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The full collection of @atelierfitton at #klfwrtw2017 last night! Love love love! Congratulations @joshuafitton @mishafshah ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Friday! What's your plans? 🌟

👍Yes or 👎No ?

Living my own telenovela

Good morning Rovinj⛵️🌸🌅This is one of the most beautiful places in Croatian coast.😍🌸❤️👌🏻LOVE it.☺️A small, narrow street, which ends at the sea.😍⚓️🙏🌸Every ending is another beginning.🌸⛵️
Every beginning is a sign that there will be an ending.
Nothing is ever over yet nothing lasts forever.🌸⛵️
After all, just enjoy the life you have at the moment.🌅🌸⛵️✋️Life is a gift,appreciate it.🌸⛵️Live your life as best you can. Never give up hope.🌸⛵️With each breath you take remember what matters most.Live with no regrets and always forgive.🌸⛵️You never know which day might be your last, if you have something to say, say it NOW!🌸⛵️Reach for the stars, and know that they are NEVER too far away. 🌸⛵️Dreams CAN become reality but only if you take the steps necessary for that to happen.🌸⛵️Never be afraid of life, smile through the storm, laugh through the tears and always look for the rainbow.☺️❤️🙏🌈And you are a sun, Shine!🌅⚓️🌞🌞😊 #Rovinj #croatia #morning #street #loveit

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