and fitness lovers. Enjoy!! 😊💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️ #healthandfitness #mentalandphysicalstrength #beforeandafter #fitchick #strong #fitness #personaltrainer #ncsf #fitnessjourney #workout #fitnessaddict

Wasn't it just leg day? Lol
Continuing to push myself. Getting my eating back on track and being more consistent in my workouts.
At the beginning of my fitness journey it was more mental than physical. I was always saying I couldn't. Then I realized I could and I pushed harder than I ever have and became exactly what I wanted to be. Since the onset of my recent health issues I was back to believing I couldn't do what I loved anymore. I was miserable.
I have decided it's time to take my life back into my hands and take control.
#iwillfight #fitnessmotivation #mentalandphysicalstrength #girlswithtattoos #girlswholift #legday #squats #fitness #fitchick

SMASHED my leg workout today. One of the reasons I love to workout so much is because at that moment in time all I can focus on is completing the challenge in hand, whether it be the next rep, set or sprint. It is like meditation where there is no future, no past and only NOW in the present moment. At the end of the day the present moment is all we have and we need to cherish it more often, get out of the past and let the future take care of itself 🙏❤️😍😁#workhard #gymaholic #fashionaddict #saturdaynight #mentalandphysicalstrength #thetimeisnow #blessed #caymanislands

#mondaymotivation Today was my leg day - what was your workout today? Training makes me so happy and feel strong and that is probably the best benefit of exercise! I just really want you to feel healthy – so start moving, eat well, stay hydrated, and get sleep. You will reap the benefits over time. And I challenge you to not compare yourself to anyone. Pictures don't reveal everything. No matter how far along we get in fitness there might always be something we will not be happy with and that we feel isn't perfect. Some of my insecurities: I have really bad spider veins from pregnancy, I'm super white(fitness can't fix that lol/self tanner in picture), and no matter how hard I work out/eat well my stomach might not ever get flat because of my diastasis. So no matter what just focus on one day at a time and be happy with where you are at. When those good endorphins flow I really don't care about my "flaws" because I'm just thankful I am healthy and strong. #fitness #fitmom #healthymama #gethealthy #onedayatatime #healthyandhappy #strongmom #strongwoman #staypositive #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #behappy #getmoving #workout #workhardseeresults #mentalandphysicalstrength #loveyourself #sweat #picturesdontsayitall

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