Grandmaster Pops giving the look. I got caught 😶

Outdoor photo shoot with Cipri

So I’m back and this vacation was so super fking refreshing! It was the first time I left Murica since moving here 9 months ago and damn it felt so good to take a break from Americans 😂

London was just fabulous and although the weather forecast showed shitty weather before arriving - it was sunny for all the days I was there 👌🏼 thanks UK 🙏🏼 was really SIIK time, caught up with old friends, ate shitty food, and drunk cheap alcohol 👀 uh and of course hit a couple of workouts in mah favourite gym @thirdspacelondon ! Man do I love London. Will be back soon!
Also for the first time ever I actually enjoyed Russia 😱 Moscow is absolutely buzzing right now during World Cup. Good times all around. Will be travelling again in one month, can’t wait. ✈️ time for another visa application 😑

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