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Achieve a new 6 rep MAX for squat today!! I was able to pump out 6 (probably could have done 2 more) with 315lbs on the bar. (By the way I weigh 146.6lbs). "DARE TO BE GREAT "

Definitely could not have had the mentality or extra push without #kagedmusclesupps .
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Uma das melhores experiências que já tive até hoje, e tudo graças ao @ricardojgmachado que me desafiou e que me ajudou em tudo o que precisei. Tive o apoio dele sempre que precisei, mas acho que sempre foi assim, só não subiu ao palco por mim porque não dava 😂😂
Não tive o melhor resultado mas sinto-me bem comigo mesmo por ter ultrapassado vários desafios ao longo da preparação e nunca ter desistido.

#p2k #mensphysique #p2k2018

#FBF I’m getting hungry just looking at this picture. 😩😩All I wanted is Pizza and Donuts at this point. 😭 Shoutout to @liquidsunrayz for taking care of me.

I’ve still been killing it on the battle ropes and I am loving every second of it! This summer I really want to be in the best shape of my life. Not just strength or physique wise, but I want to be in great conditioning as well so that I can hit these cardio exercises hard and push myself. Plus I may be going to Virginia Beach this summer, and I will definitely be getting a photoshoot done! Let’s get it everyone! Here’s to summer 2018! 💪🏾

Starting to come out the other end of my plateau. Feeling good again. Let’s do this 🚀

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